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New Godzilla (2014) Banner and Tagline Revealed! (Updated with new Poster!)

Author: Chris Picard | Dec-29-2013 9:34 PM

A new promotional banner for Legendary's Godzilla (2014) has been spotted in Japan and also reveals one of the new taglines for Godzilla: "The World Ends. Godzilla Begins"The Godzilla logo for the banner in red text seems to also show some of Godzilla's dorsal spikes emerging from water in the background, though it's a little hard to make out. Have a look for yourself:

Special thanks to Kaijusaurus in the Godzilla forums for showing us the image which was originally posted on Instagrin.

The World Ends. Godzilla Begins - What do you think of this tagline? Let us know by commenting below or by joining the conversation in the forums!

UPDATE: Thanks to the detective work by forum member, Gojira87, we now have a look at a new Japanese poster for Godzilla, which they found on Ebay! Check it out now below. We'll be looking for a higher resolution copy in the meantime:

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Comments (21)

TheDude ›

Nice. :) The fins on his back look like what fans recall from the 80s or 90s films. The Heisei era Godzilla design.


The date on the poster shows it is  a Japanese poster. May 16 is the US release. It is released in July in Japan.

dalek8 ›

It's interesting but really in your face. I would have prefered "Death Begins", or something like that. Still pretty good though.

xxsaberblackcrow ›

Man toho is really getting in with the Godzilla stuff :)

D2K ›


Works for me.  Exactly what Godzilla is supposed to be anyway.  The end of all things.  A walking judgment on mankind.  A living nuclear weapon completely indestructable.

It's not supposed to be sweet when Godzilla shows up.  This tagline fits that.  Besides, it's a whole lot better than "Size Does Matter."

80sOGRE ›

D2K >

AGREED. the monsters rise up from under the earth and open the gates of Judgement. maybe they may make such a film one day.

Gojira2K ›

I love the tagline. " The world ends, Godzilla begins, " awesome, just awesome.

Gojira2K ›

I love the tagline. " The world ends, Godzilla begins, " awesome, just awesome.

Akagi ›

Probably not going to be the American Tagline and not nearly as cheesy as some of the things the fans come up with their mockup posters.



-Treveasy- ›


F***ing EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PlutonianG ›


King_of_Zombies ›

master_of_magnetism1993 ›

American tagline should be, "Our sins will be answered."

Daikaiju_Danielle ›

Too cool! :D

DC67 ›

Shouldn't it read 'Godzilla Begins..the World Ends'?  :)

Druzilla54 ›

@DC67 - I suppose its a question of cause and effect. Saying "Godzilla begins, the world ends" implies that its Godzilla who will bring about the worlds demise. I'm sure mankinds scientific arrogance will cause the end of the world (I think Ian Malcolm said it best "your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should!) and Godzilla will rise from the ashes of our carelessness. To me Godzilla represents chaos, nature, all things we as a species will never harness or control and he will embody the apocolypse as it unfolds around us.


DC67 ›

I didn't consider this angle, it makes sense! Thanks.

esnkd ›

I hope the tagline is accurate, i want the big G to be the ultimate end of reason and totally unstoppable. and have one sided destruction. and when they finally get to the final movie before they reboot. i would like to see a world covered in godzillas and make it a time story so they can get rediculous with the destrucktion and go back in time to find out what man did to mutltiply a monster like godzilla over and over of course having a moral story and a dont abuse nuclear energy story line. let there never be a death of godzilla story line that would be some bullshit... peace

Kyero ›

It's interesting the the movie is going to be released on July 25th in Japan. Kind of sad for them that they have to wait even longer, but since it is an American film it only makes sense.

Still, cool banner.

Scarfo ›

I really love the DARK tone this new Godzilla movie seems to be focused on! Just thinking about this film just gives me the all warm and fuzzies! ^_^

leaper ›

 what do ya think ?

leaper ›

i like this

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