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New Godzilla 2014 Behind the Scenes Set Photo!

Author: Chris Picard | Apr-30-2013 3:33 PM

Legendary Pictures have just released as new behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Godzilla 2014 featuring what looks to be workers in bio-hazard suits! Legendary tag-lined the photo "Be Prepared". You can check out the new photo below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

New Godzilla 2014 Behind the Scenes Set Photo

View more Godzilla 2014 production photos and behind the scenes looks in the Godzilla 2014 Movie Stills Gallery here!

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Comments (15)

kaijudinosaurfan12345 ›

in a mark cerrasani book from random house publishing and dark horse comics his skin and blood is toxic

RR44 ›

@kaijudinosaurfan12345 ... so you think that Gareth may approach this Godzilla rendering by utilizing the bio-hazard angle ? interesting. but I have another idea.. what if the bio angle is centered on one of Godzilla's adversaries.. much like Hedorah was.. this concept was after all was the brain child of Yoshimitsu Banno . A giant radioactive .. atomic breath exhaling monster.. versus a giant walking biohazard. And Banno did provide this opportunity to warner brothers. So more mystery.. more fun with anticipating the unknown factors. Still.. Gareth said there's nothing sci fi about his Godzilla.. well... its starting to look more sci fi now.

kaijudinosaurfan12345 ›

well it would be interesting or add a drama side to the movie

Equinoqs ›

Makes me think of "The Host", which is not at all a bad thing.

kaiju-seeker ›

nothing sci fi about this movie... hmmm.. lets see... nuclear missiles on train.. people in bio suits.. army.. so far.. to me anyway.. its looking more like a sci fi film. I wonder what Gareth was thinking at comic con when he said that ?

zillaman ›

Intergalactic intergalactic intergalactic planetary another dimension another dimension. ...

RR44 ›

that would be a copycat senario zillaman.. and would TOTALLY contradict Edward's.. nothin' sci fi comment. Besides.. we might all get fooled and this new G will be awesome and totally SCIFIED ! BUT... if not.. then hollywood should be banned for eternity from EVER making another GODZILLA movie. FOR I AM HARDCORE TO THE CAUSE FOR THE MAKING OF A GREAT GODZILLA FILM !

kaijudinosaurfan12345 ›

RR44 in Jurassic park the dinosaurs had a disease so Godzilla might have a disease from long ago

kaiju-seeker ›

@kaijudinosaurfan12345 .. so did the BEAST FROM 20000 FATHOMS .. but I don't think Edward's wants to recreate that movie and call it Godzilla. no.. I think he wants to incorperate in some manner.. an environmental angle.. with a undiscovered forms of life as well as a genetic manipulation too. IMO. then again.. it could be none of that. but the clue was in the question at comic con.. "what is it that you are trying to bring to life ?' his response was simply.. "Godzilla'. alongthose lines

kaijudinosaurfan12345 ›

well it could happen why else would bio-hazard teams be there

Reggie1138 ›

That's because Godzilla is the bio-hazard.


maybe they have radiation suits on because of one of the other monsters because they never used them around godzilla before and the people working on the movie said there was going to be two other monsters in it.

zillaman ›

RR44. I was singing the beastie boys song, lol. The suits reminded me of their intergalactic video, hahah. I hea r you though...

kaijudinosaurfan12345 ›

zillaman best music video ever because it had giant monsters and it was a good song

geoffrey saria ›

cant wait to watch it in 3D....

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