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Screenshot From New Godzilla Trailer or Mobile Game Leaked?

Author: Chris Picard | Jan-30-2014 12:55 AM

What we have here could be potentially huge Godzilla news. Below might be a first glimpse of the next Godzilla trailer or even a sneak peek at an upcoming Godzilla Mobile Game! If the source of the image is what we're told it is, many of you will enjoy this. The following images popped up on our forums just moments ago, here by a few our members, claiming that the images are of an upcoming promotional feature for Godzilla.

Now, the images are of poor quality and are quite blurry, but after I improved the contrast of one of the images (below) you can clearly see it's an outline of Godzilla himself... at least a portion of him. The overall color scheme of the image matches that of the first trailer we saw in December. You can even make out the red light from one of the Halo Jumper's flares (assuming that's what it is). Whether it's part of an official campaign, trailer, or what, we figured it might be worth a mention, so have a look for yourself:

UPDATE: After some digging, it turns out a mobile game for Godzilla IS currently in development! So the following images could very well be our first glimpse of it! For more info on the game, check out this thread!

This is my edit, with improved brightness and contrast

This is the original image leaked on our forums minutes ago

Now, we're not claiming this to be a leaked screenshot of an upcoming Godzilla trailer (which is rumored to drop on Febuary 7th) or a piece of official marketing material. Until we know for sure, we encourage readers to take the image with a grain of salt. Chances are, if it is official, it won't be on our site for very long.

In addition to the image above, a second image was also posted in the same thread, by someone claiming to have seen the image on another forum, yet no links have been provided yet. Some are assuming these images is of an upcoming mobile game for Godzilla, or something of that nature. Here's a look at the second image:

Screencap of an upcoming Godzilla Mobile Game?

The second image definitely looks more like a game screenshot than the image above, but it's possible and more than likely from the same source. Either way, it's interesting.

Leave your comments below and let usknow what you think it is, assuming it might be from a new trailer, game or promotional piece and keep an eye on Godzilla-Movies.com for more Godzilla news, scoops and updates!

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Comments (31)

GodzillaFan87 ›

Nice! Looks relatively legit at the moment but I will hold off until something official breaks but none the less a good find.

Valkorin ›

Hey chris I was just poreing over this image in WMM and I can say with 70% certianty that whatever that is its not Godzilla. It shows none of his bodoly charectoristics, but I can sat that it looks Organic and when I put an edge fillter over it I got a faint outline of what appears to me to be a leg but it didnt appear(to me anyways)to be Godzillas. But it didnt appear to be an arachnid like leg eather, so that rules out the mutos? Whatever this is its highly perplexing but if my eyes/gut are leading me on the straight and trew then this might be our first glimpes of something thats not a muto or Godzilla.0-o

junkerde ›

who has contacts? I know the user chris55 from tohokingdom does, maybe he can talk about this  going the rounds and see if it's legit and will be taken down? also please dont take offesnse when i say this, but i still dont think this shouldve been a news article


also the guy does say its not film stills we can rule that out, looks like early concept art or renderings or maybe its part of the book, stil lit looks like some early type stuff

InstinctiveGigan ›

@VALKORIN Seriously? That is Godzilla, the new one specifically, it's very clear. I'm 100% positive you're wrong.

Chris Picard ›

If it is legit and a leak Legendary or WB did not intend to have leaked, it won't take long for them to contact me. From what I've been reading prior to posting this up however, it can go either way. Either a sneaky fake, or a poor quality leak. Nothing wrong with posting a speculative piece if you're 70 - 60 sure it's probably legit. I wouldn't bother posting if I thought it was fanart.

My best guess is it's for an upcoming mobile game, like what Legendary did for Pacific Rim. Just like the traier leaked in very poor quality back in December, this could be a promotional piece for an upcoming game - since the second image looks like game graphics you'd see on a mobile platform.

Time will tell!

Valkorin ›

Instinctivegigan.  I cant see Godzilla anywhere in this picture and no matter how I look at it, it still dosnt look like Godzilla.

Chris Picard ›

After some digging, turns out there is a mobile game in development for Godzilla 2014. So, this could very well be our first glimpse of it.

Daikaiju_Danielle ›



You must have very poor eye-sight, I can see Godzilla perfectly.

King Godzilla24.7 ›


Skreooonk1789 ›

@Valkorin : WTF?? Are you blind?OR you just want to troll??

Skreooonk1789 ›

@Valkorin : WTF?? Are you blind?OR you just want to troll??

True American Godzilla ›

Oh man this is COOL!!! Excellent Find, I'm so pumped now! I wonder if THIS is the rumored trailer coming February 7? Instead of a movie trailer it's a 2014 American Godzilla Mobile Game Trailer!

ShazoTheHedgehog ›

Holy crap! This is amazing!

GodzillaRim ›


DC67 ›

Guess it was legit? It was pulled...at least the cleaned up version was.

Linkman89 ›

If it's from a mobile game that's some pretty impressive detail for a mobile game!

sarge ›

Dark & Evil looking G, can't wait !

KaijuKritic ›

Valkorin,  His head is on the left.  The front of his mouth is cut off.  Look at the left half of the picture, and you should find it.  Somebody copy the picture and point it out to him.  I don't know how.

petedj06 ›

@Valkorin. Can't tell if troll... Or not sure what to look for? You know it's just his head, right? Or are you saying you can't see Godzilla because you refuse to recognize the new Godzilla AS Godzilla? I'm honestly curious as to what you meant. 

Gamzilla234 ›

@Valkorin You're so blind you make Helen Keller see better.

And if you're just trolling then get out, we've had enough of those already.

Chris Picard ›

Okay so I've been told some pretty interesting info regarding the above leaked images... Apparently it's NOT for the mobile game, but at least the top one, is from early concept art. Apparently this is a look at an early version of the new Godzilla, before it was given bigger spikes, a slightly changed head, etc... Apparently this is early promo work, but NOT from the mobile game currently in development.

In addition to that tid bit of info, I was also told some potentially exciting news about the next Godzilla trailer. Just working on confirming before I make any posts about it. But if what I'm told is accurate, the next trailer is going to blow our minds... Stay tuned.

doggiezilla ›

Omg new Godzilla game ftw.

Chris Picard ›

For more info, check out my latest thread here.

Daikaiju_Danielle ›

I just noticed in the first image of Godzilla, he has no visable teeth. XD

Valkorin ›

I knew there was a reason I wasnt seeing Godzilla its because he had none of his features like his back spikes and this looks to slim to be Godzilla from what was shown during the trailer. So I was right this isnt Godzilla in the new movie.

Canosgrowl ›

Seriously are you high? There. Dort. Aqui. Right THERE. 

bigbadben ›

woooooowwwww this is godzilla is very dark and evil looking cant wait

junkerde ›

aaaaand the second image has been removed

GGojira45 ›

i think theres a seccond monster in the first image, look on the corner where godzilla is coming from, it looks like there is something on godzilla or attacking him

RR44 ›

there is another monster in the pic. it is near the spinal plates and I swear I can make out its eyes. look very close. it is a mass with a look to it that does not conform to any building. I say its a fight scene and the other monster is huge too. who else sees this??

onesun187 ›

this looks like it comes from a new trailer or something.im pretty sure this is after the halo jump scene by the looks of the lighting and tone.

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