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Godzilla 2014 soundtrack leaked?

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 Hello everybody, I was on youtube and I found this.

I wanna ask if any of you know if this is the official soundtrack or is just a remix made by a fan or something. 



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Fan made. Film scores are typically not recorded this early and they certainly aren't finished and ready for release this early. We won't hear anything from the movie's soundtrack until May. I would assume everything leaked until then is fake.

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the music was one HELL EPICAL MUSIC! IT ROCKS!


While we're on this subject, would everyone be ok if they pulled the original score from 1954 to showcase Godzilla?


GMAN2887 I think u right, pity, the music is almost perfect for Godzilla, anyway, this isn´t even Alexandre Desplat style.

KEVIN_C_VANG Yeah, perfect for an epic disaster trailer!

WHOCARESO Course! I mean, Godzilla theme is the theme of Godzilla. sure Alex Desplat knows it.



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