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Godzilla 2014 'Light & Sound' Toy Pics Revealed?

Author: Chris Picard | Dec-27-2013 2:01 PM

With an abundance of speculation surrounding Legendary's Godzilla (2014) movie, when images and information like this leak, it's important to take it with a grain of salt and remain slightly skeptical. Just recently, a member by the name of Demiryu posted up the following image in the Godzilla 2014 Forums. The image suggests that this is what the "Godzilla Lights & Sound Figure & Book" package is going to look like. However, many retailers have had to keep such images off the internet until the embargo lifts either in January or March of 2014. However, this isn't the first time we've leaked images not yet ready for official release. So, until we hear from Warner Bros. or Legendary, we urge you to remain skeptical.

Image Removed at Request of Legendary

The figure was first reported back in November, here on Godzilla-Movies.com and gained a lot of excitement from the fan base. So, we know the box art is official, but the figure is still up for debate until we hear more.

Unfortunately, the post which this came from did not come with a source link. I've reached out to the member who shared it to see where it came from.

I will update this article once we get more confirmation whether or not the figure is legitimate or not.

Until then, keep your tabs on Godzilla-Movies.com for the latest Godzilla Movie News!

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Comments (35)

Abezilla116 ›

Personally, I'm not too bothered by this. It seemed from the beginning that this is a Child's toy so dulled down spikes and the such were expected.

DC67 ›

That figure reminds me of that hilarious Godzilla vs Golden Retriever Youtube video...


Duratok ›

Godzilla Light and Sound Close-Up


Here's a much closer look, thanks to ComicBookMovie.com



jet jaygar ›

man i really liked that godzilla toy but in my think thats just a figure used to be sell for childrens and thats strange because goszilla actually won't be something for childs now

Zillahater ›

I know its a kids toy...But why does it look like he only has three toes? Am i blind? I really hope im wrong.

thepike ›

Um.....No thanks.

Duratok ›


The forth toe is on the inside of the foot. It's easier to see on his back leg.

jsotmower ›

Whoever designed this toy looked like he had 2 days to do it.

Regardless I know once we see Godzilla on the big screen it'll completely make up for this lack of ambition of a toy hahaha.


Gojira2K ›

If that's real I thought it would be better quality.

MRImage69 ›

That thing is LAME. Looks like something you would win at the county fair.

spacegodzilla2 ›

I hope the other figures don't look as childish 

doggiezilla ›

it's ok.....for a kid.

kaijugoji02 ›

maybe it's a prototype


UchiMata ›

I don't think this is something a bunch of adults should be throwing a fuss over, as it's probably a kid's toy...

DinosaurGodzillaFan1 ›

He has four toes but....I won't Bitch around about it

G fan 84 ›

Its a fastfood tie-in figure........and im being serious not joking


G fan 84 ›

At least we know he stands upright


G fan 84 ›

And his fire will be blue


Rainingchaos ›

I hope this isn't the actuall figure it looks bad, I wish they also gave the licencing to NECA if they did the Godzilla Figures is would be heaven!

kaijufan2014 ›

@Rainingchaos NECA was licensed along with Bandai America and don't worry they won't look like that.

Ananasatom ›

It actually coast 19,99$! A detailed figure normaly coast 30,00$ - 60,00$. So don't worry! :)

sarge ›

The elephant feet sux, why mess with a good thing? I don't recall people complaining about zillas feet !


heres what ive gathered

1. this is i dulled down, undetailed, childs toy

2.if it is official it confirms two things: one, his atomic breath will be blue, and two, his feet will look like sauropod( big dinos, long necks) feet with slight therapod touches. truthfully, with sharper claws and more detailed, as they will likely look in the movie,the feet would actually be cool and make a lot of sence.

3. to make up for the lack of sharp claws on his feet he can now better crush opponents with them and has notably larger arms and hands with wich to tear them apart.

4. he clearly has the build of a strong animal. his legs are very thick but somewhat short, while his torso, while also thick, is longer in proportion. this can be seen better with the other toy that leaked. thinck about it, while more noticable, gorillas and bears are both like this, short legs and long torso, that helps to allow for maximum lifting power. this new godzilla is going to be a strong and brutal fighter.

5. this movie will not be rated R. i thinck we all know that plenty of little kids see PG-13 movies, thats why they sell so much kids stuff for movies like iron man and batman and so on. however, not nearly as many see rated r( i would personally wish that none would). now  think about it, have you ever seen riddick toys in the kids isle of a store? seeing that this is a kids toy, Godzilla will be pg-13, not rated R

**Al** ›

thats all? :(

a miniroaar

Might be close to final design, I think. @Legendary - You are right.




"Live long and prosper, Gojira."

Gigan3001 ›


GodzillaIsAwake18 ›

Why would Godzillla ever be rated R?

and i agree with someone saying this looks almost like a mcdonalds toy. or just a rough draft or a fake leak.

mecha mothra ›

um am i blind or does that thang look CRAPY

G fan 84 ›

ITS A PROMO TOY! or goes with the book as a gimic for revealing hidden messages i mean the damn thing cant be 3 or 4inchs tall,the real action figures are gonna look PIMP! ya'll wait and see.

kaijudinosaurfan12345 ›

this could've been better but i agree this is just a book toy so it's gonna be crappy

G fan 84 ›

Yeah its a gimic for the book i saw the listing on amazon as "GODZILLA BOOK PAPER BACK:GODZILLA WITH LIGHT AND SOUND" so you all can rest easy. :)

gojiranut ›

could've been worse

Amartin35 ›

that is not official! a troller made that toy! so F*ck you troller and F*ck you scified for not noticing that its fake!

Amartin35 ›

by the way, check out my site,just click on my profile picture to get there!

Amartin35 ›

name i ment!

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