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Will 2014 Godzilla be weak or strong like the other gojira,s?

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Dec-09-2013 8:54 AM

When it comes too Godzilla,s i do like all the Godzilla,s but the 2014 Godzilla well people have been talking about for mouths now and some people say the 2014 Godzilla could be weak but i beileve the 2014 godzilla will not be weak well 2 reasons it will be huge well not that huge and it will has it,s atomic breath so the new 2014 Godzilla will be strong and be inperves too weapons.

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7 Responses to Will 2014 Godzilla be weak or strong like the other gojira,s?


Dec-09-2013 9:01 AM

The new 2014 version is still the same godzilla as the original, in the same way g2000 is the same as the 1954 godzilla. The 1954 Godzilla is the default version, and since then all the latter designs/versions has varied (Im not counting Zilla here, he went too far from the default) we cant know about his strenght, other than its atleast as powerfull as the 1954 version.


Dec-09-2013 9:08 AM

I knew The new Godzilla will be stronger and also zilla The 1998 Godzilla was really weak it couldent even destroy a single tank or jet so zilla shoulden,t be count in the list


Dec-09-2013 10:17 AM

Where did you get that he's imprevious to weapons? Isn't this supposed to be a realistic take? If so I doubt conventional weapons won't harm him at all.


If you're comparing him to other Godzillas I'd still doubt he'll be the strongest, when some can snipe comets, and others can meltdown and literally destroy the planet. 


Dec-09-2013 3:22 PM


They mean realistic like  "HOLY CRAP GIANT MONSTERS ARE REAL!?" and not "it's a giant iguana".


They want to portray giant monsters realistically as in realistic human reactions to the giant monsters.

What would people in real life do if a giant radioactive seemingly unstoppable dinosaur rose up out of the ocean and started smacking around buildings, and stomping people? What would they do when other giant creatures came out and started fighting the dinosaur?

Think of the reactions to any natural disaster.

Think refugees and outright destruction.


Dec-09-2013 5:13 PM

I no that the new Godzilla is going too be much more stronger then the last Godzilla,s and there will be lots of destruction and also GODZILLA IS NOT A IGUANA ZILLA IS A IGUANA ZILLA CAN SUCK IT >:) and chris if you find this comment mean then i would delete or put some else more nicer then this


Dec-09-2013 8:59 PM



From what I understand this is what would it be like, and while that does mean largely the people, it also influences the animals too. For instance Godzilla has gills now to explain his prolonged time in water. The same will probably be done to him invulnerability, at least scaling it down a bit. 


And XXSABER there's nothing showing that yet. The only thing we know is his size, and that he will have atomic breath, we knowing nothing about the atomic breath itselft though, if they limit it, scale it down ect, that will severly weaken the character as a whole compared to past incarnations that can spam it over and over and basically 1 shot every other monster they come in contact with.

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