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A Second Godzilla (2014) Teaser Trailer Leaked Online?!

Author: Chris Picard | Oct-09-2013 12:07 AM

A, what looks to be, second teaser trailer for Godzilla (2014) has been leaked online. However, this version seems incomplete and more so a "work-in-progress", rather than a polished cut. The video quality is also quite bad, since I'm assuming it was taken with a phone.

Godzilla forum member XFINAFIRE just posted the link in our forums minutes ago, so the video is fresh and if it is legitimate, will more and likely be taken down shortly. We uploaded the recording to our YouTube channel so we could share it in this article, but with it being on YouTube, means it could get pulled any time.


Some points to note about this video, you can see Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen and Bryan Crantson in a few cut scenes, which coincide with previous claims and set photos which have been released in the past. Now, this seems to differ quite signitificantly from the footage shown at San Diego Comic-Con, so this could be an early version of the main theatrical trailer which could be coming November 3rd, 2013... or at least attached to films like The Hobbit sequel and the Thor sequel.

Just to also point out, it is not our intention to fault or mess with the hard work Warner Brothers and Legendary are putting into the promotion of this film. We're merely sharing what info which some fans have brought to our attention. Without a doubt, the final trailer will look INCREDIBLE on the big screen, so be sure to check it out when it's released!

If Legendary and/or Warner Brothers want this video pulled, we'll take it down no problem. But since there is speculation that this could be a fan mock trailer, we figured we'd let the fans have a say.

So what do you think? Does this seem like a legit trailer or another fan mock-up? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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Comments (62)

LegendaryKaiju11 ›

Ok I can confirm a few legit things from this trailer in comparison to the finished one I saw at this years Comic Con panel. First is Bryan Cranston's character running down a hallway with people running the opposite direction. Second is Elizabeth Olsen's character hugging her son. Third is the attack on the airport with the explosion outside of the airport lobby window. The rest are presumably legit but weren't in the trailer I saw which had a monster, different Godzilla footage and a little more footage.

Chris Picard ›

Yeah, just noticed the video was blocked. Insanely fast. Well, I guess that confirms that the video was legitimate at least.

G fan 84 ›

DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!!!!!,oh well november 3rd fingers crossed. :D

TheTrueTGX ›

Saw the update on FB and thought 'Oh snap I better see this before... aaaaaand it's been taken down. Darn. Hopefully the next one will be worth it.

Chris Picard ›

If you check out the forum topic where this originated, you'll find a link to the original video, which I hear is still online...

Barrett Frische ›

Thanks Chris, it is still online and I saw it. It doesn't seem to be a finished trailer and the quality is obviously lacking. AWESOME to see new stuff though. I'll be more excited when there's an actual official trailer released. In any case, I absolutely cannot wait to see this next year!

**Al** ›

that roar -- happiness

EddieRox4987 ›

I really don't understand why they're so desperate to hide this from us!!! I'm a huge fan of Godzilla, and I want to share how awesome it is by showing non-fans a trailer that'll get them as excited as I am, surely that's something WB should be letting us do, not making it more difficult!

InstinctiveGigan ›

November 3rd can't get here fast enough. I wish this trailer was the legit 2nd trailer from Comic Con. But it's nice to see a tiny clip of what's to come. I seriously hope most of the movie is Godzilla, I know Gareth wants to make likeable characters and give us Godzilla too, but I don't want it to distract from the actual Godzilla. The movie is called Godzilla after all, not Godzilla and Friends lol

Joshuahopkins ›

add my group! & email me @ Joshua.hopkins84@yahoo.com cuz i have the leaked trailer now!

Lone ›

Even though the quality was poor, it still gave me goosebumps!

Thanks Chis & XFINAFIRE :-)

Ananasatom ›

Gabriel Leite ›

send to me too please!!! my e-mail is:

Gabriel Leite ›

send to me too please!!! my e-mail is:

taylour_monster ›

taylour_monster ›

lets get the word out

Godzilla_BOSS ›

Ok guys. Can't you see what's going on? They are leaking the trailers. It's the marketing they are starting with. Simply act like they got leaked out of your control and start taking them down. People will tell there friends about the movie and help to get the trailers. They would want to see the trailer more. It's clear, since they are watching this website. The trailer got removed in a couple of mins ! They know wee would post it when they leak it. Like come on it won't magically leak like that. Some clearly has to leak it,and it can't just be a hacker or anything. It all makes sense

Sparkzilla14 ›

Someone send it to my email SparkZ03DMA@gmail.com

hilsdorf84 ›

please e-mail it to hilsdorf84@hotmail.com

Mike the Destroyer ›

I'd like a copy too. My email is: michaellowell@comcast.net.

G fan 84 ›

Yeah as GODZILLA_BOSS said this is their marketing strategy its pretty obvious now.

Sparkzilla14 ›

Excuse me, my email is SparkZ03DMAX@gmail.com

Scarfo ›

....ok..my comment vanished like magic. Point taken.

