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godzilla 1984 american or japinese ?

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what is the most violent godzilla scene ?

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Godzilla 60 yearsTribute- Your Going Down

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godzilla rulers of earth story

5 Replies

can someon tell me where this is ?

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Godzilla battle royale

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GODZILLA - Behind the Scenes at Weta Workshop

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Colossus By Design: Entry 0008 - Confessions

0 Replies
1 Replies


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7 showa kaiju vs 3 Gamera kaiju

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If you made a Godzilla film

9 Replies

Good Trade

0 Replies
3 Replies

Godzilla 2014 "Keizer" Fan-Made Trailer

0 Replies
8 Replies

Gigan 2004 is not in godzilla ps3/ps4

2 Replies
3 Replies

Koichi Kawakita Passes Away

13 Replies

Gigan 2004 in Godzilla PS3/PS4 Game!

4 Replies

Godzilla: The Monster War- Chapter 14

4 Replies

Official Godzilla 2016 discussion thread!

41 Replies

Colossus By Design: Entry 0007 - A Declaration

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Godzilla rulers of earth zilla

11 Replies
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Dec-17-2014 1:47 PM

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Godzilla Rare Vintage European Posters.

Dec-17-2014 8:30 AM

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Fernandosaurus Rex Actually kind of sad they cancelled The Interview, I wanted to watch the movie, to be honest... It'll probably get leaked anyway.
Sci-Fi King25 I don't think I want to spend another $100+ on a new system for one game. :l
Sci-Fi King25 Is it odd I came up with the idea of a poll for the Godzilla PS3 game being made for other systems? :T
TheGMan123 tinyurl.com/gmanseries And of course can't forget my main series thread with updates :3
TheGMan123 Entry 13 as a full thread is now up on the Godzilla-Movies.com Forums!
Rex Fan 684 I'm out now. TTYL everyone
Rex Fan 684 Alx, all those ?s and .s aren't really needed. They just take up room
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