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First Godzilla (2014) Movie Monster Name and Toys Revealed! [SPOILERS]

Author: Chris Picard | Oct-20-2013 1:48 AM

As fans await the official release of the Godzilla (2014) trailer, I've just received news of a fairly big reveal regarding the 2014 Godzilla movie. For this reason, I've added a spoiler warning in the title - so if you read past this description, you may get spoiled.

With spoiler warnings aside, let's get to it. Godzilla forum member, INSTINCTIVEGIGAN just recently posted a new topic in the Godzilla forums. Thanks to this update, we now have the name of one of the new Kaiju which will be fighting Godzilla! We also have information regarding some Godzilla movie merchandise which is available for pre-order and from this information we've also been able to determine just how big Godzilla is going to be in comparison to this new monster. Are you ready? Let's dig in then...

No, the new Monster is not Kumonga, but it's the closest thing we have in terms of a visual description, next to a few sketches.

Urban-Collector.com recently updated their lineup with the first set of Godzilla toys which will hit shelves late 2014. With the update, came a description and sizing scale for each figure. Here's the official excerpt:

Godzilla 2014 Movie Deluxe Destruction Pack Case is an Urban Collector pre-order. Bring the excitement of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla home with this deluxe 'Destruction Pack' featuring figures of Godzilla and the exclusive 8-legged Muto measuring 3.5'. Set includes two kaiju, plus three (3) destructible buildings & bridge, and five (5) military vehicles. Widnow box packaging.

Godzilla 2014 Movie Deluxe Destruction Pack Case is a pre-order item. Urban Collector pre-order item policies apply. Secure your new item by pre-ordering today. - Source

Excited yet? You should be. From this description we now learn of at least one of the supposed three new Monsters which Godzilla will face in the upcoming film. It's name is Muto and from the description, it sounds a lot like Kumonga, with its 8 spider-like legs. Previously we had posted up fan sketches of what Muto looks like, but they're rough sketches at best and only give a rough idea of what to expect.

One thing is for certain, judging by the simple toy scale comparison, Godzilla is going to be over three times the size of this new Kaiju! That's one hell of a Godzilla. Director Gareth Edwards had stated in past interviews that this Godzilla would be the biggest one yet, and his statements certainly are turning out to be quite true.

We're of course assuming the toy scale size is relatively accurate to the actual creature size comparisons - and we can cross-reference these assumptions with viewer recollections of the San Diego Comic-Con Trailer - where the size of Godzilla compared to Muto was colossal.

Urban-Collector has the list price set at $99.99 USD for this pack, but from their website, it looks like they've already sold out on pre-orders! No info on when they'll have more in stock.

But with toys aside, what do you think of this news? What do you think of the name for this new Kaiju? Do you plan on ordering this pack of figures for your collection? Let us know all your thoughts and opinions by commenting below, or by carrying on the conversation in the already-established Godzilla forum discussion - HERE!

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Comments (18)

BCrockett94 ›

Chris, there will be multiple Mutos. If you put "Godzilla" in the search bar on the website, there's the Godzilla "movie action" figure, or something like that, that says "Help Godzilla in his fight against the mutos". It's sort of a paraphrase, but the important thing is that there will be many mutos. I doubt that they've got the new "main" monster, if there is one, available for preorder just yet... Or hell, maybe both monsters are called Mutos, as Mutos may be derived from the word "mutant". :P

BCrockett94 ›


Godzillasaurus ›

No offense to anyone who believes this, but this Muto monster does NOT look like Kumonga at all. Yea, its cool that we got a name, but I am just waiting for the other mystery monster to be revealed.

Godzillasaurus ›

No offense to anyone who believes this, but this Muto monster does NOT look like Kumonga at all. Yea, its cool that we got a name, but I am just waiting for the other mystery monster to be revealed.

BCrockett94 ›

Nobody said it looked like Kumonga. Muto is actually Mutos. Plural. The article just says that it's one of the closest things to visualize one of the Mutos at this current point in time, aside from the rough sketches.

Knifeheadkillah ›

My thoughts is that maybe the Mutos is some kind of skin parasite or prehistoric sea spider that also became mutated from the blast.

KIRYU26Snake ›

Muto does not sound like a great name... I hope Gareth isn't overdoing it with Godzilla's size. 100m was great enough.

Valkaar ›

This was already mentioned in another thread, but I feel it's still relevant here, but if you read the descriptions of the various toy sets on Urban Collector's site, it looks like Muto is the name for a type or category of monster.....not the name of a monster character.

The Chibi set reads something like "Godzilla battles the Mutos..........comes with both Mutos...."

Action Fighter set contains similar wording.

Just a heads up, we will probably have to wait on the actual name of the monster.

Zillahater ›

Prepare for the ultimate battle! Godzilla, king of the monsters, fights THE MUTO; Mutated creatures, spreading faster than rats! Can Godzilla stop them, or is the planet doomed?

F*ck Yeah.

True American Godzilla ›

If the Muto breed like Zillas, then we'd be in trouble if Godzilla weren't around.

Wraithshangri-la955 ›

nice a new Monster for hopefully the new Generation of Godzilla, but i hope they bring at least one old classic Monster he has fought countless times to finally see them duke it out for the last time.

Druzilla54 ›

Because these creatures will likely be mutations of living things I thought I'd post a few links give people an idea of what they may look like (on a larger scale of course)
Firstly, the Mutos could be sea spiders.
I read about the sea spiders feeding habits and found out that they use a feeding tube to suck out the innards of their prey. Sounds like a nasty fate for a person if they got near a Mutos.
Gojira himself could be mutated from the only exiting sea reptile, the Marine Iguana. If you follow the wiki link you'll see from the pics that it looks a lot like Godzilla, especially the long tail.

Kevin_C_Vang ›

I assuming that the giant centipede is Muto...

kaijudinosaurfan12345 ›

I think the mutos are like lesser monsters that Godzilla kills while a bigger monster waits for him and maybe in pacific rim 2 he'll fight the jaegers and kaiju

metaljazzfunk ›

The consensus on the Mutos seems to be that it is (more or less) an insect. With the many legs of an invertebrate, the nearly white skin colour that has been supposed, and especially the triangular shape of the head that has been drawn... this "8-legged Muto" is beginning to seem a lot like The Legion from the Gamera series...

Which is fine with me, because The Legion was one of the most well-crafted insectoid Kaiju.


G fan 84 ›

GODZILLA was not mutated from a damn sea iguana he mutated from a DINOSAUR, ZILLA was an iguana.

PJRyan519 ›

Is Mr. Edwards stealing the sea louse idea fromJJ Abrams' "Cloverfield" monster?
The Mutos could be a kind of kiaju plague.....Godzilla, mankinds greatest threat , becomes its only hope. Whatever it is, we only need to wait 195 more days according to the counter.

ZillaH8erforeva ›

Will they be dispensed in big markets?

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