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Godzilla 2014 Call Sheet Leaked - Set Video & New Pics! (SPOILERS)

Author: Chris Picard | Jun-10-2013 7:05 PM

The video above was taken by a local resident of New Westminister, who managed to glimpse one of the scenes being filmed for Godzilla 2014 which features a FEMA press conference, right outside a demolished set following Godzilla's rampage. Another video can be found here on YouTube which is taken in the same area and features a group of soldiers investigating the demolished set. A third video shows more of the destruction on ground-level.

The following are some set pics taken from this "demolished set". Following the images below is a major plot spoiler as a call sheet for the film was leaked which reveals some identities of the cast's characters in Godzilla 2014 as well as a very climactic scene from the film (potentially one of the final scenes). The following set pics come to us from a number of residents on Twitter who tweeted the following:






During the shoot, a call sheet was photographed and leaked online, which can be seen below. The call sheet reveals that lead role, Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play the role of Ford, Jared Keeso is playing Jump Master and Luc Roderique, James Pizzinato, Leif Havdale, Chad Riley, Brent Connelly, Fraser Aitchesen, Jason Bell, Donavan Kuhl will be all playing the roles of San Francisco Ground Troopers.

In addition to these roles being revealed, we also have some insight to the scene itself. We learn that the strike team named "Halo Team" will be accompanied by some kind of bomb, a bomb tracker and geiger counter. Read on for an excerpt from the call sheet which reveals a climactic scene in Godzilla 2014:


Scene 165: Int Press Conference Truman: A Government spokesperson tells civilians to get below ground.

Scene 206: Exterior San Francisco Streets: Leading the team toward the smoke. Med leading Ford into the wall of smoke. Following behind the as they approach a wall of smoke.

Scene 215: Ext SF to Wharf: Over soldiers running with bomb as Nautilus' (Godzilla) foot lands in front of them.

Scene 221: Ext. SF On The Way To Wharf: Med Ford - CHARRED & BLOODY, on his way to the wharf.

Scene 221: Ext. SF On The Way To The Wharf: Behind Ford as he turns & sees fallen Nautilus (Godzilla)

If you read this far, you read over the spoiler-ific bits. We ask that you keep the spoilers of this news to the comments section below only for discussion and if you are going to post about it in the forums, we ask that you add "SPOILER" before the title of your topic and we also ask that the title does not describe the spoiler being discussed. Thank you.

Thanks to Nailbiter from CBM for rounding these images up for us.

Godzilla hits theaters May 16th, 2014!

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Comments (24)

Anguirus55221 ›

How do we know this "Nautilus" is Godzilla and not another monster? A nautilus is a sea creature and considered a living fossil. It bears no resemblance to a dinosaur like Godzilla.

EliteFreakozoid ›

Anguirus55221 is right. Nautilus could be a new monster, this could be half way through the movie during a monster fight. If there's a monster collapsing, it's probably not by way of the military as they've not done very well in the past.

bob2448 ›

Nautilus is the filming title for 'Godzilla.' Films always use false titles during filming so it's harder for people to know what movie is actually being filmed. For example, 'Titanic' was filmed under the title 'Planet Ice' and 'Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi' was filmed as 'Blue Harvest.'

Chris Picard ›

Yeah guys, Nautilus is the code name for Godzilla himself in the film. Workers on set confirmed this as well as a couple news broadcasts on CTV a month or so ago.

What I'm unsure about is the ending scene bit - where Aaron's character "Ford" looks behind him to see a "fallen Nautilus" - or "fallen Godzilla". Does this mean Godzilla dies? Or is merely knocked unconscious? I'm curious....

kaiju-seeker ›

I closed my eyes as I scrolled to the bottom of this page just so that I could type this message... I do not want to se any SPOILERS . and now that I've vented my frustration about this.. I will move on from this page and pretend that it doesn't exist .

x_paden_x ›

godzillas a dinosaur... ho- wha- ahhhh- How and in what world is godzilla a dinosaur *dont be a hater but i havent seen the movie in like 6 years...* Isn't he- uh sh- uh it created from a form of nuclear radiation or something...

dont look like a dino to me....

