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Godzilla game screenshot suggests what Godzilla's 'Atomic Breath' will look like in the movie!

Godzilla game screenshot suggests what Godzilla's 'Atomic Breath' will look like in the movie!

A new screenshot for the upcoming Godzilla mobile game, Godzilla Smash 3 suggests that the new movie will in fact feature the King of the Monsters' signature blue atomic breath as it was in previous films - a concentrated, blue beam of energy. Aside from what many fans have already agreed upon, up until this time neither Gareth Edwards or any cast have mentioned whether or not Godzilla would retain his signature atomic breath for the film. The earliest confirmation we had was back when the "Atomic Breath" action figure details leaked online. But still, we had no idea what the atomic breath would look like in the film, given Gareth's "realistic" approach to it.

The following screenshot from the upcoming Godzilla Smash 3 mobile game suggests that the atomic breath will not be altered much for the film and will remain as it has always been. The only slight differences that fans have begun to speculate upon are how Godzilla unleashes the destructive atomic ray. As you can see in the still below, it almost looks as if (like a snake preparing to devour a large animal), Godzilla unhinges his jaw while using the atomic breath. Though, at this point this is purely speculation.

** Image removed at request of Rogue Play **

It's also important to note that the film-to-game adaptation may not be completely accurate and some aspects of Godzilla could be suppressed or exaggerated. So it's likely his atomic breath in the film may differ slightly from the image above.

Be sure to let us know what you think by commenting below!

Special thanks to Kaijuufin for bringing this to our attention in the Godzilla forums!

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This article was written By Chris and published on 2014-03-22 23:18:43

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28 Fan responses to Godzilla game screenshot suggests what Godzilla's 'Atomic Breath' will look like in the movie!


Mar-23-2014 12:23 AM

Even if this isn't how it actually is this looks like a pretty real adaptation of his atomic breath so he doesn't burn himself with it!!!


Mar-23-2014 12:24 AM

Even if this isn't how it actually is this looks like a pretty real adaptation of his atomic breath so he doesn't burn himself with it!!!

Something Real

Mar-23-2014 1:22 AM

Almost reminds me of a serpent in profile. Very compelling.


Mar-23-2014 1:45 AM

It looks like he has a secondary cavity within his mouth that, when he unhinges his jaw, falls 'down', laying on his tongue, and that's where his nuclear hell-fire comes from.

Something Real

Mar-23-2014 2:08 AM

NIETZSCHE - you've an interesting idea there. I thought all of your concepts were centered on philosophy and the notion of the Super Man. ;)


Mar-23-2014 2:55 AM

When I am not philosophising with a hammer, I turn my attentions elsewhere. One does need a hobby after all. But I try to stay away from horses..


More on topic: Secondary thought time. We could also be seeing something similar to the internal flap found in crocodilians that allows them to not-drown when they grab onto something in the water. Now, while Godzilla has gills, if memory serves there are a handful of creatures with both gills and air-breathing lungs, more or less used to augment one another. Perhaps the gills allowed, through the many random quirks and such of evolution, to find a secondary use for the flap?

True American Godzilla

Mar-23-2014 6:58 AM

I too noticed that the American Godzilla's jaw unhinges before unleashing the Atomic Breath. For being a screenshot from the 2014 game this is great! Wonder how the Atomic Breath will look like on film.


My biggest question is how destructive will the Atomic Breath be? It has changed/varied over the years. The 54 film had it as super heat and intense radiation. Later versions, such as the Final Wars version, toned down the heat and radiation in favor for high pressure.


Mar-23-2014 7:41 AM

It may just be me, but it honestly looks like he's *vomiting it up*. Look at how his arms are spread, and how his stance is. He's heaving. Maybe this isn't quite fully a beam weapon, but super-heated particulate from somewhere in his digestive system(or some other organ he might have unique to his species). The beam appearance would be the air and such around the particulate being super-heated, along with the possibility of it giving off cherenkov radiation. If he is 'vomiting' it up, there would be liquid in there with it, which is how you'd get the C-Radiation blue.


Mar-23-2014 9:14 AM

release date for this game?


Mar-23-2014 10:59 AM

im not really a big fan of this science fiction take of godzilla.. with the "more realistic"-bull (which it obviously isnt) 

i hope the beam dosent look like this.. its too.. silly. i want something more visually impressive. but ofcourse this is just a mobile game, so maybe we will get that :/ 


im gonna miss the glowing spines though....


Mar-23-2014 11:06 AM

Haven, Goji's spines *tended* to only light up during the charge, not when it was released.


Mar-23-2014 11:56 AM


yeh, but i read somewhere that there arent going to be any glowing spines with this godzilla.. idk, migth just be a rumor


Mar-23-2014 12:08 PM

I actually wonder if the dorsal fins lighting up could be some sort of mating-display. One that also involves the breath weapon, showing that the Godzilla has the energy to waste on displays.


