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Godzilla (2014) Plot Clues and Reveals for Comic-Con!

Author: Chris Picard | Jul-16-2013 3:48 PM

The viral marketing for Godzilla (2014) has really started to pick up with San Diego Comic-Con starting this week. It's been common knowledge now for a while that Legendary Pictures is planning something BIG for this year's panel, and it involves everyone's favorite, radioactive Lizard - GODZILLA. But what exactly are they going to show us and what exactly has all the viral marketing meant so far? Read on for a detailed look at some of the secrets behind - Gareth Edwards' Godzilla...

Okay, so starting things off, Legendary launched an official website, called The Godzilla Encounter, which tracks fictional news stories surrounding sightings of a massive creature under the sea. Sounds like Godzilla doesn't it? Since the viral site's launch, they've been releasing a number of images, which are meant to look like screencaps of news stories on various fictional website news outlets. But fans were quick to pick up on the fact that some of the letters in these images were highlighted RED. Below are the images which were released - look for the RED letters:




So, adding the letters together, we get: S E R I. Fans speculated the rest of the phrase early on, only to be confirmed correct by a final viral image which the studio released yesterday. This final image features not only the remaining red letters, but also an animated gauge, showcasing various "radiation levels" - teasing the tagline "Something big is approaching San Diego. Will you be one of the first to witness the Encounter?".


The remaining letters spell out: SERIZAWA. For those wondering what that word means? Well, it's not a "Word", it's a "Name". Dr. Serizawa was the scientist from the 1954 original, who developed the famous Oxygen Destroyer - the only weapon to this day known for killing Godzilla. Fans speculate that Ken Watanabe will be portraying the role of Serizawa in Godzilla (2014), and you know what - they're probably right. However, we'll wait for an official announcement before jumping to conclusions.

But let's keep this viral marketing ball rolling, we're not done yet! The image above featuring the flickering gauge, also has a hidden URL which displays at what seems to be 2 and 4 second increments. The hidden URL leads to: godzillaencounter.ticketleap.com - which features info on Legendary's Godzilla presentation at Comic-Con.

Next up, fans went nuts yesterday when Legendary revealed a new Mondo teaser poster for Godzilla, seen below:


The poster confirms that Legendary got it RIGHT with the creature design. The poster, though not revealing Godzilla himself, does lend a huge sigh of relief to hard core fans, that he will retain his iconic look, instead of undergo a "modern re-incarnation", in the form of a giant Iguana. Thank God(zilla)!

Moving on, Legendary continues to hype up their 2014 summer tent-pole buy releasing a Godzilla Encounter App, which is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play App Store.

The App itself lets you be a part of the marketing, by taking photos and sharing them, via the #GodzillaEncounter hashtag on social media outlets such as Twitter or Instagram. In addition to taking photos, the app also offers some hidden clues to the plot line of Godzilla, as one of our members found out:



The Godzilla "Translator App" will uncover more secrets as time passes by, so be sure to download a copy and keep an eye out!

With San Diego Comic-Con coming up and Godzilla's main event taking place on the 20th, tension and hype will be at an all time high as we await what Legendary and Co. have planned for us. If you're a Godzilla fan and are out-of-your-mind excited for Godzilla (2014), be sure to take part in the discussion and fan speculation in the Godzilla 2014 Forums!

What do you think of the current viral marketing? What are thoughts regarding Serizawa's character being revealed? Does this mean Godzilla will die in the end? Let us know what you think, your thoughts and opinions are by commenting below!

Godzilla comes stomping into theaters May 16th, 2014!

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Comments (16)

whocares0 ›

The Oxygen Destroyer did kill Godzilla, but it also created one the meanest kaijus, which will hopefully make an appearance in this series.

zombie-goji ›

Wow, Serizawa? I can't believe I got that right! Does this mean we will have a character like him or something along the lines of an oxygen destroyer? ANTICIPATION IS KILLING ME

Sparkzilla14 ›

I hope they don't kill off Godzilla. I'd rather him fake his death or be severely injured than to die. I don't want a "son of Godzilla" continuation story

Goji1701 ›

That translator is definitely referring to the Godzilla of the 1960's, the Showa Era. Makes me wonder if they are going to go into the history of Godzilla with these clues.


that apps picture? purple spines coming out of the water? So hes not gonna have the blue spines? Hes totally gonna look like 2000

whocares0 ›

Can someone tell the website that the android app ISN'T WORKING??@@?

godzillafan1 ›

I clicked on the godzillaencounter.ticketleap link and saw the godzilla encounter events - but what is the Event Key and how much do the tickets cost? - I will be picking up my Comic-con badge Wed afternoon.

Bronsky ›

There is actually 5 signs (or clues like part of this image and text) about godzilla, so I believe there are 5 for each decade, not only 1960 version.

xxsaberblackcrow ›

oh man i hope they dont kill godzilla now im getting a little scared.

TheDude ›

Hmm, maybe Watanbe is playing a relative of Serizawa from the first movie? A brother or cousin? Dr. Serizawa died to protect his secret and only he knew how to design and create the formula to the Oxygen Destroyer.

Will Takarada come back as Ogata from the first movie? That would be cool.

Stan Hyde has a cameo in this movie and said in a panel this film will echo the spirit of the 1954 film. As to details, he can't say anything via contract.

G fan 84 ›

This movies a reboot they're starting from scratch with this one an entire new GODZILLA legend will be born.Im thinkin the new weapon is gonna be a dry land thing delivered directly to GODZILLA i mean we need to come to terms with fact that yes GODZILLA will no doubtedly die but not as easily as "ZILLA" did,i hope the fight scenes between GODZILLA and the other monsters are bada$$.

Wander_Panzer ›

Cant wait!!

Lenzilla ›

Godzilla will never die. I'm so pumped by all this Godzilla information that it is UNBEARABLE!

The-True-Batman ›

If he dies the freaking thing will just regenerate his whole body. It would take a while, but it just takes one of his cells for him to survive.

esnkd ›

i hope they do something totally different that they have ever done. i want to see multiple godzillas, kill one and realize now that a revenge thing is going on. godzillas showing up all over the planet until theres a movie where the earth is practically destroyed and had hundreds of godzillas, man has to relocate to another planet for their horrible missuses of nuclear power and other power sources...

The-True-Batman ›

@ESNKD They would need an oxygen destroyer to do that, and I don't like the idea of having multiple Godzillas, I think it's better to have one that is unstoppable.

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