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Cashamill Anime Boy

Rap song for Godzilla:

Listen to it HERE!

* Topic and Link fixed by Chris

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2 Replies


Wow that beat is amazing!! Pretty dope song


Dam that was tight!! lol Thats what she said.



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x_paden_x Regardless of the leaks, it only makes the Hype better.
x_paden_x These Leaks are just the best... I have a rough understanding of how the movies probably going down. Still gonna see it
Tyrant king you can edit, just click the little edit option on the bottom of the post.
FACT DUDE I think i edited one of mine long ago, but forgot how to do it.
Sci-Fi King25 Am I the only one who noticed that we can't edit topics on the JW forum?
FACT DUDE But i am VERY... VERY... VEEERRRYYY tempted to do so as it is to watch it, but im gonna keep my cool lol.
FACT DUDE Thank you ;) Just dont want it to be spoiled for myself nor anybody else who'd rather see the public release.
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