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New HD Godzilla (2014) Toy Images Revealed!

Author: Chris Picard | Jan-25-2014 12:11 PM

Sources may have said the embargo for revealing the new Godzilla toys doesn't lift until March, but as we've been reporting, some retailers would be revealing their stock by the end of this month and well, it's about the end of the month and we have a new, HD look at one of the many Godzilla 2014 figures to be produced for the new film!

The ones below made their way onto our forums recently, thanks to Spinespikeshitchhiker who posted these two images (which look like promotional images) of a 61cm tall Godzilla figure, which made their debut on a UK site called AnimeFiguresCheck it out:

Images Removed at Request of Legendary

So, what do you think? It's a nice change from the last toy we saw which had less detail and seemed made for a younger audience. This one looks to have a few points of articulation as well. Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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Comments (61)

InstinctiveGigan ›

He looks so sexy, like wow. XD Hey Chris, have you heard the news about the further legitamacy of the February 7th release date? I made a discussion about it.

diegoruiz ›

This can't be the Godzilla 2014 toy, look at the spikes in his back, their smaller than how the appear in the trailers and photos. Could this be a Son???


Dragonlord Tevin ›

Am i the only one here who thinks this is some kind of figure for like 6 year olds? But a 61 cm 6 year old toy?  Im not saying this toy is bad, but i just believe this isnt those like idk regular or deluxe figures and this is just something else due to the detailing that makes it look like more of a youth's toy

Dragonlord Tevin ›

DIEGORUIZ I just believe its a kids toy, and i agree with you, the real figures would actually look like Godzilla in the movie which theyll never show yet, and this is just some kids toy probably

Chris Picard ›

@InstinctiveGigan, Yeah I did! With the discovery of them being partnered with WB, adds legitimacy as well. Gonna keep an eye out and see if I can find any more sources to validate it before making it "news" though. :)

leaper ›

this has got to be the greatest toy i have evur seen

AlanMorlock ›

It is somewhat humorous to read implications that toys made for children aren't "real" toys.  

Its good that they will have actual toys marketed towards children instead of just 30 dollar figures for 40 years olds like they did for Pacific Rim.   And they wonder why that film failed? 

InstinctiveGigan ›

Yeah I figured, I'm very excited! We'll get some further confirmation soon enough, some officials at Tohokingdom.com are looking into it and if it's legit we should get an official announcment of it in February.

jkzilla15 ›

okay so i love this look for godzilla but, why are his spikes so tiny... i mean he looks awsome but his spikes are not that small in the trialer...

leaper ›

toys aren't JUST for kids ya know

spacegodzilla2 ›

I don't want to be THAT GUY, but I just don't like these figures. I know they're for kids but still :(

KaiJuuFin ›

I don't understand all the complaining. Back plates are smaller because this is a kid's toy! The figure looks awesome!

Takane Shijou ›

To be honest, not really a fan of this.  But, that's just my opinion.

Gojira2K ›

This so awesome. I will definitely buy this when it is released. I love that it is 2 feet tall and the new design of the King. 

Gojira2K ›

thepike ›

Love it! But let me join some others in saying that the spines are too small. And we have a right to that opinion, you people who are complaining about our complaining! I hope they are more Godzilla-ish in the movie. Still, I say again, love it!

Manzilla8719 ›

Looks like a mcdonalds or burger king toy to me


Gojira2K ›

This is much better than a McDonalds or Burger King toy. The other toy, the lights and sound action figure, looks like a McDonalds or Burger King toy.

G fan 84 ›

Well not gonna knock it action figures in general are being made cheaper and cheaper and GODZILLA's no exception i mean has anyone seen the pics of the hasbro leader class optimus prime for TF4??? ughhhhhhhhhh and im sure the spines got dailed down for "CHILD SAFETY"reasons,but of course i'll buy it anyway. :)

Linkman89 ›

Just reading these comments and looking at the pics I have a few thoughts (and I'm not touching the kids toy argument with a barge poll)

1.  Yeah the spikes are a bit smaller.  However, I would argue this is more realistic AND it stays true to how the spikes were in the older films, especially the original.  If you go back and watch the older movies, his spikes were always much smaller.  In recent years we have, as fans, become accustomed to larger and larger spikes, starting in the 80's/90's and culminating in the Godzilla 2000 design that was used for most of the recent movies with extremely large spikes.  While it looked badass, I doube he would have evolved that way.

