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Godzilla (2014) Plot Revealed - Multiple Monsters Confirmed!

Author: Chris Picard | Jul-13-2013 3:39 PM

Legendary's Godzilla (2014) will be featured at next week's San Diego Comic-Con and today, the first official plot synopsis for Godzilla has been revealed, on Comic-Con's schedule for July 20th, when the Godzilla preview will take place. This new official synopsis confirms that there will be multiple monsters facing Godzilla in the 2014 reboot! Scroll down for the full plot outline:


Current, official Godzilla Plot Synopsis:

An epic rebirth to Toho's iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world's most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

There you have it Godzilla fans - multiple monsters and an EPIC rebirth to the classic 1954 original. Gareth Edwards will do us proud.

Let us know what you think by commenting below!

Source: Comic-Con

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Comments (36)

xxsaberblackcrow ›

Wait that means godzilla will have to face lots of monster. I don't know if godzilla can take on that many monster like he does not have any help he,s just all alone. but still the movie is going to be great I hope the trailer comes out :D

Goji ›

To the comment above: Have you seen Godzilla Final Wars?

Sachiel ›

Do you remember how rushed and messy Final Wars ended up?

Torgo_Satyr ›

All I remember about Final Wars is that the movie was incredibly awesome and enjoyable, and yet you selfish whiny americans complain about it every chance you get.

As for "rushed" and "messy" americans can throw around meaningless words like that all they want, but it's still JUST YOUR OPINION and NEWS FLASH the opinions of americans don't really mean much.

Grow up kid.

Kaijujira ›

Awesome if this movie makes sequels hopefully they will come up with more new monsters.

CantSpaceJockTheRock ›

You sure sound like a piece of shit jumping into the conversation and attempting to belittle Americans for whatever reason. Not only does it make you look like an arrogant ass but it also made you look unintelligent. I just watched final wars the other day again and although it is fun and can be entertaining it seems horribly rushed and it is a film you can like but also think looks like trash. Personally I could just say Don Frye or however it's spelled and wait for your nation hating and slanderous mouth to shit out more nonsense.

Incredible Fulk ›

Final Wars was an EPIC MOVIE!!! That film is proof why Godzilla is The King of The Monsters. As for the whole "rushed and messy" argument about the film, Avengers and X-Men First Class were just as badly rushed and messy, even worse than what people complain Final Wars was. Final Wars was like a party, it goes all out for Godzilla's 50th birthday.

As for the new film, I'm glad to know Godzilla will fight other monsters. I hope the monsters though are evil and powerful enough for Godzilla to have an epic fight with. It sounds like Godzilla will be an Anti-Hero in the film which is what I like. It's like how his role was in most of the Heisei films, G 2000 and Final Wars. A dangerous monster, but a necessary one.

CantSpaceJockTheRock ›


Sparkzilla14 ›

Am I the only one who doesn't like Final Wars? Godzilla's face was extremely skinny, it was like looking at Taylor Swift. The fights were at the most 2 minutes long until the end. If I wanted to see Angilas and Godzilla fight again, i dont want it to be a ridiculous mash up that lasted 2 mins. The mutant character was awful and the whole "super saiyan" battle at the end is just terrible, why do we care about a "super" mutant? Loved how they stole a Star Wars scene to kill off another character I could care less about smh... Not to mention the acting is horrible and the movie was rushed and played like it was on crack. Seemed to me Toho made a quick buck off Godzilla's 50th bday.

Rox ›

I was hoping to see something last night when we watched Pacific Rim.

The lights went low.... the theatre got quiet... I whispered to my husband "Godzilla...." no, did that 3 times... no Godzilla teaser.


bananasugarload ›

Okay, I'm officially on board. Multiple monsters that threaten our existence??? Now that is a Godzilla movie!!! The King Of the monsters can handle it, these monsters have no idea who just who the KING is, well they will find out!

bananasugarload ›

Okay, I'm officially on board. Multiple monsters that threaten our existence??? Now that is a Godzilla movie!!! The King Of the monsters can handle it, these monsters have no idea who just who the KING is, well they will find out!

bananasugarload ›

Almost forgot. When are we all going to see a trailer? Comic con is for Comic con, what about the rest of us?

Fred Nichols ›

I hated Final Wars!

I'm really sick of these ignorant Goobers talking down to Americans. This story is about a Godzilla movie idiot. Take your BS elsewhere ok. Maybe the Admins should start blocking these clowns

Jason Christiansen ›

To be honest, all i care about is that it is better than the "Roland Emmerich" version, or at least make more sense

RR44 ›

first off i'd like to say.. somebody call a wahbulence for the america basher. second.. Final Wars was supposed to be cheese.. it was done that way on purpose. A popcorn flick at best. I own the DVD of it and I did see it in a theater. I still have the ticket stub and flyer from it. As for the new film.. if anyone saw the trailer for the seventh son.. a legendary film for those who may not know.. it looks epic. story writer for said movie.. Max Borenstien. If they can make that movie look that awesome.. Then godzilla is gonna KICK SOME SERIOUS A** !!!!!!!!!!!

nifanatic ›

You know GFW flopped hardcore in Japan? Not even the Japanese liked it. Might as well talk smack about them while you're at it! lol

Known about the multiple monsters for a while. I just hope their designs are inspired, and the fights are interesting. I'm very curious to see what direction the kaiju fight choreography will go when compared to the more Hollywood action style of Pacific Rim.

DinoJockey ›

You just know he is gonna be much faster than the old lumbering goon from the old movies. But I guess when you're virtually invulnerable you don't have to run!

