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Godzilla 2014 may utilise suitmation as well as CGI

Author: Chris Picard | Mar-23-2013 12:49 AM

There's been a rumor in circulation since February that TOHO, the license holders for the Godzilla franchise may potentially require that Legendary Pictures, the studio behind the 2014 Godzilla reboot, use some suitmation at some point throughout the film in addition to CGI effects.

Since Gareth Edwards' Godzilla is based on the TOHO original, unlike the 1998 TriStar Godzilla film, it is possible TOHO wishes to keep certain aspects of the iconic Godzilla films alive in this new remake. However, this rumor is unconfirmed at this point and there is no official word on Gareth Edwards' intentions of using a man in a suit in his 2014 Godzilla reboot.

Godzilla Suitmation Concept Designs

Suitmation is rarely used in today's films with the over abundance of cutting edge special effects, but some movie-goers will argue that having a physical actor in a suit adds a more "realistic" feel to overall film. It ultimately depends on if this rumor is in fact true and if Director Gareth Edwards decides he wishes to continue this tradition of Godzilla movie making.

So what do you think? As a fan of Godzilla, do you have a preference whether or not suitmation is used in the new Godzilla 2014 reboot? If this rumor is true, do you think suitmation will be an asset to the film or not? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Comments (50)

theetails ›

Suit UP!

Gothzilla ›

How can CG be considered more "Cutting Edge" than a fully mechanized, meticulously detailed pulse driven creature suit destroying scale replicas of steel and glass buildings? All the gravity defying leaps and gyrations of an over animated digital disaster can't compare! CG is a great tool to enhance a Practical Effect, but not as a replacement! It takes out the "How did they DO THAT!" aspect of FX, which is one of the main reasons so many of us joined the industry in the 1st place! Thanx to you ALL from MONSTER MAN!

Namzilla ›

I agree with Gothzilla, CG doesn't make us wonder like the true SFX from movies like the Star Wars Trilogy or 'Blade Runner'. Suitmation can look great if it's done right, the latest movie I could think of where they did it well is 'GMK: All Monsters All Out Attack'. Suitmation and some usage of robotics ('Jurassic Park') would do well with some variations of CG Godzilla :-)

GodzillaNut17815 ›

To be honest, the only way I would go see it in the theaters is if there is suitmation involved. Like someone wrote above, suitmation done well is awesome (in films like "Godzilla: Final Wars") and CGI just doesn't impress me all that much. Suitmation and replica buildings being destroyed make these films so much better and Big-G so much more realistic, for me at least. Who can deny how awesome it is to see Godzilla rising out of Tokyo Bay? CGI would never do this justice. Suitmation, please!!!

Godzilla85 ›

I hope that the rumor is true.For years I have been saying that any new Godzilla film should still use a suit,but enhanced with cgi.I am prctical and know that there are some things you can't do with using a suit alone,but that dosen't mean you should stop using suitmation altogether.If Eiji Tsuburaya was still alive I would assure you that he would mix suitmation with cgi to make the special effects even more spectacular.

bigGfan ›

Cannot wait!!!!

pickles ›

Use animatronics not suitmation

GodzillaGeek ›

There's no reason why a combination of suitmation, animatronics and CGI enhancement can't be used. Fine details like Godzilla's facial expressions or certain stunts like swimming underwater simply can't be fully realized in a convincing, big-budget format with suitmation alone.

Jim Welch ›

Some suitmation would be interesting, but ONLY if it doesn't end-up looking like a guy in a suit. CGI has come a looong way in recent years (Pacific Rim looks like its' going to be a great example of modern CGI), so I would still want the majority of Godzilla and the other kaiju scenes to be CGI.

That picture, is it tied to the new movie? or is that a concept for one of the previous movies? I can't seem to find any info on it.

DC67 ›

Not sure I'm digging the fins on that suit so much. Wonder if that's an official design or not.

Chris Picard ›

No no, that's not a concept from Gareth Edwards' Godzilla - it's an older unused concept from Godzilla 2000 I believe.

gfan91 ›

YES!!! They need to use suitmation for this film because the TriStar film messed it all up when they used a CGI Godzilla for the film so yes I think suitmation would be best for this film!

MrAwesomeness360 ›

My problem with this concept are the spines, especially in the front view, it looks too much like Zilla, they should make it like Godzilla 2000. Other than that, they definitely should mix the animations all together. It would be pretty freakin' awesome if they do that.

No Worries ›

I love suitmation and it's a great symbol of the Godzilla films but I for one would like to see how it would turn out in all CGI. I think it could turn out well but if they do use suitmation in some parts that's fine as well.

Equinoqs ›

Given the technical advances in special effects today, a suitmation Godzilla smashing through a miniature city, enhanced by CGI detailing such as facial movement, exploding windows & pedestrians, could be AWESOME.