CeeBoogie ›

ceeboogie3@yahoo.com is my email, I would appreciate if you can send it to me! thanx

NextGojiraKing93 ›

If anyone does have the trailer, I kindly say, please send it to my email address: Bravo932011@Hotmail.com

MiketheG7453 ›

Well, as usual, I was at work and missed all the fun. If anyone was lucky enough to save it to your hard drive, I would greatly appreciate a copy. Thanks gang. magma.1963@yahoo.com

**Al** ›

.....none of us have ever faced a situation quite like this before.........your courage will never be more needed than it is today

EnderEliel ›


Mr. Kaiju ›

trailer was epic! cant wait for the official one.

Mark930 ›

I cannot wait to see this trailer theatrically. I will nerdgasm all over the place.

Godzilla Evolution ›

can anyone help my viewing pleasure!!! send the video if any of you downloaded it! i will be happy as a muthaf***er! my e-mail is clashofthetitans2000.gf@gmail.com i would love u all my life if anyone has it! PLEASE!

Gl78064 ›

Send it to chibi423@mail.com

kenyano ›

Me too, please! kenyano10@yahoo.com

taylour_monster ›

taylour_monster ›

Was I the only one that read the text at the top right of the trailer. It shows some pretty cool stuff.

taylour_monster ›

I also noticed that the roar is different...

taylour_monster ›

Gojirakira25 ›

I anyone has the trailer downloaded can you email me please? nublarnuma@gmail.com

i want to see it so badly!

Joshuahopkins ›

email me at Joshua.hopkins84@yahoo.com i still have trailer and i will sent it to you

dubYA ›

dub_dubya@yahoo.com if anyone would be kind enough to email me this trailer. Thank you.

monsta ›

who has still no seen the second leaked trailer?i got a copy.


please send to kensworld18@gmail.com
thanks a lot!

Demplex ›

I'd rather wait until November 3rd to watch the finished and polished version of the trailer in HD.

JowoL ›

Could someone email me the video at jolilol701@gmail.com, it would be much appreciated.

mypalfish ›

I would love to see the trailer. My e-mail is muwarriorsfan@aol.com.

reggiemaster ›

reg.rrw@gmail.com please i want to see this :( i will be the most happyist man in the world

reggiemaster ›

i know were to see the 2 trailer go to this youtube page look this guy up Joshua Hopkins this not NOT A JOKE REPET NOT A JOKE ...............

jakewilson ›

Godzilla 2014 is going to be weted

Ridge ›

send it to me please! gerardo.egc@hotmail.com

the first trailer its still available here for those who want to watch it:


Gianni ›

I would greatly appreciate you sending me the teaser I missed it :(



i would love it if someone could send me a copy of the second trailer darth_nihilus@hotmail.co.uk thanks :)

Mike the Destroyer ›

I didn't get a copy of the second trailer, does anyone have one? My email is: michaellowell@comcast.net.

csr.alva ›

can I please get a copy of the first and second as well my e-mail is csralva@outlook.com PLEASE

alexandre ›

Hey, Please copy the second as well my e-mail is massealexandre@hotmail.fr

CeeBoogie ›

I don't like how the roar ends..... Sounds like a trumpet. I'm glad that they stuck with the trademark, but just don't like the twist they put to it.....

GreenMan ›

Does anyone have a link to the 2nd trailer that hasn't been blocked and/or removed? It would be very much appreciated.

Kaderson ›

Hey oh!!! I need a favor, can someone send the trailer to me? and if the second trailer is available to nosredak@msn.com thanks a bunch guys! cant wait to see this movie. its a long time coming.

BlaBlaBoy ›

It could really cool if someone would send me the second trailer at t.poyer@hotmail.fr guys ! Thanks a lot !

joaomlo2 ›

Teaser (HD):
(Possible) Trailer:

You are welcome guys :)

MrRadiation ›

I did manage to catch this while I was working on location, and the one thing I did like, was the feel that each encounter with the Monsters, be it Godzilla or another Mutation, felt like encountering a natural disaster. The Halo jump was kinda weird, till they panned out to the city wide shot and you see this huge storm cloud with lightning erupting from inside, that was awesome.

the only thing I would say, is there's no shot of Godzilla. If this is the actual teaser they will release sometime somewhere in some theatre unknown to all of us (Could have sworn someone was pretty darn sure the trailer was being released in Nov....) we need a shot of Godzilla. This hiding his design, it's not good. Its the same thing they did for 98 and us non hardcore Godzilla fans out there in the public are already gun shy....you need a solid establishing shot of Godzilla to put everyones fear to ease.

Besides that, even at a crappy resolution, wa great to watch. Here's to the December prediction now that November and Anniversary theories have fell through.....

DigiZilla ›

If anyone has the second trailer would you be kind enough to send it to me at digizilla164@gmail.com  thankyou.

Godzilla2014Fan ›

Please send to squadron@y7mail.com if u have the trailer


-Thank you



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