62butcher ›

My son and I can't wait for this movie. We watch all the Godzilla movies all the time. The American Godzilla was dumb because he was killed on a bridge with rockets hitting him(NO WAY). I sure hope they don't kill Godzilla in this film that would be a tragedy. But I do remember the one movie has to were Godzilla's heart was left beating in the bottom of the bay.

G fan 84 ›

All trolls aside,i for one loved FINAL WARS because you get to see GODZILLA kick ZILLA'S narrow a$$;though the idea of multiple monsters in G2014 has me a bit concerned because that means there will be very little screen time for the BIG G and by that i mean i want to see him level a city all by himself;it kind of sounds like FINAL WARS with a bigger budget ;how many monsters are we talking exactly???. Anyway i was hope'ing for a remake of the 1954 movie the movie would have to be 3 hours long like king kong wa; NOT that i would have a problem with a 3 hour long godzilla movie.

G fan 84 ›

I meant G2014 would have to be 3 hours long for multiple monsters to work:)


multiple monsters? Are they all new or are some monsters returning? PLEASE I WANT MOTHRA AND DESTROYAH SOOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!

G-Bul ›

Final Wars mmmmh I see it with two eyes, one says - wow monsterasskicking Godzilla - canīt get enough!!!!!
The other says - holy shit, what did they smoke? 50th birthday shouldīve been a much better, serious movie!

I really feel itīs time, time for that ONE BIG MOVIE Godzilla and all his fans deserve!!! I hope they do the right stuff!

G fan 84 ›

Well considering legendary/warnerbrothers would have to pay extra $$$ for each existing GODZILLA KAIJU id say its a pretty safe bet all the monsters will be new;Just give me mass distruction and a high(human/monster) body count and ill be happy ;)

wpkelley41 ›

Final Wars was a fun, summer popcorn movie. I both loved and resented it. Have any of you read Marc Cerasini's 90's series of Godzilla novels? Godzilla 2000, (no relation to the American title for "Godzilla Millenium",) is the most epic Godzilla story I've ever encountered. Hopefully Edwards has read the series. It shows how to portray Godzilla as a necessary anti-hero. The Americans quickly learn he can't be defeated, so they treat him as a natural disaster-like force of nature. They clear out in his path, and clean up in his wake. In the end, they realize he served a purpose as he battles King Ghidorah in New York City for the fate of the planet. EPIC!

Reggie1138 ›

Well color me intrigued. Anyone remember the original Rodan? In that movie the initial threat was the mutated insects in the mines. Then Rodan hatches from an egg and the people of Japan realize that shit just got real. Maybe that's what's in store this time with Godzilla. The other creatures are most likely the initial threat then Godzilla emerges to not only defeat them but become living breathing symbol of death and destruction that he is. If that's the route they take I'm cool with that.

Ninjanick101 ›

This movie is going to be awesome!!! Anyone agree?

DC67 ›

Re Final Wars, the NYC 'pimp/cop' scene as well as King Seezar running around like a princess AND that soccer goalie move w/ Anguirus? Seriously? Sorry, but that's way too much cheese.

I'm cool with G14 being the anithero. Hoping this one's done right!

G fan 84 ›

^Nothin wrong with a little camp it was the Gmans 50th and they wanted to go out with a bang the movie had its moments and acting wasnt that great i realy think they were going for the showa style godzilla with FINAL WARS;but yeah 90's style anti hero godzilla works for me :)

Randy Q. ›

Sounds like a great film, I can't wait to hear more!

Wander_Panzer ›

I liked godzilla final wars and im american.

AdlerTheKaiju ›

So I heard that G14 is going to battle King Ghidorah and an original kaiju...was hoping for Obsidius, but nevertheless, I want to see this.

Mecha-Godzilla ›

I know GFW was a bit fast with its battles but the movie WAS a bit epic, but it wasnt the best movie

Rexrumbler ›

im american and i like final wars, they just need to remove that seen with the cop in new york and about 50% of the human acting and it would be perfect.

S.I. ›

@Torgo_Satyr ›

OK first of all I am an American and as a die hard Godzilla fan I liked Final Wars. Secondly your an asshole for judging people that you don't even know a damn thing about. America and Americans are not perfect but neither is any other nation or people and that includes you and whatever country you come from jerk-ass but I don't go around judging and saying crap about your country or the people in it. And thirdly maybe you should keep your ignorant opinions to yourself you say that the opinions of Americans really don't mean much GUESS WHAT IDIOT THATS JUST YOUR OPINION TOO. Go spout your ignorance and hate somewhere else and stop judging people that you don't know shit about asshole your the one who needs to grow up.

Gojira 2014 ›

WHOAH!WHOAH!WHOAH! Whats going on here, come on guys if your going to argue about the big G's movies then leave because your hurting his feelings. As for the film, listen to this description I found not long ago.

The footage begins with a sizzle reel of establishing shots showcasing a flooded area, a dark street, Bryan Cranston wearing a Breaking Bad style gas mask, multiple shots of scientists in hazard suits, paratroopers jumping out of a plane, a military style refugee camp, etc (mass hysteria and emergency response were the themes). This led to the major scene, which started out by following two armed helicopters flying in the night sky, firing machine guns.

The shot continues, revealing a massive, skinny, four-legged monster. It seemed to have smaller arms on its chest and looked as if it had wings as well.

The next shot is from inside the airport terminal and through the glass walls, we see a plane crashing in a ball of fire right in front of the structure as the monster approaches in the background. Godzilla’s foot lands in view as well.

Next shot is the most clear yet from the front as we see the beast seemingly opening its wingspan as Godzilla – clearly several times larger than the aggressor – rises from behind it, roaring, as if it’s going to destroy the creature to protect the land. It cuts to the Godzilla logo.

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