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Godzilla (2014) Comic-Con and SDCC Trailer Recreation Comic-Strips!

Author: Chris Picard | Nov-08-2013 11:06 AM

One of our members here on the Godzilla movie forums has actually re-created the scenes from both the leaked Godzilla 2014 Comic-Con trailer and the San Diego Comic-Con trailer - specifically the Airport Scene - in the fashion of a comic-strip! I figured it was so creative and helpful, especially to those who have not seen the trailers, to make a mention of it here on the front page. Considering we've been asked not to post any of the leaked trailers on our website, this is about as close as fans will get to what was shown on screen this past summer without actually leaking any more footage.

Forum member True American Godzilla initially alerted me of the first comic strip in our Godzilla 2014 Forums. The user responsible for the actual artwork however, is KaijuGroupie84, who also happens to be a member of our forums! Below is his first piece, the recreation of the first Godzilla Comic-Con trailer (same as the leaked one which made its rounds earlier this Fall):

Godzilla (2014) Comic-Con Trailer Recreation

After I caught wind of the artwork, I posted it up on our Godzilla Movies Facebook Page, where it gained thousands of 'Likes' and over 60 'Retweets' on our Godzilla Twitter Feed.

Following the great feedback, I posted on the original thread, saying that a recreation of the SDCC trailer would also be cool, if done in the same fashion as the one above - and wouldn't you know it, KaijuGroupie84 went ahead and did it! Below is his second piece, of the Airport scene, accounted by many who saw the San Diego footage this past summer:

Godzilla San Diego Comic-Con Trailer Recreation - Airport Scene

As many fans are eager and some growing impatient for the release of the official, full length Godzilla (2014) trailer, these images should help calm those with restless anticipation.

The latest rumor we've heard regarding the actual trailer launch date has been that Warner Bros. is planning to release it with The Hobbit sequel, along with the trailer for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar - but until we hear official confirmation for this rumor, we're not getting our hopes up.

I would like to thank KaijuGroupie84 for taking the time to create and share these pieces of artwork with us here on Godzilla-Movies.com.

If you're a member of Scified, you can connect with KaijuGroupie84 via his profile here and take part in more Godzilla conversation on the Godzilla Movie Forums!

If other websites want to roll with these images, we ask that you give credit to KaijuGroupie84 for the work.

Check back soon for more updates on Godzilla (2014)!

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Comments (24)

DC67 ›

Um, how tall is this Godzilla??

TheGMan123 ›

I hope Legendary Pictures sees this! It would be a great opportunity to bring Godzilla back to the comic books in a manner that actually fits him,especially considering the upcoming movie and movie novelization!

xxsaberblackcrow ›

DC67 we don't no how tall Godzilla will be in the movie but my guess he might be 140 or 150 feet tall

Gamzilla234 ›

@THEGMAN123 Same applies to those rare Godzilla Manga that came out in japan. The only one we have is the Dark Horse Comics translation of G'84.

True American Godzilla ›

Glad I could help alert you to it. Artwork of these artistic detail ha to be shared by those who would greatly appreciate them. KaijuGroupie84 has a future in comic books/graphic novels to be sure.

To DC67 and XXSABERBLACKCROW, The 2nd panel of the sdcc Comic-Con trailer comic shows a Muto over a 747 passenger plane. Those planes are 250' long, this Godzilla portrayed in the comic dwarfs that size!

DC67 ›

Exactly! I mean, a big G is great, but he'd be thousands of feet tall, judging by the scale.

xxsaberblackcrow ›

TRUE AMERICAN GODZILLA@ so let me get this stright your saying Muto is the same size as the plane and Godzilla will be over 3 times bigger then the mutos so im going to say your guess for Godzilla,s height is around 120 or 150 if you don't think im right you can reply too me and ill answer it

JowoL ›

So in the trailer, he actually uses his atomic breath and his spines glow while he's using it?