2112 ›

According to Toho's own Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (1991) Godzilla was an irradiated Godzillasaurus dinosaur.

RR44 ›

1. Spoilers suck
2. Godzilla is a Dinosaur - watch Gojira 1954 Japanese version with English subtitles.
3. Call sheet on net already ? NOT COOL !
4. This is too much info and the person who posted this should have known better .
5. how is this gonna help the movie ?
6. Nautilus = sailor (Greek) and or living fossil.. a sea bearing critter.. that's rather fragile in nature.
7. This site is cool .. but it just ticked me off this morning when I logged on to see the words spoiler in the same sentence as the word.. Godzilla.
8. Chris Picard .. you know that this call sheet pic will be all over the web and if it was exclusive to this sight.. then Warner Brothers may or may not take issue with it . I hope they don't.
9. I harken back to Edward's comment .. "there's nothing sci fi about this movie'. I can only hope its fantasy based. Then there's no limit.

RR44 ›

I'm hoping and praying that this movie does not suck .

TheDude ›

Godzilla knocked out isn't know. Though he's had it happen only once by the military firing cadmium missiles at him in Return of Godzilla 1984. He ingests the stuff and goes unconscious. Then there is the anti-nuclear bacteria from Godzilla vs. Biollante where it nearly killed him.

I hope there is a scene or two of Godzilla staring down a lone human who isn't afraid to die. For example the famous scene of Shindo and Godzilla reuniting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5C4HuROoNU

Zilla ›

Serves the Ford Windstar minivan right. It's a dangerous vehicle, got a lot of recalls. Deserves to get crushed by Godzilla.

The Flowmaster ›

This movie is going to be awesome- I can feel it.

The Flowmaster ›

This movie is going to be awesome- I can feel it.

bryan alcala ›

man basically they show what happens if godzilla comes to this side of the globe

-Treveasy- ›

Swaggy this looks teally good i hope they don't mess this up

jkzilla15 ›

I'm pretty sure that ( Nautilus) is not Godzilla in this scene...

bananasugarload ›

Ah, call me a skeptic, but there is nothing awesome here at all. This is starting to remind me more and more of the Dean Devlin fiasco. What? Godzilla felled by a frickin Bomb? Give me a break!! I knew something was up last year when we were told the movie would be "realistic"--Godzilla is not realistic! That is what is so incredible about Godzilla. He is like the Hulk on Steroids only that much bigger.
I am sorry to be so negative, but seeing the pics of the level of destruction, the way the scenes were described there, this already is a really big let down.
Please, put Godzilla in the hands of someone who truly wants to make Godzilla what he was, not another person who will give us "Godzilla in reality"
I want Godzilla the unbelievable force of nature again.

RR44 ›

bananasugarload may be right. if this call sheet is revealing the end.. then this movie will not succeed and gareth will be remembered as the one who ruined it for the fans.

belladonna ›

awww how cute, FIMA doing a press release. they didn't do dick after an F5 tornado wiped my town off the map, then another one came by to flip us the middle finger one week after. i guess we need a giant monster to stomp through to get any help, i would have liked to have been given some water when i was stranded behind a barricade surrounded by downed power lines and a huge gas leak :) . ah movies, gotta love the imagination and make believe word were people actually do their job !!!

JackHasTheConch ›

It looks like Godzilla will be fighting other monster(s). If they are approaching this as Godzilla being a hero, I don't think they'll kill it off. But then again I heard rumors of an offspring...

RR44 ›

judging from the LA expo pic.. G breaths fire for sure.. and. did anyone else notice his head just above the letters GOD ? kaiju-seeker says its there. I see it too. anyone else see it ?


I just love how people think now that Godzilla will die. Fallen doesn't mean dead all the time, its usually means defeat or that HE FELL DOWN. Also, Nautilus is a codename for Godzilla across Production, similar to how Cloverfield was called Cheese and Slusho on set but not on the movie.

-Treveasy- ›

Where does it say god

Huey1N ›

I'm not holding out much hope for this movie.

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