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Should Gigan return in the new Legendary Godzilla Series?

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Chris Picard

We all know Godzilla spawned a legacy of films, and a legacy of memorable Kaiju. Aside from Godzilla, Gigan was a prominent enemy, the first enemy to actually make Godzilla bleed! After searching up Godzilla fan artwork online, I came across this new concept by artist Larry Quach, which depicts a more modernized GIGAN. Since I'm a huge fan of the original Kaiju featured in TOHO's Godzilla movies, I really hope that if Godzilla (2014) does amazingly well at the box office, that not only will Toho allow Legendary to make more movies, but also license more of their related Monsters - GIGAN being one of them! Check out the artwork below and let me know if you think Gigan should return in a potential new Legendary GODZILLA series!



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16 Replies


This is pretty badass but I kinda digged the robot-look of gigan xP I would love to see a robot version of this badass Gigan! x)


But overall I frickin love the first pic of Gigan! Would love to see this in the new Godzilla movie!


I want jet jaguar


i would love to see gigan come back, but not looking like this guys artistic rendering, this is as much gigan as godzilla 98 was godzilla. but dont get me wrong this is a nice pic. i say first movie and unknown monster is fine, second movie mecha godzilla then third movie the most dangerous monster godzilla has faced and thats his old rival ghidora, the original version not that 4 legged nightmare crap from mothra....

Summer GJ

I like to think I'm a Gigan connoisseeur, but even I would be careful with bringing in a kaiju as bizarre as our cybernetic space chicken.
I'd absolutely LOVE to see him brought back, but Gigan always seemed like a pretty iconic monster in the showa era, having just the right amount of cheesy appearance with his sleekness compared to the other monsters. He had a nice balance.
The artist's new take on Gigan is downright gorgeous artwork, but it's lost a lot of Gigan's charm in my opinion. Similar to how the '98 Zilla sucked out Godzilla's charm.
In the bottom set of pictures, the Gigan on the far left seems to retain most of his original look, but the posture of the Gigan on the far right feels like it adds that bit of humanistic attitude he had, rather than just being hunched over and animalistic acting on primitive instincts. If the design of the left Gigan was used with the right Gigan's posture I feel like it could work, as long as it retained a bit of his humanistic goofy charm.
We never saw any other monster high five King Ghidorah and dance off-screen. The special spark Gigan had was that he seemed so dorky and human, making him memorable.
I think if Edwards is aiming to really renew the series and continue on with it, it should reintroduce itself first rather than throwing all these re-imagined kaiju at us.
Build up to it! If this new life of the series correctly builds upon itself, all the waiting will pay off in the end.
But in all honesty no matter what happens, I'd explode from happiness if I ever saw my chicken baby appear in a new movie haha :,D
Also hi guys! I've been creeping around for months but just got an account today. Always nice to see fellow G-fans!


Dat Gigan. Very badass

Sylux X

Awesome, except he's missing the tradenark buzzsaw.


As much as I like Gigan, we did see him in the most recent film. What I would do is make a trilogy with the following monsters:
Godzilla 2014: King Ghidorah/original Kaiju
Godzilla 2: Gigan/Biollante
Godzilla 3: Destroyah/SpaceGodzilla (New, face-kickingly awesome version).

Dr. Professor Kaiju Man

Adlerthekaiju, It's wayyy too early for King Ghidorah. Plus Legendary currently only has the rights to Godzilla.

I think Gigan would be pretty cool to have in the later films.

mecha mothra

what about GHOST GODZILLA???????????????????????

mecha mothra

hey how about 1 claw hand and 1 buzzsaw hand?

mecha mothra

maybe mothra should be in this movie!

mecha mothra

maybe space godzilla,kiru,destroyah,and biolante


IMO no. Gigan is right in the mid ground for me. He's not 1 of the extremely popular enemies like ghidorah or mothra, that even though I'm 100% against it, will probably be brought into the new series before any other toho monsters.

But he's also not one of the obscure enemies who need to be given another chance. He's somewhere between the 2 as just an average enemy.

Granted this is my opinion only but Gigan is not the best choice for a monster that needs to come back when compared to the vast amount of other choices.


you compare this gigan to the 98 godzilla? 

cmon, this gigan actually LOOKS somewhat like gigan, unlike 98 godzilla who didnt have any similiar characteristics to the original godzilla. except from looking like a dinosaur and having spines on his back. this gigan is just missing the buzzsaw, the cyclops-ish eyes and a longer beak.. 

and lets be honest... gigan is one of the godzilla monsters with the most silliest look, and it just wouldnt work in a modern movie. 

i would actually like a modernized gigan like this first picture.. maybe have some sort of modern twist on gigans lazer (he did have a lazer rigth? i cant remmember) and the buzzsaw without changing too much.



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