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Official Godzilla 2014 Monster Concept Artwork?

Author: Chris Picard | Jan-24-2013 12:17 AM

Concept Artist for Warner Bros. and Legendary's most recent Gangster Squad movie (which was great if you haven't yet seen it), Larry Quach, has posted some Godzilla concept artwork on his portfolio website. Now, before the net starts to buzz that this is "official", let me say that there is no confirmation yet whether or not this artwork is in fact concept art for Godzilla (2014).

Also, on Larry's portfolio website, the Godzilla artwork is listed under his "Personal Projects" tab, not his official film work. That being said, his artwork depicts two Monsters which Godzilla would face off against in Godzilla 2014 as well as a soldier - which coincides with recent updates regarding Godzilla's plot, which include Two Monsters and the life of a Soldier who gets caught in the middle of Godzilla's rampage.

Could it in fact be official concept artwork for Godzilla 2014? We will hopefully soon find out. But in the mean time, enjoy:

Possible look of Godzilla 2014's new Godzilla?


Potential Monster in Godzilla 2014 - Bladed Ram?

Godzilla's potential main enemy in Godzilla 2014?


Evolution of Godzilla and the potential Monsters for Godzilla 2014

There are a couple more potential pics of the Soldier for Godzilla 2014 as well as some artwork for weaponry and such. You can check the rest of Larry's Godzilla artwork as well as his entire online portfolio at his website HERE.

So, what do you think? Even if these aren't official Godzilla 2014 concepts, they're still mighty cool to look at. If they do in fact turn out to be official, we will update this article as soon as we find out.

Let us know what you think of this potential Godzilla 2014 Artwork by commenting below!

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Comments (12)

AgentMothman ›

Those are some strange Kaiju, but I do like the red one a bit. I just hope to see a lot of original monsters in this new installment.

art_DA ›

Dig the new look for Godzilla. I hope the final look doesn't stray too far from this. One note, he shouldn't have molars and bicuspids. Canines all the way, like a T-Rex. Thanks for the new look!

the24fan ›

NOT digging this design at all.
Too far outside the legendary look of Godzilla. Must be much more terrifying than this. This appears too thin and lean as opposed to the muscular upright look in the past. Godzilla 2000 was a perfect example of how he should look. Please do that

John7281 ›

The body is too slim, the look of the body actually looks like the 98 with different spikes, and more scales on it. He needs to be bigger, I would say the perfect look was Godzilla 1985, that was my favorite one and favorite look of Godzilla. He looked dark and just seemed to radiate bad in that movie.

HEATwaveZilla ›

The so called "Bladed Ram" is not called that. Both those monsters were on Godzilla the series the "Bladed Ram" is not it's name it's real name is Rhinosaurus and it's from Zilla JR's series "Godzilla". Thats what the creator said his name was Rhinosaurus. Go to Godzilla wiki and you'll see both those creatures on the Zilla series. The rat like creature is the "Giant Rat" in the Zilla series, So is the rumored Giant Centipede. So basically this is a sequel to the 1998 film when Zilla jr was born at the end. So that Godzilla is Zilla jr i think. And if you look at wiki it says Rhinosaurus is like an american Baragon and if you look at that Rhinosaurus he looks closely like Baragon. See and that giant rat creature is an Alien like how it is on Zilla jr's series. http://godzilla.wikia.com/wiki/Giant_Rats look here, all 3 of the rats looks similar to that red rat above especially the rat in the middle. http://godzilla.wikia.com/wiki/Rhinosaurus look here to see the similarities of both creature though the one above look slightly different that the one in the link other wise that they have the same signatures The "bladed ram" creature above is a mutant like the Rhinosaurus. http://godzilla.wikia.com/wiki/The_Giant_Centipede why would they add the giant centipede if they aren't the same. Why would larry draw these two monsters that look similar to the monsters in http://godzilla.wikia.com/wiki/Godzilla:_The_Series . Why is it rumored a centipede will fight godzilla like how it is in the series. That's weird i hope they add those two monsters in the movie they look cool. Especially Rhinosaurus!!!

kaiju-seeker ›

in a word.... no. these were made in 2010. and they are concepts.. but again .. no.

S.I. ›

I heard somewhere (now please don't quote me on this) that one of the two monsters aside from Godzilla is suppose to be a monster from the older films if it is personally I hope its King Ghidorah.

Godzillaboy98 ›

Is it me, or does the 2nd pic look like spacegodzilla?

Godzillafan11 ›

This new look for Godzilla is awesome! These other monsters are cool to.

Kyero ›

The ignorance of people is sometimes astounding.

There is a difference between "concept art" and "fan art." These images fall into the latter category and are not, nor have they ever been, officially tied to the movie in any way. People see images like these and for whatever reason they think that it's somehow linked to the film.

Fact checking and paying attention to detail are concepts that are not very difficult to master, so why do they escape so many people? Excitement is not an excuse for missing details. I want to see the new film and whatever other information Legendary has for us in the future as much as the next guy, but come on people.

These images are not, nor have they ever been, official. They are not tied to the movie, nor do they represent anything the film will have to offer us when it comes out.

Smaug The Magnificent ›

Ech molars.


Kyero ›

As you stated in the beginning of the article, this is only speculation so I'll try to be nice here.

All of the information regarding Godzilla and the production have confirmed that these drawings are only personal concepts and will not be involved in the film itslef. We know Godzilla won't look like that. We know those aren't the monsters. We know that this artwork is just for portfolio purposes.

Why is it even being mentioned that it could be "possible" concept art when we know it's not?

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