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This is pretty much what the new Godzilla is going to look like in Godzilla (2014)

Author: Chris Picard | Sep-20-2013 1:56 PM

With fans becoming restless waiting for Legendary and Warner Bros. to release a teaser for their upcoming 2014 tent-pole, Godzilla, fans who attended the San Diego Comic-Con screening have been letting loose with home-made sketches, renders and even cartoon-like videos, detailing what was shown and what to expect when the trailer finally does drop. The first sketch we mentioned the other day was a couple rough drawings of one of the creatures Godzilla will be facing in the film, courtesy of Mike Keller, who's a member here on the site now after his sketches went somewhat viral.

Today, we're showcasing another incredible fan re-creation, this time of Godzilla himself - from head to toe. We at Scified love to promote artists and their work, especially when it pertains to films like these. The image below was created by Sean Sumagaysay, you can check out his DeviantArt page here for more of his Godzilla / Kaiju Monster artwork - it's great stuff! But now, a look at pretty much what the new Godzilla in Godzilla (2014) will look like:


You can tell the design team have really taken their time in re-creating the classic Monster with modern twist, highlighting more realistic features, while still maintaining Godzilla's trademark look. It's a brilliant homage to the original and fans should expect great things from this film when it lands this upcoming May!

In addition to the awesome drawing above, our friend Alex Francis. Valdez on Twitter (who first showed us the above artwork) also recently posted the following image, which is a piece done by comic-book artist Matt Frank. The piece shows off what a few "Godzilla facial expressions" could look like in the film - and we all know Godzilla has had some pretty interesting, if not hilarious facial expressions over the years. This take is a tad more serious and realistic, check it out:


So there you have it, something else to gnaw on while we all wait for Legendary and Warner Bros. to lift the curtain on their Godzilla teaser. Yes, these are pieces of FAN artwork, but none the less, they are accurate and interesting and definitely deserve a mention. We encourage you to visit / follow the artists mentioned above and support their work as well.

What do you think? Do you like the new look of Godzilla now that you have a clearer idea of what his full body will look like? Is there anything you would tweak or like to see improved? Let us know all your thoughts and opinions by commenting below!

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Comments (50)

Gojira0313 ›

I think he looks pretty good ^^ no zilla, yay xD

t-rex90 ›

Not too big a fan on the feet but everything else looks good.

Booty Daddy ›

I can live with this!

bigbadben ›

i dig it man he looks great and thank you sean for sharing your amazing artwork with us this helps us diehard fans to get an even closer understanding other than the poster that was posted of what he will actually look like i still think it kicks ass and i cant wait for may 16th next year this is going to be awesome

Real G Fan ›

Not really feeling it

bigbadben ›


are you sure this is only a drawing of it and besides the real deal can and probably will look alot better than what we have actually seen

Zequi007 ›

Feets :(

dragonfire51 ›


KISSman ›

It's OK. The body is fine, but I don't love the head -- mainly the short snout, tiny teeth and his sad, almost human eyes. Still a million times better than Zilla and that's an important achievement in itself.

Mecha-Godzilla ›

I like the face, body, tail, spikes, but thing that gets me are the arms and especially the legs. Overall, it looks like godzilla!

xxsaberblackcrow ›

the new Godzilla look is bad ass! it,s amazing! cant wait too see him in the movie!

InstinctiveGigan ›

This is sheer perfection. How can anyone disagree with this? I love absolutely everything. Gareth promised us a realistic Godzilla and dammit, this is it! I love everything: the short snout, the spikes, and even the legs and feet. Yes I said it, I love the design of the legs and feet. Now hear me out.

Godzilla's leg and feet structure resemble that of a polar bear. The polar bear is the world's largest carnivore, it weighs around 1500 lbs and is able to stand on it's hind legs 12 ft tall. A heavy, huge creature like a polar bear being able to stand up like a biped requires a structure just like the one Godzilla has here. Flat feet, huge muscular legs, and toes/claws very short. A huge creature like Godzilla needs this structure realistically if he's going to stand up.

The only thing that would make this design better is if the artist drew him hunched over like Godzilla will probably do a bit in the actual movie. Love it so much! Can't wait for a trailer.

TheDude ›

I'd change the feet to more look like the Japanese Godzilla of the 1954 or 90s films. That is the only dislike of the design for me.