Reggie1138 ›

Please dear Lord no suit! I mean it has it's own charm being how we all remember him as a kid. But the suit does not work and makes him look corny as hell because you can tell it's a man in a suit. Godzilla deserves the King Kong treatment and by that I mean fully realized CGI. Kong looked great in cgi and I'm sure the same can be done for Godzilla. Let's step up this iconic character's game and spare no cost to do it top notch for once. Forget 98's "Zilla" we all know that was a shameless cash grab that most of if not all of us fell for. I have faith that this time we'll get exactly what we were expecting before.

Scarfo ›

I actually seen what the new Godzilla looks like in the trailer shown at last year's San Diego Comic Con, and let me tell you firsthand, you have NOTHING to worry about as far as realism is concerned! The new Godzilla shown in this movie looks WAY MORE REALISTIC than the T-Rex shown in the Jurrasic Park movies! And yes, the Godzilla model shown above is the new Godzilla, except Godzilla's combs (dorsel fins) on it's back are much bigger. Basically the same kind of dorsil fins as Godzilla 2000's model.

zillaman ›

@scarfo, i'm not so sure i like it that much but i guess i have to wait till i see the trailer. the combs (dorsel fins) look backwards , i don't hate it just not so sure yet. something bout this model that does not look mean unlike the final wars or the millenium godzilla ..

Scarfo ›

@Zillaman - Awesome avatar btw, The dorsil fins on that picture are wrong! The dorsil fins on the new Godzilla are the same as Toho's Godzilla 2000. They're more sticking straight up and pointed. They're pretty much like the profile picture to the right of this comment --->

RR44 ›

please tell me that they are not using the above design. no offence.. but it looks too much like a t-rex..and less like Godzilla. the head and the arms.. yuk.

Jim Welch ›

Can anyone else back-up scarfo's claim? Chris Picard, the person who posted the picture, says it's not connected to the new movie's design...and I'm inclined to believe him.

kaiju-seeker ›

I do not buy into this as being the official design. its proportions are way off and it looks like the hunchback of tokyo.. IF this turns out to be the design.. then it would be a step away from failure. also.. if you've seen the teaser at comic con.. then what you saw was not a final design. nor was it the absolute design. and that is a fact. I hope this does not get on the big screen.. because there are way better designs out there than this.. I MEAN WAAAAYYYY BETTER. and scarier too.

kaiju-seeker ›

who here thinks the GMK rendering of Godzilla was by far the best application of suitmation? and who thought that it captured the true image of what Godzilla could look like? besides me... I personally loved it. the absolute fearsome look on his face.. (the underwater scene combined with errie music towards the end)-- nerdgasm! anyone...

zillaman ›

@Kiju-seeker, yes i'm With you on that. the GMK Godzilla is one of my fav also, the white eyes and face the feet just pure bad ass. It was mean looking alright!!! And @ scarfo, thanx .. yes it took me a while to find the right Avatar, glad you like it i was hoping people would like it ...

zillaman ›

Wonder when will be able to see the King..

King Mata ›

Sounds like a perfect combination using both methods.

RR44 ›

I think we're all gonna be surprised. in 98 when a toy was released prematurely showing zilla before the movie came out.. it hurt the box office sales. like jj abrams did with cloverfield.. i think Edwards should do the same. keep it close to the chest and not reveal it until the movie is on screen. it worked for abrams.. and it could work for edwards. creature design will play the biggest roll of all in this presentation of G and spoiling it by showing everything too soon might lead people to think.. its not gonna be a good flick. IMO.

RR44 ›

suspence is attractive.

Godzilla1989 ›

As a personal opinion of a Persian fan of Godzilla for about 20 years , also as a Herpetologist , seems to me the most realistic view of Godzilla ( appearance , movement , atomic ray , voice etc. ) has been presented in 1989 , " Godzilla vs. Biollante " . Before this film , all the rest were suitable for children movies ( except the first movie and Ishiro Honda`s " Godzilla vs Mothra ( 1964 ) " ) and from the " Milenium Series " , the creature had a " Very Exaggerated " view .

Godzilla1989 ›

I mean , " Godzilla " is a creature with morphological characters , based one a " Carnivorous Dinosaur " ( like T - Rex or Allosaurus ) but , far from it ( or any other reptile ) in " details " . As a good example , Godzilla has an " Erect Vertebral column " and we know none of Carnivorous Dinosaurs have such a thing . Thus , trying to create a " Non Reptilish Godzilla " would be a very good and wise idea for this movie . People are interested to see " what day have seen in their past or childhood in cinema " and , this is exactly why the idea of " Zilla " did n`t work in 1998 .

Godzilla1989 ›

I also have some drawings - as prototypes and drafts - of Godzilla and King - Ghidorah , regarding the 1989 and 1991 movies . If the owners of this website are interested , I would be happy to send my drafts for them for free . Maybe they find them usable !

Gojira1954 ›

I think Godzilla should be a rubber suit. It would be nice for it be like the original movie, and the fans (me included) would really appreciate the suit actor's hard work. Plus, using a rubber suit would give the creators a sense of DIY to it.

