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New Godzilla 2014 Banner Spotted at LA Licensing Expo!

Author: Chris Picard | Jun-18-2013 2:50 PM

A new banner for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla 2014 movie was spotted today at the Licensing Expo 2013 in Las Vegas. Check out the image below and let us know what you think in the comments section! Be sure to get details on Godzilla 2014's merchandise license updates which were reported here recently as well!


Image courtesy of ComingSoon.net who were on-location.

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Comments (26)

GFAN198423 ›

While there's always room for disappointment, I love that everything we're being shown so far depicts a dark tone for the film and I love that the marketing art so far is geared to depict that tone and not just flashy logos like we got in 98. High hopes for this film.

whocares0 ›

[*] effiel tower? Haven't heard of France being in the movie. Still, loving the art. Please let there be a trailer soooooon!!!

Reggie1138 ›

@whocareso It's actually the Vegas strip.

kaiju-seeker ›

confirmed... it is NOT officially sponsored nor was was it made by Legendary. please disreguard all of my comments eluding to this banner. I spoke with a rep on the phone at thier main office. its not the the big guy. but.. there is a set of eyes in the banner.. they're just not Godzillas.

kaiju-seeker ›

kaiju-seeker ›

kaiju-seeker ›

RR44 ›

I see it k-s . it distinctly looks like the head aiming down.. just like the 54 movie. Thanks for pointing that out.


You guys I don't see ANYTHING.

jkzilla15 ›

uh guys... i think see a very small part of his tail...or maybe its just me?

kaiju-seeker ›

kaiju-seeker ›

bananasugarload ›

I see it. The silhouette looks very much like the Godzilla we all have come to know.

GFAN198423 ›

Does anyone have a link or something to one of these enhanced versions of the image, I don't see any Godzilla anatomy in the poster no matter what I do with photoshop or anything.

RR44 ›

remember folks.. its a new Godzilla . I had 5 people look at it on my laptop.. I did not tell them anything. 3 of them saw the eyes right away. the other two stared at it for a bit and then they noticed it.

Scarfo ›

I told ya'll (and some folks doubted me) That's what I've been trying to tell folks, this Godzilla looks alot like Godzilla 2000 version (the spikey dorsil fins on Godzilla's back are definitely Godzilla 2000), only way more realistic...and I got doubted (Hi, Chris)..anyway, This is a VERY dark Godzilla film. In the trailer shown at Comic Con 2012, their are piles of dead bodies of people littered throughout a destroyed city. Then it showed the new Godzilla rising up from the smoke. It gives me "chills" just thinking about it! This Godzilla film is THE ONE Godzilla fans have been waiting all our lives for!

also this Godzilla has the 90's Godzilla roar, and yes he has his atomic breath! They showed a burned sky scrapper with a circular burned hole in the center of it! Man, I can't wait until they FINALLY release the trailer that was shown at SDCC!

ruffryder520az ›

first off I want to say that, in the picture its not a spine its Japanese lettering and the Eiffel tower that were seeing in the pic is not the actual Eiffel Tower its probably Las Vegas burning keep in mind we do not know all the details about this movie therefore even though they're shooting a lot of scenes in San Francisco there may be other attacks can't wait to find out!
Oh btw so far everything looks really sick aka off the chain! ;)
Go team Godzilla!

kaiju-seeker ›

kaiju-seeker ›


kaiju-seeker ›

kaiju-seeker ›

RR44 ›

never mind

RR44 ›

ya know.. I actually think that people on this site are either in denial.. or just don't want to admit that the banner is revealing a straight on shot of the new Godzilla's face . Every time I look at the banner pic.. Its right there in plain site. some are actually looking for a japanese rendering.. or blue atomic breath.. but alas.. its not what's the banner is showing.. its SHOWING a new Godzilla breathing real fire... and until someone in Legendary releases the banner to the public.. and says that thats not Godzilla's head on the banner.. I will believe it is until it aint . is there ANYONE on here who does see it ??

MiketheG7453 ›

After a close up look ,..I can clearly see an eye,...but as far as the rest,..unsure. The strange thing I thought about the eye was that it looks like a mid 60's ish or something....

Guyvantic ›

As I have posted on the facebook page, I am on the fence about Godzilla ending with a cliffhanger. True Gojira didn't have a cliffhanger and spawned 28 movies (29 if you include the 1998 namesake movie Godzilla) as someone previously mentioned on facebook, but sometimes a cliffhanger is can make or break the movie.

As much as I have been harping that this film should just have Godzilla (last I knew there was talks for 2 others) that way it focuses on him being this unstoppable force like in Gojira and The Return of Godzilla and bring more into the fray in subsequent sequels, that if it has to have another monster and end with a cliffhanger, that the other monster be introduced in the cliffhanger. After all that is the formula the Japanese used for the 1954-1975 series and the 1984-1995 movies and those movies are more received among fans than the Millenium series.

Id also suggest that instead of releasing the film for May that for it to accurately be the "60th Anniversary" film that it be released around the same time all other films have been released, November/December. Yes we would have to wait longer, but if this film is to be "accurate" to the original Gojira then the release date should also be true to the original. In my opinion that is.

kaiju-seeker ›

@ RR44. is it not Godzillas face ... its not the real deal . I called em.
Legendary Pictures
4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg. 76
Burbank , CA 91522
Phone: (818) 954-3888
Fax: (818) 954-3884
If no one believes me.. call em.

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