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New Godzilla (2014) Book Reveals Godzilla's Full Body!

Author: Chris Picard | Nov-21-2013 3:52 PM

Godzilla fans will be pleased to know that thanks to a new promotional product for Godzilla (2014) featured on Amazon, we now have a glimpse of a full-body shot of the new 2014 Godzilla! The product seems to be another book (like this one we announced back in October), based on Legendary's upcoming Godzilla reboot, but apparently also comes with "Lights & Sound". Currently the book is listed at CDN $10.47, but is currently only available for pre-order. The cover of this book is what's got our attention, have a look below to see the "Aligator-like" style of the new Godzilla:

Image Removed at Request of Studio 

Now, at first I thought this was just a mock up image of one of the models from the Godzilla Encounter with the head of the pre-maturely released Godzilla teaser poster we saw earlier this year slapped on top. But it seems to be a legitimate product on Amazon's listings, so this could very well be what the new Godzilla is going to look like, come May 16th, 2014.

But what do you think? Like the look? Still skeptical? Let us know by posting your opinions below!

Special thanks to Facebook Page FanChase Wagner for pointing this in our direction!



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Comments (39)

Spi3000 ›

Well to be fair, it's been spoiled already. But what the hell.


It felt right to include that. I like the look, I do, and I can easily tell that Mr. Edwards made sure to do it right. Even though some of the "realistic changes" he made might sound "iffy," like hearing about gills on Godzilla, I can accept this Godzilla any day.

Mecha-Godzilla ›

I love the design and all but there's that feeling in me that says "i dunno, that looks kinda.....fake...." but the other "me" loves the design and the way his posture looks so im fine with it but can we get a few more pictures?...please Legendary?

InstinctiveGigan ›

I would love this a lot more if it weren't for that fake photoshopped head. I mean man that thing looks like it shouldn't be there. I do think its legit tho and his body looks awesome! Very crocodile like!

80sOGRE ›


Lenzilla ›

Something looks off about the head? Like if it was attached onto the body?

Kaijusaurus ›

This looks obviously photoshopped...

True American Godzilla ›

Considering that even Amazon.com is showing the same thing I consider this 100% REAL!!!!

This "Light and Sound" Godzilla is actually a figurine and book. Here's the official info:

Kit includes:
Figurine of Godzilla monster with “fire-breathing” light emanating from his mouth, plus audio of his iconic roar
48-page book featuring history, memorable quotes, and full-color photos from the movie

So I'm happy to see the REAL look to America's Godzilla!

xxsaberblackcrow ›

I do like the Body but one thing that confuse,s me Why is the head not the same colour as his body it,s just confusing? like the body is green but his head is grey i still don't get it like in the classic movies Godzilla,s body and head are the same colour so why not this one im not saying this looks bad it,s great but the head needs too be the same colour as the body. but im good with this one

Kaijusaurus ›

@EVERYONE ON THIS SITE Just to be clear this is NOT what Godzilla will look like in the movie. This is just a poorly photoshopped placeholder image.

TheGMan123 ›

I feel like everything but the head portion of the cover here is the real deal. I'm guessing that perhaps that's a bit of artistic censorship done to keep the real full head from being leaked in book cover form, as it's attached to the body. Why? I don't know, but it just feels that way to me.

xxsaberblackcrow ›

KAJUSARUS@ Kaju are you sure the full body is photoshopped placeholder image or your lieing?

Kaijusaurus ›

@SaberBlackCrow I don't think it takes a detective to know that the picture is a photoshop. Plus if it was real why hasn't WB/Legendary taken it down yet?

KIRYU26Snake ›

He looks great! Hopefully the movie will be good, too.

Gamzilla234 ›

Definitely Photoshop. The head is from the brazil poster that was leaked, you can obviously see that it was slightly blurred of smudged on the neck to fit with the obviously photoshop drawn body and the tail on the bottom comes from the comic con teaser poster. Very nice attempt at the real thing though :)

Gerry22 ›

I think this is godzilla "public face" (the one that will appear on toys, t-shirts, etc., in other words, a cool-not-so-scary face to atract all kind of public). Godzilla's face from the trailers and from the comic con encounter experience was very different, it looked more menacing and frightening.

Anyway, it looks cool, and yes it's photoshopped.

