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I made a second Godzilla YTP

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Possible Ghidorah spotted in a video

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Godzilla's Second Brain..

15 Replies
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Godzilla Alcatraz Deleted Screen reimagined

10 Replies
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11 Replies
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Neca 1984 out?

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Weirdest godzilla dream, guarantee

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Anime Godzilla

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Anna Nakagawa 1965-2014

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Has anyone seen this?

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how much are action figures at G fest?

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Ghidorah origin idea

17 Replies
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10 Replies
5 Replies

A Monster of a Nightmare

15 Replies
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My New Godzilla Stop Motion

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Godzilla 2014 & Legendary King Ghidorah

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**Al** :) Hi Durp004 if you have any doubt about it, do not hesitate in PM Svanya :)
Durp004 i thought they could but not sure
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Durp004 mods can edit their posts right?
8 on the rag.
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