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Cashamill Anime Boy

Rap song for Godzilla:

Listen to it HERE!

* Topic and Link fixed by Chris

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2 Replies


Wow that beat is amazing!! Pretty dope song


Dam that was tight!! lol Thats what she said.



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Tyrant king Yes, he got like a 16 second perfect bite on spino's neck and dragged him all along the ground. Spino shouldn't have survived that.
bigbadben so a rematch is in order?
Nano-Rex3 Well there was some deleted footage of Spino using its arm to slap the T-Rex, It was in one of the JP3 Trailers
bigbadben but, he did fight back with those powerful jaws.
Tyrant king But huge jaws can.
bigbadben small arms couldn't fight back against long arms.
gojifan02 / same nano
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