King_of_Zombies ›


Scarfo ›

Yeah it was photo shoped, but I noticed how quick legendary studios hurried up and requested the pic's removal. Still no official released trailer. I bet this movies is soooooo getting delayed. Watch.

Chris Picard ›

Sorry folks, I was asked to take the image down... on one hand it confirms its authenticity, but on the other, we have to wait a while still before we get to see and freely post any official material. Working on getting us some exclusives for when the marketing campaign does start up, but no confirmation on any of that yet. We'll just have to be patient a little while longer.

xxsaberblackcrow ›

A Chris Picard is that what Godzilla,s body is going too look like or legendary still working on the body?

Chris Picard ›

Can't say, as I don't know. All I know is that the image I posted here originally was prematurely released on Amazon and that a ton of promotional material is headed our way.... but we have to wait for it. Whether they've tweaked the design of Godzilla or not, I have no idea, but I suspect this is pretty close to what the final product will be.

xxsaberblackcrow ›

Oh well thx

CoolGodzilla1234 ›

Never even got a chance to see it.

awsomeJaijufan ›

weal I personal think this was a leaked production image not the final one but one that the people making the products show the bored and then improve upon it and some one leaked it so I think they did photo shopped it

Chris Picard ›

Don't worry guys, we'll be seeing a lot of Godzilla material soon, probably mid-December. I know there's talk of the trailer being attached to the new Hobbit movie, which will probably kick-start the viral marketing.

Also though, this was just posted, apparently parts of Godzilla 2014 will be taking place in 1954! Check it out if you haven't already!

Ghost Ultramantis ›

Chris, there is still a pic tagged to this under the site's "More from Scified/Latest News" links. Just an FYI in case that should be removed.

MrRadiation ›

@Ghost Ultramantis:
Shhhhh, some of us haven't seen it yet lol

I actually have seen this, it's dicey. On one hand, it's obviously photoshopped. But this is nothing new in terms of merch. I worked with toy companies all the time and it was regular practice to photoshop stock images for packaging and advertisement purposes.

On the other hand, it was removed ....yes, but this could be due to the use of the Brazil head image more then a validation the image was real.

If it was real, there are some thing I like about it, skin textures and such, but I think the head could be bigger overall. I'm not a fan of overweight out of shape Godzilla. If they could tone him up a tad, this would be great.

G fan 84 ›

Picky picky picky i just saw the image over at www.cosmicbooknews.com and i'd have to say YES it is photoshopped but I LOVE IT!!!!! he looks AWSOME!!!!!! bring on the king of the monsters!!!!!

NextGojiraKing93 ›

Little nit picky on the spikes of Godzilla, really wished they were a little bit bigger but I really do like the design of Godzilla.

CoolGodzilla1234 ›

Everyone, if you go on wikizilla, or the Godzilla wiki, you can find the picture in the photo section!

Gabriel Leite ›

Could anyone send to my e-mail the image? pleeease!

Scarfo ›

It's cool Chris, you have nothing to apologize for. If anything we're grateful for this website for providing the most details about this Godzilla film to date. Anyway, we just have to be patient until they officially release some actual footage. I just have a feeling this film is getting delayed, I hope I'm wrong.

Chris Picard ›

I love how cosmicbookmovie.com reported this without giving us any credit for the find...

@MRRADIATION, That could be the case. I think it was unfinished material that got released prematurely, as many of you have noticed, it did look like a blatant photoshop job.

@Scarfo, yeah we just need to be patient still. Warner Bros. and Legendary have a lot planned I hear, and we'll start to see some of this in the next few months, but no specific dates have been mentioned. I'll keep my eyes open, as all of you should too!

G fan 84 ›

Yeah the spines could be bigger but oh well.

**Al** ›

I wonder if is really the final design, well we will see it, and I want that trailer! before xmas please!!..

@Gabriel, check your onsite inbox.

Kaijusaurus ›


bigbadben ›

i like this, this is awesome for him to look like that i can not wait for this film now this is as realistic as you can get this says old godzilla but at the same time its the new millenium godzilla so hell yeah

Gojira2K ›

I checked the Godzilla's spines with the ones in the leaked trailer. From what I saw, they match. This seems real.

gojiranut ›

why does the studio remove EVERYTHING

SmielyShooter ›

The shot of the head photoshopped is problably the only view in the film that they could get of godzilla that wouldnt scare the kids

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