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Dino or croc?

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Dec-15-2013 8:04 PM

Now some people We,re saying that Godzilla will be a croc in the movie but i don,t beileve it,s true as you see Godzilla is still A dinosaur well Half Dino and Half Croc and also the gills is it possible he,s a shark too??!! Well i don,t no that the gills are ment for so i guess breaving i think But who no,s so about the croc if Godzilla was a croc he would look like a Monster with smaller Spines and a longer jaw and a very diffenet Roar so I say that Godzilla is still a dinosaur because one He will never ever be a croc well maybe half croc but still he still a dinosaur and Godzilla,s Roar will all we,s be the same like i dont care if they change his roar too a remix it,s still the classic roar so here,s my messge who ever thinks Godzilla is going too be a croc

Godzilla will kinda be a croc BUT HE IS STILL A DINOSAUR PEOPLE!


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15 Responses to Dino or croc?

King Godzilla24.7

Dec-15-2013 8:28 PM

Godzilla is a Dinosaur for crying out loud, never has been & will never be a Croc...Fact!

The key to Immortality is living a life worth remembering


Dec-15-2013 8:30 PM

possabilities in my opinion for godzilla before being mutated:

1. an unknown type of dino, specifically a new kind of lizard-hipped dinosaur, this is because he has both features of therapods and sauropods.

2. an unknown kind of rauisuchian, these were not crocodiles exactly, infact they appeared like a hybrid of dinosaurs and crocodiles, kind of like the new godzilla.

let it be noted that dinos, rauisuchians, and crocodiles are all archasaurs

theories about the gills-

1. realistically, reptiles do not have gills. these so called gills may actually be overlapping scales of armor that provide toughness, but still allow for flexability because they can slide over one another.

2. if they really are gills, godzillas mutation could have rendered them vestigial(although they could be repurposed to push out energy an let him swim faster or to help direct his ray). this would fit with godzilla because he has never needed gills, he can even survive in space, not just water. this is actually not unheard of in nature. water-bears(tiny creatures, not really bears) can survive in the vacum of space.

king of the monsters


Dec-15-2013 9:03 PM

Godzilla will always have some dino in him, even if that means he has a little bit of crocodile in him, but XxSaber, please work on your spelling and grammar! I could barely read the post! No offence, but I'm kind of a grammar nazi.



Dec-15-2013 9:18 PM

WTF COOL? Grammer Nazi wtf does that mean???


Dec-15-2013 9:29 PM

I love how you are stating what he will and will not be as though you've seen the movie or have some knowledge that the rest of us don't. This is a new imagining of Godzilla, he could pretty much be anything; don't make a post as though you know for a fact what he is going to come from.


Dec-15-2013 9:41 PM

WHADAHYA MEAN GILLS?!?!? We making some kinda fish lizard? Now while i may go on a limb here and say the silhouette of his face reminded me of a shark i will not stand for any fish-lizard theory to have traction... no i'm shutting it down. Gills would be detramental to Godzilla as seen in GMK. His breath travled the path of least resistance which happened to be a hole in his neck. I would really like to know how his breath ray beam mouth cannon works actually, the greatest mystery of our times as GFans.


Dec-15-2013 11:57 PM

i just thought of something, pherhaps they are not gills as much as vents. he could use these vents to suck air in, and then blow it out his mouth to help direct his atomic breath. he could even use this in reverse to help him swim faster and stuff like that. of course i would still preffer my overlapping armor theory that ive talked about before.

king of the monsters


Dec-16-2013 12:19 AM

BIDERBECK, i'm glad to see that someone hates the idea of godzilla having gills as much as i do. they would indeed limit him, godzilla can surivive in space like a water bear for crying out loud!!

king of the monsters


Dec-16-2013 5:13 AM

Sh*t! Godzilla with gills?! Never thought I'd see the day! Maybe Orga can steal that too....

Is it a monster? No... a god


Dec-16-2013 2:52 PM

Xxsaber, a grammar nazi is a person that is very uptight about grammar.



Dec-16-2013 4:36 PM

his a dino, why would he be a croc and if he was he might have a longer mouth


Dec-16-2013 8:17 PM

well i always believed Godzilla to be a mutated lizard due to the radiation. since i was a kid i beleieved thats where he came from. "LIZ"ard god"ZIL"la


Dec-17-2013 2:57 AM

I haven't seen or read anything that claimed Godzilla was a crocidile. I've heard people making the claim that the scales look a bit crocidilian, but that's about it. That's something I agree on, just look at the bumps and the overall "roughness" of the scales that we're able to see on some of the official pictures of Godzilla (like the licensing expo).


The closest thing I can think of that's sort of like a lizard/fish are salamanders, though those are amphibians and not reptiles, which lizards are. They have gills that are not vestigial, and they can breathe above water as well. Also, snakeheads come to mind, though they are fish that can breathe above water for extended periods of time, as well as utilize their gills.


Having Godzilla be a mutated dinosaur would very much pull away from the realistic approach. So, I don't think they went that route. I believe that they've left out Godzilla's origins for the most part, though I could be wrong.


Dec-19-2013 3:17 PM

Oh for the love of God!!! I'm not saying he's croc, did you even read my post? I said he could be anything, and that he might be a Croc-Dino-Amphibian hybrid. Sheesh, it would just make sense if he were related to them in some way, good lord!

We have a direct hit sir.Oh... oh my god! It's him, sir he's still alive! Go!GO!GO! Get out of h... Skreeeeeeonkkk! The King has Awakened...


Dec-22-2013 1:40 AM





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