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YOUR Fan Theories For MY Fan Series

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WWG Teaser!

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Which kaiju characterizes you the best?

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Godzilla 1954 ran from the millitary!

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Whats your favorite Kaiju Youtuber?

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Godzilla 2014 Roar

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Sorry for this being off topic, but

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need to find neca godzilla 2014

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Selling Godzilla Figures on Craigslist.

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War of Garguantuas DVD found!

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Possible Godzilla 2016 teaser poster

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The hunt for King Ghidorah

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Which Godzilla are you Quiz

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zBrush Godzilla (2nd tribute)

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Daikaiju_Danielle Fingers crossed for Toyfair!
Cryolophosaurus paden, YOUR LATE!
x_paden_x Work on the next Project Codex is drawing to a close.
Danzilla93 We can only hope, Danielle... In other news, NECA is revealing ONE new Godzilla at ToyFair!
Daikaiju_Danielle C'mon NECA, give us a Karloff figure! It's not that difficult!
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