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G fan 84

does anyone know if the other 26 GODZILLA movies will be released next year on blueray???,so far we've gotten GOJIRA and GODZILLA vs BIOLLANTE(wich looks f***ing awsome in hd) but no word on the others,im sure they will next year to honor GODZILLA 2014 but not sure so if anyone's heard anything reply.

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I believe destroy all monsters has also been released. i wish 1985 would be released, but not likely. the company that owns the rights to the movie aren't doing anything with it, which is why there hasnt even been a DVD release yet!

G fan 84

Yeah i forgot GODZILLA1984/GODZILLA RETURNS has'nt made it to dvd i have it on vhs.


It's most likely that Echo Bridge might release more Godzilla films on Bluray. The Heisei Gamera trilogy also made it on Bluray, so why not?


You can get most of the films on blu-ray if you don't mind importing them from Japan with no English language tracks or subtitles. I think Togo has released all of the films other than King vs Godzilla on blu for obvious license reasons. They will cost you a pretty penny, but the transfers are said to be gorgeous on them though.

G fan 84

Yeah i dont know japanese so gonna have to pass on that but thanks for the info;im pretty sure they'll be on blueray next year i mean its another great way to premote GODZILLA 2014's release.



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