Mar-23-2014 1:12 PM

Cool, I was hoping he would have firebreath and without it, it would not be godzilla's proper return


Mar-23-2014 2:13 PM

I'm a big fan of films like; Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Indiana Jones and Star Wars. But this is the movie that I want to watch the MOST! I just can't wait, and I think that Godzilla looks awesome! Okay, now lets talk about this picture. Godzilla's atomic breath doesn't look awesome here, but hey, that's just a game, and I bet that Godzilla's atomic breath in the film will look 102% better. I can't wait to watch this film but it's also nice to talk to you guys about this amazing film. :)

godzilla3580 #TeamGhidorah

Mar-23-2014 2:42 PM

To be honest, I like how they are going abou this realistically, but this to me doesn't look very cool. The unhinged jaw thing just doesn't look very good to me, and the ray is too thin. I hope in the movie it looks more impressive and similar to the old movies.

But on the bright side (to not seem all bitter), I'm grateful that the atomic breath is there, and if it looks just a little better on the big screen, I'll be fine with it.


Mar-23-2014 2:55 PM

As long as he can spit fire, I'm happy. DOesnt anyone remeber the 98' version yelling at people and running away? 


Mar-23-2014 4:02 PM

Just a theory, but I think it may be possible that the reason the beam looks so "thin" is that Godzilla is only using it to bring down a helicopter.  It's possible that when he uses his atomic breath against something bigger and stronger (e.g. a battleship, a Muto), the beam will be bigger and stronger looking.


Mar-23-2014 4:14 PM

I was always under the impression that the breath would be more of a plasma/super heated compressed gas. In keeping with him being radioactive idea(heart is nucler reactor from previous movies), I would think that this would be more keeping with the realistic approach. Plasma is found in stars and reactors and is extremely hot, radioactive stuff.


Mar-23-2014 4:17 PM

This is just me guessing, but given the realism thing they're going for, it will probably *look* wider/girthier in the film because they'll give it that heat-wave effect, along with the air around it combusting from the heat. Since this is a mobile game, I doubt they(the devs) would've wanted to go to that extra length, because of the inherent limitations of mobile devices.

I'm sticking also to my 'projectile vomit' theory. Many animals use something similar(albeit, not *on fire*) to deter predators. Mostly it's just the god-awfull smell. Perhaps it developed from that, and said 'vomit' is super-heated due to Godzilla's insanely high internal temperatures. And, since there will be liquid within it(well, super-heated water vapour) the blue colouration may be cherenkov radiation.

As for his spines lighting up, *to my knowledge*, which is by no means perfect, every creature that has developed dorsal ridges, plates, ect like that, do so to make their profile seem larger and more intimidating, and during mating season, to show how big and strong you are for your potential mate. This could also give his beam-weapon a much, much, much more practical purpose. I expect such a thing to be energy-intensive, so a Godzilla that can flush his dorsal plates with blue cherenkov radiation, and emit that super-heated vomit/equivelent(perhaps a seperate organ that collects waste material?) is obviously in good health, and would pass on strong genes to the next generation.

Just guesswork, again.

TheGMan123 #TeamGhidorah

Mar-23-2014 5:08 PM

What I was hoping for was a concentrated stream of gaseous liquidy radioactively catalyzed plasma, so that it has enough kinetic pressure to demolish things, but also enough heat and stuff to melt stuff on contact. That way, it could serve as both a "napalm" (don't remember where I heard that) AND a forceful beam. And it all depends on how concentrated Godzilla wants the attack to be. The stream becomes more and more like a beam the stronger it's concentrated. It also gives a reason as to why Godzilla could have gills AND lungs, to take in air and other gases in any medium for usage as a raw material to convert into super-concentrated plasma.

Godzillatheking123 #TeamGodzilla

Mar-23-2014 5:35 PM

About the lack of glowing spikes, is this confirmed already in the film? As the article suggest, this screenshot of the game may not what is actually reflected in the film. Unless we know for sure (i.e. from a legit source) that there will be no glowing spikes, I'm not willing to say for sure there will be no glowing on Godzilla's back.


Mar-23-2014 10:15 PM

Just like the toy...mouth is so wide.....thisll be in the movie...cool


Mar-24-2014 8:34 AM

if they pull off a proper atomic breath/beam, then its pretty much gonna be the icing on the cake.

the last piece that says: this is the TRUE godzilla 


it needs to be visually impressive, and destructive.. 

also, i really hope that they have the blue glowing spines. godzillas atomic breath will not be the same without it.

its like, the last thing to make me totally satisfied with this godzilla (aside from all the "godzilla with fins, because realism!", which im not really a big fan of)

Huge-Ben #TeamGhidorah

Mar-24-2014 9:42 AM

yayyy even though we knew godzilla will have his atomic breath this really just proves it ;)


Mar-24-2014 3:05 PM

I love the idea that he unhinges his jaw to release his atomic breath. It's very snake like and I think it will be awesome lol I'm curious how powerful it will be though. In the Showa films it was more like a flamethrower but later on in films like GMK it was like a concentrated nuclear bomb put into a steady stream. I'm curious how powerful his "realilistic" atomic breath will be.

Fai Nathaniel

Mar-25-2014 3:12 AM

I really wouldn't look at this game as a completely accurate source, considering it isn't designed to show an incredible amount of detail. Let's be honest;It's an App game. Though I do buy the fact his jaw unhinges in the movie to reveal a "secondary chamber" in his throat, the beam itself is probably wildly detailed in the actual movie. Though, any insight that we can get our hands on helps.


Apr-04-2014 10:39 AM

Awesome Cant wait if you havent seen heres the trailer for the game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJ9P7F7klMw

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