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godzilla vs biollante ost

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godzilla vs biollante deleted scenes

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godzilla kills muto.

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did anyone like/love godzilla 1998?

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Future Gamera

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what is your favorite godzilla suit?

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New Godzilla game coming to PS4; 'Godzilla VS'

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godzilla nes creepypasta game

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World War G: Chapter 12

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My Godzilla Game Idea

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godzilla daikaiju battle royale question

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Godzilla Easter Egg

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My Godzilla computer game idea

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Debate Week Season 6!

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World War G: Chapter 11

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World War G: The Final Chapter

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awesome movie monster music video

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Godzilla 2016 design LEAK!

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Godzilla 2 Plot Released!

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Godzilla 2014: Film Accurate Score

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Big News for Godzilla 2016! (update w/ video)

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Talkback #24: Godzilla vs. Megaguirus

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A Godzilla 2014 sequel is currently planned by Legendary Pictures and is set for a 2018 release date. Godzilla 2 will see the return of three of the franchise's most iconic Monsters, Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah! In addition to Legendary's Godzilla sequel, TOHO are also planning a new Godzila film, due out in 2016!

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Godzilla...On the Rocks...

Apr-18-2015 12:22 PM

3 replies

Apr-17-2015 2:26 PM

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sad new for gamera :(

Apr-16-2015 8:07 AM

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Godzilla vs PS4 Campaign missions question

Apr-16-2015 7:43 AM

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kiryu goes crazy

Apr-15-2015 7:29 PM

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