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Shin-Gojira to have Purple / Violet Atomic Breath in Godzilla: Resurgence?!

Shin-Gojira to have Purple / Violet Atomic Breath in Godzilla: Resurgence?!

White, blue, red, all iconic colors and respective to different levels of power when it comes to Godzilla's most powerful weapon - his Atomic Breath. It seems, in this month's release of Shin-Gojira or Godzilla: Resurgence for us Westerners, Godzilla's famous iconic Atomic Breath will be given an upgrade along with the King of Monster's overall look. Fans in Japan attending the TOHO Shinjuku Cinema were privilege to an exclusive 30-second promo clip for the film and at the end of the clip, attendees account seeing Godzilla's atomic energy being emitted as purple or violet in color.


To the average reader this isn't Earth shattering news, but for those hard core Godzilla fanatics out there, the drastic change in atomic energy color means a lot. This could essentially prove to be the most powerful atomic breath ever witnessed. What this entails could include some of the most powerful and awesome carnage ever witnessed in a Godzilla movie. We already know Shin-Gojira will be the current largest Godzilla ever to be unleashed on the silver screen - even trumping Legendary's Godzilla from 2014!

Our friends over at Gormaru Island have recalled and summed up attendee accounts:

Several audiences and fans from Japan have taken to social media, all informing the same interesting piece of information-That Shin Godzilla's atomic energy has been reported to be purple(a few others have said violet, but majority state it to be purple).

This specific detail has been seen at the end of the promo. So far this seems to be limited only to TOHO Shinjuku Cinema. The sightings had began since the beginning of July. It's unknown if Shin Godzilla's atomic breath will be permanently purple, or if it's just some sort of state of his Atomic Breath(As in, in fun theory, if his oral weapon is complete or incomplete).

But for now as it stands, reportedly purple is the new blue, at least for Shin Godzilla.

Until we see some new footage ourselves it's difficult to say for sure, but with enough mentions of this sudden alteration of atomic energy color - we're willing to bet this is legitimate.

What do you think of Godzilla's new purple/violet atomic breath? Compared to previous incarnations, how much of an impact do you think this will have on the film's plot and/or Godzilla's overall power? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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7 Fan responses to Shin-Gojira to have Purple / Violet Atomic Breath in Godzilla: Resurgence?!


Jul-09-2016 10:21 PM

It's hard for me to imagine what this would look like. I'm not turned off by this news. I'm sure I'll love it, but it could go either way.


Jul-10-2016 3:38 AM

Huh....... in my fanfic/original series, I have a member of the Godzilla family with purple atomic energy and a violet atomic breath, whom is well on her way to becoming the most powerful of her kind yet. And I came up with that months ago 0_o

Something Real

Jul-10-2016 4:10 AM

CHRIS PICARD - How very interesting! Violet would indicate phenomenal heat - on the level of a meteor breaching the atmosphere! :)


Jul-10-2016 4:55 AM

I'd be ok with violet. It might actually look really cool against a nighttime background.


Jul-10-2016 8:46 AM

Nightmare Godzilla, Nightmare Atomic Ray. If the colors are worked right, it might actually look pretty scary. But how powerful will it be? Will it be more powerful than the Red Ray? The Spiral Red Ray (The most powerful thus far)? Or will it be somewhere in between blue and red? Guess we'll have to wait and see.


Jul-10-2016 10:29 PM

I've seen a few people speculate that the Purple ray might actually be an "incomplete" form of the classic Blue ray. Some suggest that as Godzilla is deformed, his atomic energy is unstable and/or not complete or as powerful yet. 

I've also read that some think the purple hue seen was a result of the blue atomic energy shining through the red flesh of Shin-Gojira. Although, they did recount that the aura of light brimming from Godzilla's mouth was in fact purple/violet.

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