2.  The spikes look huge in the trailer because, well, Godzilla is HUGE! lol simple explanation.  In the trailer, that's not his foot going through the dust as some people have said, that's his hand... his size is massive so even though the spikes don't look that big compared to him they are still huge compared to us and whatever buildings he is around.

3.  The face is never accurate completely so I wouldn't worry about that.

4.  At first I wasn't a fan of his feet.  They're short and kind of stubby. I can understand they're mirroring it more off of a brontosaurus which would kind of make sense considering his size.  Further, considering his size if he had longer toes, like with the 90's Godzilla, when he walks forward all that weight on the toes would likely damage them, and they would likely drag as they so often did in the old movies or he'd walk funky.  Therefore, while I think the older toes/feet looked cool, this does seem more realistic.

5.  I can dig it.  Now.... SHOW ME HIS ATOMIC BREATH!!!

Wekunsalababa ›

How tall would godzilla be in the destrution pack toy?

Gojira2K ›

I agree with that, although that is his foot in the dust because if you look to the right you see his hand rising from the dust.


hmmmm, if someone used photoshop or something, and made the spines and neck longer(his neck looks a bit longer in the trailer), then i think we would have a reeaally good look at G2014 

Godzilla95 ›

Um guys....it's a kid's toy, they have to make the spines small so the kids don't hurt themselves. I gonna wait to see Neca's figures, Still this figure is awesome. Kids will love it I'm sure.

Kaijujira ›

He looks great!

cant wait to see the siddeshow collectible figure where he have tall spines.

petedj06 ›


I agree with most of this, and thank you for pointoing out that his hand, and not his foot is in the trailer. it's been driving me nuts how everyone says it's a foot. It is clearly attached to his shoulder. so unless Godzilla is four legged, it is clearly his arm/hand.

G fan 84 ›

Well any time anyone sats anything bad about G2014 i just say"HEY IT LOOKS BETTER THAN ZILLA",so how many figures is everyone gonna buy of G2014 i want at least 3 of diff'nt size's maybe one from each company.

Godzillasylum ›

I LOVE this new design, everythign about it. The only thing I use ot be iffy on was the feet but they're starting to grow on me. 10/10


Linkman89 ›

@Gojira2k- No it's his hand.  You see it disappear into the dust and then re-appear when the light hits it on the other side.  It's too high up to be his foot- the building at the base of the screen goes up to his hip so it wouldn't make sense for him to lift his foot up that high, plus if you pause and look at it you can distinctly see fingers (or claws if you want, which might be more apt if this figure is accurate... reminds me a lot of alligator claws).

Dix ›

I'm sorry, but if this is the new godzilla, it is awful. It doesn't even compare to some older versions. Way too fat looking, legs and spines are terrible. I don't believe this is it but we'll see.


GodzillaIsAwake18 ›

I definitely would say this is our Godzilla,  I think it looks badass for a kids type figure. Cant wait to see the figures for us :)

Gojira2K ›

LinkMann89, now I see it. that is the hand. I can see it know.

Linkman89 ›

Awesome :) hope I didn't come off as rude I just had to comment on it. 

Gojira2K ›

How did you think it came off as rude? You were just saying what you saw in the trailer.

Kaiju_zero ›

The spikes are too small so I hope this is a figure for the younger audience.  But while I am pleased that the over all design is very much in tune to the Godzilla of Japanese origin, I for one have not been very pleased with the design of the feet.


Still, it's a far-far better looking design then Gino ever was.



kaijugoji02 ›

it looks awesome! but, his spines are just too tiny :( but i will just wait until tamashii nations reveal a godzilla 2014 monsterarts and a muto figure

Gojira 2014 ›

Sorry chris but i'm not buying this crap. You can obviosly tell its fake.

SpineSpikesHitchhiker ›

@GOJIRA 2014 

lol Seriously?

Akio123 ›

I wanna be the first to say...that Godzilla has cool hands! 

