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Mar-26-2014 2:08 PM

Here, we shall share ideas for our own giant monster flicks! Provide posters if you wish.




A film that demonstrates humanity's ability to create monsters and violence through their own intolerance and fear.

A meteorite that fell into the ocean off the coast of Osaka is covered up for years by the government, until it is forgotten by the public, except for a young reporter who is obsessed with conspiracies, and her little sister, for whom she tries to protect from the evils of the world... Perhaps even a little too much. 

A fishing vessel's anchor becomes stuck around the area the meteorite fell... Requiring the ship's captain to dive down. When he swiftly resurfaced, he was clearly traumatised. He was shaking, panting, unable to speak. He had seen something... And it had broken him. Later on, he is forced to be admitted to a mental asylum, screaming tales of a creature beneath the waves, who was sent to punish mankind with cleansing fire. Naturally, nobody believed him... Nobody except the reporter. She knew there must be something  down there... And her suspicions only grew when the military seized the bay, commanding the civilians not to panic.

At night, when the public had been sent away from the bay, ordered to stay in their homes, the reporter watched while a myriad of high-explosives were loaded onto ships, before setting sail to where the meteorite reportedly fell... It became obvious that whatever was happening, people were scared. They wanted rid of whatever hid beneath the sea. 

After a while, out in the fog, the sharp wet crack of depth charges could be heard. There was a long, dreadful silence, before thundrous explosions tore through the night, and the mist was painted with the orange plumes of the ships' ruination. Silence once again.. Until the water began to ripple, soon becoming vast waves which turned boats and beat against the docks... By now the people were staring out of their windows and gathering in the streets. A titanic shadow rose slowly out of the sea; a dark silhouette against the orange fog... It lifted its head to the sky... And a horrifying shriek filled the air.

It was then that the little people realised that their nightmares had become reality. 

Humanity had lit the fuse of its own destruction.

They should have left her alone.



At this point, that is the beginning of the story, but it is already a pretty typical monster movie. It  will follow the journey of the young reporter, who will get separated from her sister as Kyorah tears up the town, angry that her slumber was disturbed by human violence. As the movie progresses, it will be gradually revealed that Kyorah, despite her infernal strength and ferocity as she destroys the city, is actually a creature who only wishes to be left to her own devices, and her rampage is only a result of humanity's attack.


Be sure to share your own Kaiju films!



Not a poster... Just her to show what Kyorah looks like.


12 Responses to Your own kaiju film


Mar-26-2014 2:29 PM

Can we post videos too? I actually made a kaiju film a few months ago that's a little over 25 minutes lol


Mar-26-2014 2:42 PM

By all means, yes! If I had the time and money, I'd be out there making my Kyorah a reality!

Murph Dog

Mar-26-2014 2:48 PM

a godzilla/pacific rim crossover


Mar-26-2014 3:05 PM



What I meant was actual, original ideas. Heh...


Mar-26-2014 4:13 PM

So If I had an idea for a Godzilla film, you would say no.

\"SKREEONGK!\" -Godzilla


Mar-27-2014 6:51 AM

My personal Kaiju universe is simply too large to explain in a simple series of films, plus its style would lend itself to some GIANT anime style, but with art leads leaning towards the Pacific Rim sort of look. Remember, INSPIRATION from it, not direct translation of it. In a manner also live Neon Genesis Evangelion, but cooler. WAY cooler.


Mar-27-2014 8:30 AM

mine is a mix of the paific rim and the godzilla universe.  too big too explain.


Mar-27-2014 11:48 AM

Earth's Last Stand (ELS for short)


Mar-27-2014 2:07 PM

Here's the kaiju film I made called Kongoro The Indestructible. It's a homage to monster movies mainly from the 1950's, and has a lot of nods to characters/stories in the Godzilla universe.

Although It's a prequel to 3 other monster movies I made years ago I think most of the story should be understandable except for maybe the ending.

Kongoro The Indestructible!

Just as a warning, this was low budget so don't expect anything spectacular lol Enjoy!


May-22-2015 12:39 PM

                                           NIGHTS WITH SATAN'S MINION


For the past month, fishing stocks have been going down due too lack of fish in the town of Sakana No Machi. Sakana No Machi is a seaside town with fish galore, it strongly rellies on the fishing industry, so it was extremely strange to have a lack of salmon. Scientists guessed it may have to do with overfishing, so they suggested to lower fishing rates.

Three years later Sakana No Machi wasn't getting enough food. They sent out a large ship to catch one big load. After good catches they started to notice a large swell in the water. The fishermen decided it was unnatural and looked dangerous, so they turned back. But whatever the creature was, it was fast in water. The ship jerked to an abrupt halt, but it wasn't on the boat's accord. The ship suddenley flew up. A giant hand had seized them and lifted the boat up. And a giant scaly monster erupted from the ocean. 100 meters tall, it was dark black-green with navy blue spikes on it's back, with a lizard-like head that sported a large mouth with sharp teeth. It's eyes were bright red.

The kaiju tilted the boat sideways, dumping fish and humans alike into it's mouth. Once the boat was almost completley empty, the monster crushed the boat with one hand. It was obviously not satisfied. It dived back into the water and swam towards the unexpecting Sakana No Machi.

The monster erupted from the water, shocking and terrifying citizens all around. They instantly started fleeing and screaming. The monster tromped into the town, crushing everything in front of it. It plunged into the heart of the town. Tanks and jets were deployed, and other cities were contacted. They all sent their forces at it, but they only slightly harmed it. They weren't getting anywhere anytime soon.


After an hour of destruction and evacuation, the monster decided too leave. So it did. The next day, the town started reconstruction. The monster was nicknamed 'Satan's Minion' and it was discovered that the monster was male and a prehistoric species named 'giglacertadon.' The creature had lived in the water for a long time until an oil spill occured and the chemicals on it's body reacted in a way that mutated it.


The next week Satan's Minion struck again, but the army had prepared. The finest weapons were brought out and a huge, thick stone pillar was built. The army lured Satan's Minion to it using flares then blasted the pillar and the monster with all the force they could muster. The pillar eventually crumbled and fell on the kaiju, killing it.


Soon Sakana No Machi reconstructed.  It also gave them a chance to update too. Scientists used the corpse of the giglacertadon for experiments.




Sci-Fi King25

May-22-2015 1:02 PM

I've had my ideas, even made a few stop-motions, but I tried claymation for animating a kaiju of my design. Little known fact, I can't sculpt very well.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

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