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G fan 84

Being a GODZILLA for 29 years and have seen all 28 films including zilla98 im looking forward to a grand G revival;but i do understand the last movie in the millinium series was by many Gfans seen as the "BATMAN and ROBIN" of GODZILLA movies,but c'mon guys it was the Gmans 50th TOHO wanted to throw its little atomic boy a going away bash and it was campy awsomeness.But now as we draw closer and closer to 2014 a new chapter in the kings rule is about to be writen and with that here are my expectations;DARK,GRITTY and BRUTAL i hope Gfans and non Gfans alike are awwed and horrified at the awsome atomic terror that GODZILLA is and hopefully city's will fall and body counts will rise in his 2014 debut;those are my expectations what are yours.

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The '98 Godzilla was very disappointing. it completely strayed away from what Godzilla was about. The tried to be way to real and it failed. it would have been a good movie if it wasn't suppose to be a Godzilla movie. For the new movie I agree with you. You can make it very realistic but still stay true to the Godzilla idea. I hope they bring back some of the classic monsters G-man use to fight. Maybe King Gidorah or Mothra


@G-FAN_TOHO, both of Godzilla's opponents will be completely new. No King Ghidorah or Mothra.


i just expect this film not to turn out to be a big fraud like the 98 film


i just expect this film not to turn out to be a big rip-off like the 98 film


G Fan 84, you're cute.  I practically grew up in the age to the King of Kaiju, and have never stopped liking it.  Just moved onto other things as well.



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