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Some Godzilla(2014) Blu ray ScreenShots. (2d)

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Godzilla - Own It Now

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Godzilla - DragonBorn Trailer

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Classic Godzilla: dubs or subs?

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Godzilla 2014 hero

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THEORY ROUND-UP TIME!!!! (Insanity Included)

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Favourite songs from Godzilla 2014 Soundtrack

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2 things about godzilla 2014 dvd

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The Awakening of Kijura: Chapter 18

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Regarding the Transfer of Godzilla (2014)..

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Deleted cause this topic causes Hypertension.

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Godzilla-dragonborn trailer

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Legendary Origins Biollante

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Zilla Jr: Earth's Second Defender - Chapter 8

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Godzilla - Smells like teen spirit

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What did I miss?

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The Awakening of Kijura: Chapter 16

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Godzilla - Own It Now

Sep-17-2014 6:09 AM

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Godzilla - DragonBorn Trailer

Sep-16-2014 5:39 PM

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Alx Decond time's the charm,.;)
Godzilla316 For those waiting for Zilla Jr: Earths Decond Defender Chapter 8 http://www.godzilla-movies.com/community/forums/topic/38035
Godzilla316 If Godzilla could eat Amphicoelias, he would consider it as a snack
Alx Evil is everywhere.
Alx There are heroes on both sides.
GorillaGodzilla Your foolish Dinosaurs are nothing compared to Gojira,
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