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First Godzilla (2014) Trailer coming November 3rd, 2013?

Author: Chris Picard | Oct-03-2013 5:08 PM

Legendary Pictures' Godzilla (2014) is roughly 8 months away from its North American theatrical release and hype for the trailer alone is through the roof on various social networks and the Godzilla 2014 fan forums. But since Comic-Con 2012, fans have not even had a peak at a teaser trailer - no leaked footage what so ever managed to find its way online following the big reveal at this year's San Diego Comic-Con either, which is surprising. Even the new Avengers movie saw its SDCC trailer leak online last week. So what's the deal with Godzilla? Well, we think we've figured it out.

After seeing the immense effort put into the Godzilla Encounter which Legendary (in association with Toho) put on for fans at SDCC, it's clearly evident that the Studio values this franchise and wants to honor it in the best ways possible. From the King's new design reflecting many of the past Godzilla suit designs, meshed into one, as well as including some of the classic characters from the original film, like Dr. Serizawa, it would seem Legendary is paying the most homage to the original 1954 Gojira.

With that said, it's important to note that the 59th Anniversary for Godzilla is quickly approaching. The original Godzilla landed in theaters in Japan on November 3rd, 1954. So, it's highly likely, Legendary is planning to release their first teaser trailer for 2014's Godzilla on November 3rd, 2013 which is exactly 1 month away from today. Why wouldn't they? It would be the perfect way to not only hype up the fans on an important date - but also pay great homage and respect to the original which this film is closely based on.

There's no doubt that the trailer for Godzilla is completed and ready to go. It's merely a matter of timing at this point and all evidence suggests that we will be treated to the first, public teaser trailer in precisely 1 month. With 8 months to go, it's unlikely the Studio will wait any longer past November third to start hyping up the general public for Godzilla's May 16th release.


We had reached out to Legendary previously, asking when they planned to release the teaser trailer, but as expected they can't comment on such a request.

So, how excited are you to see the Godzilla trailer? Do you agree November 3rd, 2013 is a probable date to expect the trailer to drop? Let us know by commenting below!

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Comments (22)

Ananasatom ›

Yes...I think thats possible!

Gojira113 ›

The day after my birthday!!! 👉😆👈

Grin Reaper ›

Great, now people can stop asking...

Leviathan0999 ›

Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope!

Deltadromeus ›

Cool! Also, did anyone notice that this is the 1200nth new post

Judge Baggins ›

This would make perfect sense. What better time is there than to release it on the anniversary of the first film.

TheGMan123 ›

Of course! Hopefully,us G-fans can tell the ignorant masses of movie-goers WHY such a release date would be optimal for the first trailer release! However,if the movie itself somehow landed on November 3rd of next year instead,well,I could die a happy panda!

TheDude ›

Outside the fandom, the lame stream are too dim to get it unless you beat sense into them. Well the original movie did have some who joked about him as his victims who died. The ignorant died first. It's in GMK too with the spoiled kids and morons dying for being disrespectful.

Anyone hope the trailer will use Ifukube's music?

MiketheG7453 ›

And what movie is coming out on Nov.3rd that could support this trailer???..I mean that falls on a Sunday. Really??? You really believe that is the day?? I am afraid it is more wishful thinking. Sorry, I will believe it when I see it.

xxsaberblackcrow ›

finally we get a trailer YES! IM SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS TRAILER!!!

godzilla3580 ›

Yes!!!! That would be amazing, and its the perfect day to do it!! SO HYPED FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!

And, THEDUDE, Ifukube's music would be awesome!!

bob2448 ›

@MIKETHEG7453 There's no reason they couldn't release the teaser online on November 3 and then attach it to Thor: The Dark World on November 8.

Chris Picard ›

In case the article isn't blatantly obvious in the fact that this is pure speculation, I will re-iterate for those readers who seem to think we're claiming this story as an official announcement. This is not directed at anyone who has commented so far here, but more so for the readers who feel the need to criticize Godzilla-Movies.com for promoting "false news". This is NOT news... this is a speculative opinion piece.

I just read some comments on a couple other blogs who are rolling with this story, claiming it to be the real deal. I'm flattered my opinions are making headlines, but people need to read the damn article and not get their panties in a knot, thinking we're posting an official scoop - when we're not.

As I stated in the article above, based on the facts I compiled, I have come to the assumption that the Godzilla trailer will debut on Godzilla's 59th Anniversary. It's not completely out there to assume such a thing and this post was meant to let people (who may not have considered this) know of the possibility.

Again, I clearly explain myself in the post, so I don't understand some of the negativity this post is receiving.

Just had to get that out in the open. Carry on with the discussion folks, sorry to clutter the comments section with a redundant explanation.

