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The Opening title music

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So your going too cineplex getting ready too see Godzilla 2014 but a opening title music will be in the movie like when the movie starts or they start the opening of a movie so im gussing that the opening theme will be final wars again or maybe something like this 


or this one


 and don,t worry the song up there will not be the main opening music but the opening music credits are uknown guess we might have too wait for more news but what do you think?

And also the music up there was from a movie and the other one was from a tv show





3 Replies


I like the first one better, but I say more like this one.



Neither. Not just because both of those would not fit the tone the film is going for, but also because realistically, the opening music would probably be the theme that composer Alexandre Desplat will make for the film.

However, there are still some songs that I think would be great for the opening of the movie:



or: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oiG8KmKpqo




i made this song a while back, seeing the images that have surfaced on godzilla lately. i pt this together.

Godzilla Battle Theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP4OO2jsZQY&feature=youtu.be



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