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New Mike Dougherty interview hints at return of a classic Godzilla villain!

Director Mike Dougherty has been quoted in a new interview with Japanese website Cinema Today potentially teasing the return of a very iconic Godzilla villain.

During the interview, Dougherty touches on a few interesting aspects regarding the Monsters in King of the Monsters - going on to say that they are not just monsters and that each one has an individual opinion of Mankind. Each has a unique history and a unique connection to various ancient Human civilizations. Read on for a few excerpts translated from Japanese:

In past films, Mothra is presented as a guardian god, and was worshiped by little twin fairies and humans, which symbolizes that mankind and monsters can coexist. Understanding the monster, there were once existing civilizations living next to each other, but we may have forgotten it. Through this work, I thought to convey that.

Dougherty also teases that Mothra may convince Godzilla and Rodan to attach Ghidorah, like in the 1964 original:

As such for Micheal Dougherty, the monster is not just a monster. "In the original former Godzilla series, there is a wonderful scene in which Mothra encourages both Godzilla and Rodan to fight King Ghidorah, and the small twin fairies translate that exchange (From 'Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster' 1964). Looking at it, the monsters exhibit individuality and intelligence, each one having different viewpoints and ideas about the human race. Even in my movies, the monsters that just seem to bark actually have emotions, thoughts, and feelings. I wanted to tell as much I could, as I continued to tell the crew that they're not just monsters, but living creatures with character.

Next up, the interview touched on the infamous Oxygen Destroyer... referencing that the Oxygen Destroyer is NOT a mere cameo, but will play an integral part of the film's plot:

During filming of the movie, Micheal Dougherty had shared on Twitter an image of the fictional scientific weapon, The Oxygen Destroyer, which first appeared in the original 1954 Godzilla film 'GOJIRA'. Dougherty, admits that the weapon which became the deciding factor in destroying the original Godzilla by destroying all oxygen within its surroundings, appears within the film, "It appears as an important key item to the story, this is not a cameo", he confirms, "Of course there will also be other weapons created by humanity that will be shown."

Fans have been quick to point out that this might be a hint at the introduction of Destoryah - who in the original Toho films was created from the Oxygen Destroyer. There have been plenty of rumors suggesting Destroyah would be introduced, but this new interview certainly makes it seem like Destroyah will be the end result after the Oxygen Destroyer is used... This also makes us wonder if Godzilla and Kong will team up to take on Destroyah in the next film. what do you think? Sound off in the comments!

Special thanks to Gormaru Island for the translation. You can read the interview for yourself here!

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