Spi3000 ›

HOLD IT HOLD IT!!! So basically this is just a speculation on when we may get a teaser? Though ideally it would be perfect, but there's one slightly better in which everyone fan or not can view it, which is New York's Comic-Con. It's been a few months already since the San Diego Comic-Con let alone the filming of Godzilla 2014, there's a good chance that they've got a teaser but they want to unveil it at the right time, and again I say it would be the New York Comic-Con. Here's why, you got hundreds of thousands of people going in a large building to see the next big thing in comic themed stuff, movies, TV Shows, and Games. A lot can be Godzilla fans, some may not, some might not even know what Godzilla is. You got them in one big building, and you got people streaming what's happening during the whole thing so you got even more people watching. So yes the Anniversary date of Godzilla would be an excellent time to release a trailer fan wise, but it would be more impacting if it was released during the New York Comic-Con where everyone, fan, no-fan, or new to the thing would see it for the first time.

G fan 84 ›

November 3rd sounds awsome but not gonna get my hopes up,i still think we wont get anything till FEBRUARY and i say that because of the movie merch,movie merch always hits shelves 2 months befor the movie if any thing i still think the movies in post production wich is a problem because i recall back in 2011 when IMAGI studios released the teaser for GATCHAMAN post predution for was no where near finished and it took so long that TATSUNOKO studios stepped in and said ok enough weir taking it back and sued IMAGI for the rights back long story short TATSUNOKO got the rights back and released a live acton version this year,but thats my fear about GODZILLA2014 is that thats whats going on here not that i would complain if TOHO decided to take it back and do their own thing.

xxsaberblackcrow ›

Nov 3 is a great day to release the trailer IM SO PUMP OF FOR THIS MOVIE!!!

bigbadben ›

why not november 3rd is great celebrating the 59th anniversary for the big g and releasing it on may 16th 2014 to celebrate the 60th anniversary sounds great i am so pumped up for this movie and can not wait november 3rd is when the first godzilla movie was released so yeah the trailer should be released by then the king is back

evildrtran ›


How did we miss this? It was posted a month ago! Enjoy!

evildrtran ›

G teaser
Warners took down the first link..... here's another

Jason Christiansen ›

It comes when it comes. I have no say in it , so I will not worry about it

Kyero ›

I said it from the beginning both here and on facebook, speculation and fact are two very different things. Coincidences and wishful thinking do not a fact make.

I pointed out every flaw in the "logic" of the speculation this article provided on facebook and the owners of the godzilla-movies.com facebook page labeled me as a "disgruntled" fan simply because I pointed out flaws in their arguments and called out their speculation as nothing more than the wishful thinking that I knew it always was.

This site, while fun to keep track of, is still nothing but a fan made and maintained site with people at the helm who are nothing more than amateurs and fans of Godzilla themselves. Taking the word of this site and its "information" as truth unless you confirm it beyond the shadow of a doubt for yourself is a complete folly and will lead to nothing but disappointment. The same can be said of any website, actually. Facts are only good when they're confirmed to actually be facts.

So people, do the research yourself and stop trusting in speculation. All it does is get your hopes up and ruin your mood when it proves to have been wrong.

Kyuubi69 ›

I am sorry my fellow godzilla loving brothers but no such trailer was released the reason why is becase Edwards like to dangle the trailer of our beloved giant nuclear fire breathing mass destruction making monster out there on a hook and like the eager fish we are we go to take a bite only to have the hook taken away from us why Garth Edwards why do you hate us that much or are you afraid that we won't like the vision you have givin our beloved monster, well I am not disappointed for I have seen a leaked trailer on the internet and let me tell you Garth Edwards. I am not disappointed well done Garth Edwards well done I look forward to seeing godzilla on May 16 2014. and to let you all know that I am not lieing especially you Garth Edwards, the trailer starts out with that guy talking about the Hindu god of death or whatever the fist scene is a destroyed city the next a flatten train with numerous dead body's everywere, a destroyed building with a monster size hole in it, then a massive dead creature with multipe legs (no doubt who took him down wink wink) cut to black with godzilla roar which made me start crying not only to hear my beloved monster of all time is back but also his roar is absolutely "sniff" "sniff" wonderful and last but not least the scene witch put my water works into over drive a dust cloud which had some sort of movement in it only to reveal "sniff" "sniff" "sob" my beloved godzilla looking better than ever thank you Garth Edwards thank you 

may he be king of monster forever

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Godzilla 2014 is an epic rebirth to Toho's Godzilla franchise. Directed by Monsters' Gareth Edwards, Godzilla hits theaters May 16th, 2014 and stars Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, David Strathairn & Bryan Cranston. [Learn More]

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