The 1954 suit. http://www.mike2.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/GodzillaFeet.jpg


90s design. http://download.lavadomefive.com/members/BigClawz/NewGFilms-FeetPreClamp.jpg

TheDude ›

The 1954 suit behind the scenes. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-t3yMnVabPcM/US49YtSaW5I/AAAAAAAADLA/bfVZ1Zqx_Uo/s1600/Godzilla-with-Umbrella-Realing-on-the-Set.jpg

Deltadromeus ›

Its not the best Godzilla ever. Could use different feet (thanks for pointing that out T. rex) I think the tail is too long and the head too short. Also, I really don't like the face too much. The overall think seems to thin and slender. The face looks like bower's while he's angry and has smaller eyes. Overall, I think they could of done better, but its much better than Dino Zilla. Of course, I think Godzilla 2000 has the best design. Long teeth, not very intelligent face, I can't remember too much, but I think its the best.

KaijuKiller19 ›

Is it just me, or does it look like Godzilla's dorsal fins look like jagged knives?

Mike Oxsbig ›

Why the hell is every one so damn judgmental? if you want to see the old Godzilla, go watch an old movie. At least you can tell this is Godzilla when you look at him. This isn't a rubber suit, its CGI, so Gareth can make the big G as realistic as he wants it to be. big clumsy feet don't seem realistic to me. this Godzilla is awesome and a big thumbs up to Sean Sumagaysay for the awesome artwork.

Jet Jaguar ›

The legs and snout resembles a brachiosaurus with raptor's toe claws. If they can stretch his feet out just a little bit, he'll be amazing. As of now, I'll buy his figures!

MrAwesomeness360 ›

I doubt his feet will look like that, I'm pretty sure Toho might have suggested Legendary to tweak the feet. But, keep in mind, this is FAN ART, even though the rest is perfect, I'm pretty sure his feet won't look like that.

Gojira 2014 ›


MrRadiation ›

Yeah, still not a fan of the feet. Also I think he could use a bigger head. Honestly I wouldn't mind more Dinosaur (Therapod) themed features, not like Jurassic Park more then the older Charles Knight drawings/paintings when Dinos still dragged their tails.

Remember, the Japanese Godzilla has always been a Dinosaur (A mix of Stegosaur and T-Rex....according to Godzilla verses King Kong).

I can't really judge the film by the comic drawings, being the expressions are exaggerated and stylized for comics. But I will take note the lower jaw, which is enhanced more by the small teeth (Not just in the comic sketch but also in the leaked picture) is still kind of reminiscent of the 98 Zilla. I'm sure people are going to flip there $*%! over this statement, but that's what I see. Just don't know what the appeal is with designing the American Godzilla with big jowls and small baby teeth.

But again, all of this can be overlooked if he breathes fire. Which is all I really want to see, him breathing fire. This is what hit the coffin nail on the head for me in terms of the 98 film (Other then the blatant Jurassic Park scenes...they didn't even try to hide it lol ). So, yeah.....make sure he breathes fire.

GreenMan ›

Don't worry people.

None of you are going to complain about his appearance after we see all 500ft of his glory on the big screen next May.

Gojira 2014 ›

Could everyone fucking stop being so picky and judgemental with his looks?! My god it looks like godzilla, its 100% badass, and its way better then the 1998 look, WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?! And the 1998 godzilla is not godzilla anymore, he is zilla! Now stop judging the King by his cover and if your a true Godzilla fan you would be appreciating the way he is right now. The king doesn't like people judging him.

Samzilla 14 ›

This is awesome, just about everything is in proper Godzilla proportion. Especially love the slight muscle tonage on the arms, for a while I was afraid Gareth would make them too small.

As for the feet, I see where fans who don't like them are coming from but for me they look hardly bad enough to bring the whole design down.

MrRadiation ›


Well....hopefully we don't have to wait till May.

Or...maybe we'll luck out and there will be another international licensing expo lol.

G fan 84 ›

LOVE IT!!! the feet on that one look better than the statues seen at comicon,it,s the G-MAN!!! nough said.

Gamzilla234 ›

Funny how people keep treating this like if its the actual design. Its just an artists depiction made from what he was told or seen. The Film design can be much different from this. Head could be bigger, tail could be shorter or longer, feet could be small, who knows?

