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I've noticed that there has been surprisingly very little discussion about Dr. Serizawa's role in Godzilla 2014, so I decided to make this thread for everyone to present their theories about what role he might play.

My personal theory is that he will be the lead researcher at the M.U.T.O. Research Facility, and will be tasked with studying the monsters in order to find out their weaknesses and produce a weapon that can stop them. I also have a feeling that he will probably die towards the end, partly because that's one of things the original Serizawa is most known for, and partly because he's the only major character in the movie that isn't white.

What role do you think Dr. Serizawa will play? 

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Researcher of some sort is pretty much a given. Into what then is the next big question. Having to do with the Mutos and Godzilla? Also pretty mcuh a given. But to what extent does this research and his influence extend? That's what we really can't tell. He's important to the plot and clearly well-versed in what has been covered up until now, that much we know. What I personally want to know is if any non-spiritual connections can be made to the original 1954 film. I know this isn't meant to be a sequel or remake, but a reboot, but is it possible Ichiro Serizawa holds some signficance central to some of the characters and/or settings of the original? Could things from the original still exist within this Godzilla universe? Who knows.....



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