Now, I have to see this movie!

True American Godzilla ›

xxsaberblackcrow, You're right about the Muto, it does seem to be the same size as the plane pictured.

The plane resembles a 747, which is 250 foot long. So let's say the Muto is 250 foot tall.

As for Godzilla's height, there's some inconsistencies in the image from 1 panel to another so it's hard to tell its real height.

Now looking up the skyscrapers in San Francisco they range in height of 400'-853'. It's mind blowing to think that our Godzilla falls within this range when the Japanese Gojira (at best) was only 328' tall!

bigbadben ›


thank you so much for sharing this with us this is great and to see godzilla like that yeah he is really fucking huge this time and you are right that is mind blowing lets not forget he is still huge and he can still be hidden within some of these skyscrapers which i have to say he might be around 150-185 meters tall or 497 feet to 684 feet tall but we will have to wait and see

True American Godzilla ›

@BIGBADBEN, your welcome; happy to share. My personal guess for a height is just above 150 meters, after all the tallest Toho monster was 150 meters... though 185 would be cool to see.

I was re-reading accounts from those that saw the 2013 SDCC and it seems to confrim the Muto next to Godzilla's foot scene; so that part of the comic we can safely say is accurate (now if we knew Muto's size, then we could figure out Godzilla's). Below is the statement...

"Towards the end of the trailer, we saw the military having at a rather large Kaiju. Looking something like a mix between Mothra and the Cloverfield monster, the beast had scale and a clear force of monstrous presence that the military were struggling with.

So cue the entrance of Godzilla who absolutely dwarfed this other monster. It hardly came up to his shin. This was a cleaver bait and switch that showed off the frankly absurd size of Godzilla." [from this website http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/07/22/so-what-is-the-godzilla-trailer-like/ ]

Demplex ›

Time to watch him on deviantart

kaijugroupie84 ›

Wow, guys, thanks so much! I'm honored to be on the front news feed! Thank you so much for the awesome feedback as well! I will be creating more of these little comics soon, my latest, well, I won't spoil it for you, but it will be ready SOON ;)

Chris Picard ›

Hope you don't make us wait for it man! Haha Be sure to post it up, don't be shy!

Again, great work! Can't wait to see what you create next!

**Al** ›


this one is totally awesome, I really like personal touch on your recreation is lovely, and you should put your Deviantart in your BIO ;)


''I had no idea that those two pictures would become as popular as they did..''

But they are awesome! :)

Chris Picard ›

Just went and checked out more of your other Godzilla / Kaiju artwork KaijuGroupie and man, it's awesome! Love your different versions of Godzilla - and your Pacific Rim Kaijus.

I really hope you do up some fan-comics, I'd be more than happy to feature them here on the site!

Looking forward to your next creation!

kaijugroupie84 ›

@Chris Picard, thanks for the awesome feedback! I haven't touched the PR stuff in a while, but I'm hoping to get back to finishing up drawings of all the movie Kaiju at some point, I actually have thought often of doing a PR fan comic featuring my Kaiju OC, Igarah.

gojira2014 ›

i need to see that trailer

ZillaH8erforeva ›

Remember guys, the original Gojira was 400ft tallgodzilla_sizes.jpg

RR44 ›

how tall indeed.. well the G movies in the 90's had him at 328 ft.. so Its safe to say that if the new G is the biggest ever seen on the big screen.. well.. he's gonna be HUGE!

RR44 ›

FOR ACTUAL REFERENCE.. WATCH THE SCENE IN BATTLE FOR THE EARTH opps caps on... where godzilla is emerging from the erupting volcano and the they zoom in on him with their satellite and it shows G's height and length on the lower right side of the screen.

mecha mothra ›

he looks zilla ish? i don't know guys 


mecha mothra ›

why is there 4 (i think) mutos on there? is it going to be like destroyah where they merge?

ThatBigLizzerdThingYouKnow ›


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