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Door to Hell

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Fantasy Tournament: Round 2 Match 9

12 Replies

Original Kaiju - Kyorah poster

16 Replies

Please let Rodan look like this!

8 Replies

Chapter 13 of my Godzilla 3 Script.

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Kaiju Screen Time

5 Replies
8 Replies

How to "fix" the human element in the sequel

14 Replies
11 Replies

Legendary Origins Mothra

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One Fan's Opinion

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Debate week season 3 confirmed!

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Anguirus, Baragon, and Varan in Godzilla 3

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Godzilla Stomp

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Legendary Origins Rodan

13 Replies

Day 6:Battle Royal!

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The New Godzilla Comic Books

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Fantasy Tournament: Round 2 Match 8

12 Replies
10 Replies

Kiryu 100% confirmed!

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Legendary Origins Triple Special

22 Replies

The King Returns Artwork (complete!)

6 Replies
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gojifan02 lol it's 9:21 here (says in a spongebob voice) AT NIGHT
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Godzilla316 LOL, Goodnight Hipho.. funny enoigh I
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Godzilla316 1 more week till my vacation, 2 more days until ME BETHDAE (Birthday ;-)
Catzilla good.nigth
Catzilla are you in maleque now?
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