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Godzilla opening credits no longer redacted.

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King Ghidorah Concept Artwork

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The Awakening of Kijura: Chapter 7

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why no bandai creation littlegodzilla???

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bandai creations gzilla 2014

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Fanasty Tournament: Round 3 Match 8 final

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What do you want to see in Godzilla 2?

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Zilla Jr: Earths Second Defender - Chapter 3

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Gashapon Godzilla 2014 and MUTOs

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Create your own Godzilla Enemy!!!

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Problems With Profile Pic

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How would be Godzilla's Glamour?

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Does anyone want care about this

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Fanasty Tournament: Round 3 Match 6

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Godzilla in Alcatraz

Aug-27-2014 2:40 AM

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Legendary Origins Orga

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Godzilla 2014 outtakes?

Aug-26-2014 6:23 PM

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Would you watch this? (PLEASE READ)

Aug-26-2014 5:10 PM

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Alx And so the ignoring starts.
Alx Classic Godzilla movis getting the Ultra-Hd Makeover.
Durp004 I wouldn't put gigan among the list of godzilla's ultimate enemy. Not even close
Hiphopananomus New topic
Godzilla316 With KG, Destroyah, Gigan, and Orga (for Daikaiju Danielle) BTW i dont see Mothra as Godzillas enemy
Godzilla316 Maybe even whos Godzillas ultimate enemy
Durp004 If anything the teams should be showa, heisei, and millennium signifying what era you liked the most
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