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new godzilla posters made t-shirts on ebay

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hello again guys the 3 famous posters we have are now made as t-shirts on ebay

here is the link www.ebay.com search results type in godzilla t-shirts and just look for them all are made in small-xl t-shirts i just recently bought the new godzilla poster and the t-shirt to match it :)

just figured i would share have a good one:)

3 Replies

Dragonlord Tevin

Dude omg wow this is going amazing, I think I need to start waiting more days so they can do more stuff with Godzilla haha so I dont waste my monsy right away on one of the Godzilla stuff but find out they did something entirely new the next day, like this one making them shirts now lol

Dragonlord Tevin

Ohh yeah and can anyone take a picture of the shirt if you bought it? I do wanna see how it looks like on the shirt first before buying it right away

Dragonlord Tevin

Ohh yeah not trying to steal your spotlight or anything, but just tryin to help out, click the links for the certain Godzilla shirt you're looking for:

Brand new Godzilla poster t shirt

Godzilla theaters poster, you know, the halo jumpers close up and G's spine

Godzilla's tail poster, finally as a t shirt

And finally, the Comic con 13 poster

Hope I was kinda helpful and that you all see this lol 



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