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Godzilla: The Monster War- Chapter 7

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Godzilla 2014 Atomic Breath! (Fan Edit)

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I finally decided...

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Zilla movie reboot

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Zilla: Let's Stop the Hate

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My view on Godzilla in general.

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legengoji roar test

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Legendary Titanosaurus

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slimlegengoji design

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Think about it....

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Godzilla as a counter weapon

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I need ur opinion (really badly)

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Godzilla: The Monster War- Chapter 6

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Gman2887 The audience was shown what the movie was about from the very beginning and didn't let up. I'm glad it stuck to its guns. So to speak.
Gman2887 IT might have got a little heavy handed, but at least it didn't dance around the subject. It dove right in.
Gman2887 I liked Catching Fire more, but Mockingjay was a strong sequel that didn't apologize for using propaganda to explore central themes.
Gman2887 It's the most introspective of the three movies and made for an interesting exploration in media mind probing.
Gman2887 I enjoyed Mockingjay for it's rather ponderous pace and restrictive action, actually.
Gojira2K Goonight everybody.
Gojira2K Much worse.
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