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GMHHS Count Ghidorah

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Godzilla: The Monster War- Chapter 1

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These two concept instead of G2014

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Cool Fan Pumpkin carving of Godzilla.

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My new stop motion film is coming

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Make Your Own Godzilla 2 Trailer.

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Godzilla: The Monster War: Final Announcement

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Why Only Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah????

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GMHHS Franken-Kiryu Part 2

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Zillo's Cereal.

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GMK, What it Could Have Been

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Legendary Origins Varan

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Bagan Legendary Redesign

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GMHHS Franken-Kiryu Part 1

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Musical Score for the Sequel

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Happy Halloween Everybody

Oct-31-2014 5:45 PM

4 replies
TOHO kaijus redesign

Oct-31-2014 5:33 PM

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Godzilla: The Monster War- Chapter 2

Oct-31-2014 5:28 PM

2 replies
Where will Godzilla II take place?

Oct-31-2014 2:42 PM

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Sci-Fi King25 I'm out for the night. Bye guys! (Happy Halloween!)
Raptor-401 Just gonna hand out candy this year, dressing up as Link.
Sci-Fi King25 @Daikaiju_Danielle, the new comic was pretty good. I loved the other monsters that looked like the MUTOs
Sci-Fi King25 Also, I haven't seen Alien yet, but I loved Aliens and Predator. AVP was okay.
Sci-Fi King25 4.5 pounds of candy after wind, rain, snow, and cold.
Raptor-401 Happy Hallow's Eve everybody!!!
Gojira2K Alien is really good, yet scary.
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