G-Raa ›

Not bad! The feet are the only turn-off for me and I hope his arms aren't going to stay down like that while he's stomping around the city. Otherwise I can get into it for now.

Worm_of_Pittersplatter ›

I love it. The entire design conveys weight and sheer power. I can't wait until collectables and figures hit the shelves.

godzilla3580 ›

I love it. If this is how he looks in the movie, I think the movie will be awesome! They did a great job of making him more realistic while keeping him looking like Godzilla.

Godzillaboy98 ›

Its OK, but 1000000000000000000 times better then Zilla aka Gino for all u Zilla fans.

TheDude ›

I may draw this,but tweak it slightly to match the 1954 design of the feet.

shankster28 ›

looks a hell of a lot better than zilla

KIRYU26Snake ›

This is exactly what I wanted to have:
A fusion of the Heisei Godzilla and Godzilla 2003! Dream came true so far and I am sure the feet of Godzilla will look more classic to the original than in this picture.

Zillahater ›

Okay, im sorry to be asshat who ruins all the fun, but how come you people are so excited about this? Its VERY uncorrect, admittedly well drawn, fan art. We know what Godzilla will look like, we`ve seen the brazillian image. And this thing looks nothing like it. The neck is porportioned wrong, and spikes doesnt look like the ones on the image either. Again, im sorry im ruining it, but its true.

Samzilla 14 ›

Zillahater: No one even confirmed that poster was the final design, only evidence of that was Legendary's request to have it removed.

So you can quit patting yourself on the back for pulling a curtain down.

Zillahater ›

Samzilla 14: Then why is it so much different than we have seen before? Legendary wouldnt allow the movie too just keep making different ads, which we funny enough isnt allowed to see, with a different design. And that wasnt what i was talking about anyway. I was pointing out that the fan design didnt look that much like the photo it was modeled from, but everyone still didnt seem to realize. I just assumed the expo image is the final design, its atleast the closest we have wright now.

bigbadben ›


please for the love of god dont argue over this i have said that i like both the design in the poster that we have seen and the fan art that is posted above look we all are getting really tired of having to wait until may 16th but i myself look foward to this film why because pacific rim was extremely badass and gareth edwards did justice for the dark knight so please lets enjoy both the fan art and the poster that was removed do to the studios request

Zillahater ›

BIGBADBEN: We werent arguing, we were discussing a subject of the thread. It wasnt really an argue. Im was just mentioning how weird it is that everyone thinks the fan art looks like the brazillian expo photo, and Samzilla 14 simply answered my question. And please, give me some punctuations. And who talked about not being excited!? Or disliking the poster!? And what do you mean by; "gareth edwards did justice for the dark knight"? He didnt work on that, but i guess that movie would have been better if he had directed...

Sean Sumagaysay ›

Hey guys, first of all just wanted to say thank you so much for all the feedback on my artwork :)
Second, got to make it clear that the purpose of this art here is to intentionally merge all of the leaked/promo images and eye witness descriptions into one design.

1) The head from the encounter footage & licensing expo image.
2) Dorsal Spines from the HotTopic Exclusive T-shirt (silhouetted in the letters)
3) The feet from the encounter's displayed maquette & eye witness descriptions of the 2013 SDCC13 teaser.
4) the tail from the SDCC13 poster.

Hope that clears things for some, ;)
- Sean

Gabriel Leite ›

What the fuck happened with his feet?!

gojiranut48 ›

pretty cool

Ammonites ›

I'm so psyched about this movie! The director, the cast, Godzilla's new look! So good! Now about those feet... that's the one thing throwing the design off for me. Sure big sauropods had those kind of elephant feet, but they were slow moving plant eaters. T. rex had big lizard feet. Godzilla is a meat eater, I'm pretty sure he'd be closer to T. rex. ;)

Kaijusaurus ›

Why are people complaining about the feet? Would you rather have those feet or another oversized iguana again?

gwarnage ›

this movie's gonna be great

hulkjimi ›

I love it all, yes even the feet!

spacebeast ›


godzillafanatic312 ›

Does Godzilla have a chicken leg because I prefer the human-ish leg like the classics.

leaper ›

i love it

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