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Additional Godzilla Footage Revealed in TOHO's Godzilla (2014) Trailer!

Author: Chris Picard | Dec-11-2013 1:35 AM

A day after Legendary and Warner Bros. release the Godzilla trailer on the world, TOHO has launched their official Japanese website for the 2014 tentpole, sporting the Comic-Con wallpaper. But what caught my eye was the additional clips seen in this version of the trailer, which we did not get to see in the American release. In addition to the couple new clips, I also noticed different / additional audio throughout the trailer as well - primarily spots of Godzilla growling, and stomping around. Check out screenshots of the new scenes below:

Here, we see a new clip, of Ken Watanabe, who will be portraying the classic Godzilla scientist "Dr. Serizawa". Not anything revealing in this clip, but additional footage none the less. Following the Watanabe scene, we get a glimpse of another extra clip, which was originally from the Comic-Con teaser footage, which was leaked months ago.

The cool part about this new scene is you can distinctly hear Godzilla growling in the background - almost as if you're seeing the burned down city through his eyes. Check it out:

Again, not a whole lot of new footage, but still worth noting. Watch the new trailer here!

I want to give a very big thank you to Melissa1 in the Godzilla forums for letting me know about this!

What do you think? Like the Toho trailer? What do you think of the added footage and audio? Let me know what you think by commenting below!


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Comments (23)

LegendaryKaiju11 ›

That extra clip was also in the Comic Con trailer I saw at the panel. The Airport attack scene if left a few more seconds would have had Godzilla's foot come down.

Girlzilla ›

You're very welcome :) But, I wonder why the differences between the trailers... Oh well, both are way cool. 


Girlzilla a/k/a Melissa1  

KIRYU26Snake ›

I'm always happy, when TOHO's doing action!


godzillafanatic312 ›

Is Dr Serizaw going to be a different from the 1954 Dr Serizawa like is he going to have a different first name and not the one who created the Oxygen Destroyer?

gojira87 ›

I think its lsightly different for the most obvious of reasons. They want to show case Ken Watanabe...which is fine the man is a great actor...not to mention the fact Godzilla is still theri baby and Im quite sure they dont want to see another GINO lol 

Girlzilla ›

I'm wondering why Watanabe was left out of the American trailer... 

NotMacklemore ›

Ken Watanabe is in the American trailer. He's the guy in the hazmat suit looking up at a giant hole. Watch the trailer again and you'll see what i mean.

doggiezilla ›



wheres the eyepatch? maybe he will get it at some point in the movie, of course acording to the muto site there are two actors that are serizawa. so Ken might be something like serizawas son or grandson and the actual dr. serizawa is in the 1954 scene

Billscarnage ›

Remember this is essentially a reboot, not a continuation of the franchise. Serizawa is a key name in the history of Godzilla, so while the name is the same, I'd expect the role to be somewhat different, though still key. If that makes sense.

Kyero ›

I agree with BILLSCARNAGE.

Dr. Serizawa's name is definitely key to the original 1954 lore of Godzilla, but given that this is an American reboot to the franchise and they are portraying Godzilla and the story itself in a more serious and realistic light, a tiny device that can remove all oxygen from the water is hardly what you'd call realistic. In fact it was more like a Deus Ex Machina for the original film. The original Godzilla could not be destroyed with conventional weaponry, so they created a fantasy weapon to deal with him. One that was just as destructive as the monster itself. There is a lot of symbolism to be had in the original, but this one is more grounded in reality than in symbolism.

So yeah, Serizawa will be a key player no doubt. But it won't be the same character with the eye patch and the oxygen destroyer. Besides, if they want to make this a franchise, we can't have any oxygen destroyers killing off the star.

Godzirra-Godzirra ›

Been watching the trailer several times today. Can't wait to see this on the big screen! :-D

Kaijusaurus ›

I'm not sure if Ken Watanabe is going to play Dr. Serizawa in this film. I know that if you type his name in to the M.U.T.O website thing it brings up the Serizawa thing, If you type anybody with the name Ken or Kenny it will bring up the same message.

zillame ›

OK did I miss out on Somthing ...or get here too late befor TOHO removed some footage from thier trailer? The only new footage I saw was Ken Watanabe without the hazmat suit. The American trailer Halo jump showed More,.. even the Top of Godzilla coming into view from one of the soldiers pont of view. The Japanese trailer didn't show that. Instead it showed some words in Japanese . Did  I miss it ?

GhostKaiju ›

Now all of the purists can shut up about there being no Japanese people in this film. 

Scarfo ›

IGN done a really nice rewind theater about the Godzilla trailer. Enjoy. http://www.ign.com/videos/2013/12/10/godzilla-first-trailer-ign-rewind-theater


Girlzilla ›

NotMackleMore -- OMG. You're right. *facepalm*

Thank you!!  :) 

CodieC ›

I'm betting Godzilla is gonna be facing Destroyah in this movie. So much points to this creature being the one he fights.

zillaman ›

The new Godzilla movie is my birth day present how cool is that? Also I love the similarly of the sound track to that of 2001 a space od. Movie..

BroJoe ›

by the way you can still hear him growling in the original trailer at 1:34

Bubbazilla ›

great i sign in write a three paragraph in depth study and when i push Add comment it frickin' sends me back to sign in page deleting my comment. Nice

zeke ›

So cool !!

I am looking forward to the new movie Godzilla is coming to Japan.

Yeeaaaaaaah !!


1954godzilla ›

Not much added but hey u cant beat toho

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