Spawn of Kong ›

I don't really care how they bring Godzilla to the screen, so long as he isn't dragging his tail on the ground in this version.

fragelstickcar ›

If its not broke, don't fix it. Godzilla's best movies had a guy in a suit. CGI is involved in every action movie made nowadays, give it a rest.

Scarfo ›

I'm having folks doubting my claim, when I actually seen the Godzilla trailer. Alrighty then, with a show of hands...how many folks here (besides me) has seen what Godzilla looks like, in the unreleased trailer? Come on, don't be shy.

btw, "Jim Welch" I NEVER said that picture above was the new Godzilla. Don't put words in my mouth! That's a sure fire way of getting on my wrong side.

Jim Welch ›

Scarfo, please don't take my skepticism as a personal attack, it was never intended as such. When you post something contradictory to what the person who posted the picture in-question said, you should expect some skepticism. Also, I did not put words in your mouth. You said, and I quote...

...the Godzilla model shown above is the new Godzilla...

Again, not attacking you, just want more proof than one person's word.

Iracord ›

If the above Suitmation pix are the new Godzilla-I'll pass!
The American "monstrosity" made me weep!
As I told Toho's producers, the ONLY guy who knows what a new scary Godzilla is...is Sakai! His large $2000 models are ridiculously Awesome!
What I've seen above is Ridiculously LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scarfo ›

It's cool man. Be skeptical. That's your right. I don't expect folks to take my word for it. When the trailer is actually released. Then I will be vindicated. That model shown above is pretty much to new model (Godzilla) except for the dorsel fins on it's back, and the neck is a bit different. Other than that, that's it. But again, it's cool if you doubt me. Sorry if I came off a bit high strung. Peace.

kaijudinosaurfan12345 ›

i saw final wars and it was awesome now imagine with cgi enhancement

Jamaal ›

The concept drawings featured in the article are taken from the chouzenshu (compendium) for Godzilla 2000 Millennium published by Shogakuken.

EdgeV33 ›

I would prefer it without suitmation. Too many failures throughout the entire series. Final wars was a disappointing end for me, as the monster very obviously looked like a man in a suit. I think SOME suitmation could be fine, provided they make the tail not drag along the ground or appear held by a wire at the end.
The only movie I think that pulled of suitmation REALLY well was GMK, my favourite one. They gave godzilla the inhuman monster feel he deserves.

Scarfo ›

*facepalm* I just find it very amusing when people who haven't seen a second of what the new Godzilla looks like, will actually have the gull, to tell someone who actually seen the whole Godzilla trailer TWICE (me) he's wrong. lol, I guess this is a perfect example of why it's no point in arguing with the internet, because they always know they're right (even though they have no idea what they're talking about.) When the trailer is finally released to the public, I will be happily serving crow for folks to eat.


i dont care if they have some scenes in the movie where he's in the suit as long as it's not the whole movie because thats what kept godzilla movies from making hundreds of millions of dollars and i want to see godzilla movies get that much money so that godzilla can get big again.

megaGfan ›

I just wish they don't make roland emmerichs mistake by making bigG look weak like zilla.im a big time fan and want to see a good Godzilla.

megaGfan ›

also, I would like to see Godzilla face off against bagan.they never used him and would make a good comeback battle for Godzilla.

NotMacklemore ›

The guy in the suit will have one hell of a crook in his back after filming is done. At least all of the other Godzilla's could stand upright.

robdPA ›

TOHO had already said that when they do their next Godzilla series, the tradition of the man in a rubber suit, will not be used anymore(sort of). TOHO wants to use motion capture to bring a more realistic Godzilla to the screen, since there is a place for practical effects, a guy in a rubber suit is still restrictive, and very difficult to give the suit the proper muscle movement and physics needed, plus will save money and time, basically to get an idea what is in store look at what they are doing for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the latest King Kong feature, they are going to use the actors own facial expressions, their own movement while still working on a miniature set in a foam suit, so they get the real physics and interaction needed, plus the fight scenes will be a lot more impressive and savage, plus leave the suit actors to do more improvisation, which will make a better performance for the audience.
Will the man in the suit be eliminated, no it is just going to evolve.

Rexrumbler ›

Something like they did for avatar. A suit that tracks the actors movements and then puts cgi over it. Use that for some of the movie but use regular cgi for the rest of it.

Goji-fan Chaos Fire ›

Use the Suit, and if there is a beach HAVE FOOTPRINTS LEFT IN GOJI'S WAKE!! I think it was Godzilla 2000 that Goji walked on a beach and left no footprints...disappointing that was.

KingNick ›

Fully agree - man in a suit is the best way to go. The technology is incredible today, it can be done and look way more real than cgi (though I don't mind if cgi is used when absolutely necessary). Movies that look the most real in my opinion use a combo of suitmation, cgi, and animatronics (I.E. Jurassic Park [the raptors were suitmation believe it or not] and Underworld)

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