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Possible Mistake?

This question is for those who have seen the Wondercon footage. Well, when the tsunami enters the city, i n...

9 Replies

S.H. Monsterarts Super weapons effect parts 2

I know this will probably be locked and moved to the merchandising thread. But in the mean time. S.H. Monst...

2 Replies

Discussion about credibility as an artist

Hey everyone,im just want to start a little discussion about something happened to me lately..So i just joi...

13 Replies

Godzilla(2014): #MothraConfirmed Trailer

Sorry for the multiple fan works posts but I had to make something like this after reading the article by n...

6 Replies

Japan trailer shows new clips

Not sure if others have seen this or not. But if so then I apologize. But I just saw it and there's quite a...

48 Replies

Favorite Kaiju besides Godzilla

What's your favorite Kaiju besides Godzilla? It doesn't necessarily have to be from the Godzilla fr...

16 Replies

Toho Godzilla 2014 Trailer (New Scenes)

Toho has a trailer for Godzilla 2014 with new scenes in it and a special tease at the end.

6 Replies

Godzilla vs A titan

Hey guys, I was arguing with my friends about this yesterday and I feel I could use you guys' opinions...

22 Replies

Godzilla(2014) ''KHAAAAN!'' TV Spot

Pretty much what some all ready know. I got bored and this was the result. Hopefully some are able to get a...

0 Replies

Godzilla 2014 Vs Heisei Gamera

Here, I will discuss the capabilities of both Godzilla(2014) and Gamera. The choice of who wins however, is...

23 Replies

Will this be the last movie

if this movie is a flop theN godzilla is done. Let me know your thoughts...

6 Replies

Will the muto have a special attack

before we begin I'm new to the site so if you can help me thank you. Anyway as you know in the wond...

2 Replies

What Was The Supposed "Muto Head"?

Hey, guys! I didn't watch the Wondercon footage because I didn't want to spoil that scene for mysel...

23 Replies

Great IGN Article: "The History of Godzilla"

Howdy G-Fans! :) Since the news has started pooring in about Godzilla 2014, the folks at IGN have been on t...

2 Replies

I did something with the wonder con footage (Read this and try it you might like it if you do it)

I was listening to Martin Garrix's Song Tremor and i asked my self what if i mixed my two favorite things E...

3 Replies

Is Godzilla an Avenger?

After thinking long and hard on anything I might have missed regarding whats confirmed to be in the new fil...

56 Replies

It's Face

Tried to draw it without using referance too much and make my own version of it.

5 Replies

godzillas features

Hello now i know tge disscusion is over but tge debate isnt even though some people lije akagi and a few ot...

26 Replies

TV Spot "I Can't Believe This is Happening" Question

Greetings everyone! I want to start off by saying I've seen the wondercon footage, and will mention...

2 Replies

Thoughts about MUTO

Last December someone from the forum suggest an idea about the 2 MUTOS theory,which ispired by the leaked s...

15 Replies

MUTO Gameplay (Thoughts)

Hopefully the title to this isn't misleading. It's not meant to be.Anyway, for the topic itself...

7 Replies

Godzilla's New Trailer After Inexplicable Loss of all Reel Copies

After Gareth Edward's accidentaly lost all 623 copies and backup reels of the film (somehow) while on his w...

11 Replies

Ticket Prices?

I pre-ordered my tickets for the May 16th first showing here in Fairbanks Alaska. I paid $18 each for IMAX ...

3 Replies

Will there be any difference betweetn SH monster arts G 2014 and NECA G 2014?

Both Neca and SH monster arts make Highly detailed figures and are usually 6 inches tall. will ther...

7 Replies

Does anyone else find the concept of Godzilla genuinely terrifying?

I admit I love a good creepy, Gorey or scary story/movie. Every now and then I'll read a creepypasta or wat...

22 Replies
About Godzilla (2014)

Godzilla 2014 is an epic rebirth to Toho's Godzilla franchise. Directed by Monsters' Gareth Edwards, Godzilla hits theaters May 16th, 2014 and stars Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, David Strathairn & Bryan Cranston. [Learn More]

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Primal King Alright same here. See ya Gus! Did that one on purpose
Primal King Alright same here. See ya Gus! Did that one on purpose
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