RR44 ›

mmmmm... no. don't care for it. not enough detail. spikes too small.

godzilla96 ›

My friend says he looks like a snapping turttle without a shell

godzilla96 ›

My friend also says wtf he looks rediculous with the gills and webbed hands not to mention he is thumbless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

godzilla96 ›

never mind found the thumb


leaper ›


Gojira2K ›

I agree Akio123.

Kyero ›

@ ALANMORLOCK - What crap website did you visit to find out that Pacific Rim failed? It was actually a financial success and received overall positive reviews from critics across the board. You need to start picking your source websites more carefully before you make ludicrous statements. Pacific Rim was actually a good movie. It knew exactly what it was in that it was giant mechs vs. giant monsters. That's all it wanted to be, and that's all it was. And in that effort, it succeeded very handily.

Anyway, now that a poorly thought out allegation has been dealt with, as I said before I'm not too fond of how boxy the Big-G's chest is in these pics, but overall it's a cool design. And for those who are wondering, anytime they make toys like this they have to take certain precautions to make them child friendly. I'm not exactly sure what the specifics are since I'm not a toymaker, but I'm certain they have lawas to abide by when creating toys like this. To prevent some of the less intelligent kids from poking their eyes out or cutting their own throats, they have to pad the spines and reduce the size to make it less likely that anyone will hurt themselves when handling the toy.

Julien Barresi ›

Loving the overly picky g-fans, I mean it's a 2 foot tall figure, it's gonna be AWESOME! I myself am more excited for the lights and sound release, but I would love to have a large size version of G2014. Also, for the fans craving quality, just wait for S.H. Monster Arts Release.

Amartin35 ›

Holy Sh*t this is so frekkin awesome!!! I hope this is THE official design for Godzilla! cant wait to see the MUTO toy!


Amartin35 ›

Or the Talaghan toy (official centepede monster name)!

shadowofgodjira ›

So who is making this figure?  If it's truely two foot tall, then it is lacking details.  The spines dont appear to be in scale with the rest of his body. (based on what we have seen in the Trailers so far).  So far I have  not been impressed with the toys that have leaked.  

Shows us a Bandia release, or better yet a S.H. Monsterarts release.

G fan 84 ›

There are only two companys doing large scale figures as far as i know NECA and JAKKS PACIFIC,necas doin a 18" GODZILLA wile JAKKS is doing a 31" rotocast fig mutch like the giant superman,batman,darthvader or red ranger figs,if thats jakks GODZILLA i cant wait to see what they'res looks like.

G fan 84 ›

I meant if thats NOT jakks i wanna see it,how are we realy sure thats a two foot tall fig????

Linkman89 ›

@gojira2k I was basically saying you were wrong hence why I said that.  nbd.

Godzilla 2014 Rules ›

GUYS ITS OK WHE IT WAS 3 DAYS BEFORE MY B DAY AND I WAS LOOKING FOR A S.H. Monster arts Godzilla 1995 IT LOOKED big on videos and when i got my it looked small and in this picture of Big G he looks small and when you by him you will be like WHAT he looked way smaller and the dorsel plates will be big 

Manzilla8719 ›

The more I see of the feet, the more I like them. Hope that the spines aren't that small because that'll really hurt his menacing factor. also I wish he had more teeth lol. He's not gonna be doing any damage with those gummers!!!

Danzilla93 ›

I'm speechless!  We already know his design from the previous leaks, but seeing him like this, in full HD glory, toy or no toy, is like seeing him for the first time.  Color me happy.  They promised a Godzilla true to the original, and they did it. :)


Is it May yet?!

audiobrainiac ›

Don't forget people, they'll have many different versions of godzilla toys.  I'm sure they'll make a super detailed giant one at some point.  So chill with the dissappointed comments! :P

kaijufan2014 ›

This photo is now on ToyWiz.com

Chris Picard ›

Sorry guys, I had to take down the photo at request of Legendary.

gojifan02 ›

AWWW But I've seen the photo elsewhere but it looks like a jakks pacific toy (just saying)

G fan 84 ›

Toywiz has all the release dates for the G2014 toys set for march and april

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