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Godzilla Box Office Updates

G. H. (Gman)

May-16-2014 12:04 PM


Box Office Discussion will be reserved here.

CURRENT BOX OFFICE (as of 6/16):

Domestic: $191.4 Million

Foreign: $248.3 Million

World: $439.7 Million



June 15: Godzilla had a massive opening in China this weekend pulling in almost $11 million on Friday and $14.8 million on Saturday. It's the biggest Firday and Saturday opening of China in 2014 and Warner Bros./Legendary's biggest opening in the territory ever. It raked in $36 million from China this weekend alone and has easily surprassed Pacific Rim's final world wide gross of $411 million with a current world wide gross of $439.6 million. Domestically Godzilla is making peanuts, only pulling in over a million per day on weekends now. Its weekend total is $3.2 million pushing its domestic gross to $191.3 million. Russian totals are still in the dark since early May. Godzilla will open in Japan in less than a month.

June 9: Godzilla brought in nearly $6 million over the weekend and another $5.4 million in foriegn territories. (Although Russian totals for most movies since early-to-mid May are off since Russia's boxoffice totals have gone dark.) Godzilla is now up to $185 million domestically and $393.7 million worldwide. 

June 1: Obviously three weeks in I'm updating less. However, I wanted to make note that Godzilla start making profit this week as it crosses the $380 world wide mark. It's projected to hit $400 world wide by the end of next weekend before it even hits China. Godzilla hit $174.7 million domestically this weekend while foriegn boxoffice reached $200 million.

May 26, 1:00pm: Godzilla will finish Monday with $8.3 million, hitting $39 million for the four day total and adjusting ship to its previously predicted 50-60% four day drop. It's four day intake will be $39.5 million. Domestic intake is now at $156.8 million and is expected to hit its established budget domestically tomorrow and pass $200 million next weekend. The world wide at an estimated $323.4 million. Unfortunately UK's bank holiday was not factored into world wide gross today, so it's likely every film's Monday world wide numbers are a off. We'll know by next weekend what we missed.

May 25, 1:00pm: Godzilla corrected ship a little bit this weekend to hit the late $30 million estimate. Domestic revenue for Saturday and Sunday saw Godzilla take in $11.9 million (estimated) and $10.7 million (estimated). The fall in percentage from the previous weekend was closer to what Legendary and other industry watchers predicted, hauling in a weekend domestic total of $31.4 million (estimated). Foriegn revenue has finally been reported after a week long absense with an estimated $66.3 million. Pushing Godzilla's world wide total to $315.4 million. Of minor note, Godzilla passing the $300 million mark has also pushed WB's 2014 past the $1 billion mark.

May 24, 11:40am:  While X-Men didn't have as good of an opening day as Godzilla, ($36 million to Godzilla's $39), Godzilla fell 77% only making $8.8 million yesterday. Spider-Man 2's second Friday was $10 million and Captain America's second Friday was $11.9 million-- meaning Godzilla is on track for an estimated $30 million by Sunday, $40 million by Monday at best. Godzilla sits at $126.2 million domestically, $229.6 million worldwide. No foriegn updates yet.

May 23, 1:30pm: With still no word on foreign boxoffice sales since the weekend, Godzilla took in $4.6 million yesterday for an estimated domestic gross of $117.3 million. It sits somewhere around $220.7 million+ world wide.

May 22, 2:30pm: Godzilla made a small $4.9 million on Wednesday. No new info on the foreign front, so with a domestic gross of $112.8 million, Godzilla now has $216.2 million+ world wide. Numbers should start picking up again this weekend.

May 21, 3:30pm: Godzilla continues to have a very solid weekday showing with $6.9 million on Tuesday. Foriegn gross has not been counted since the weekend. So while the domestic gross is officially $107.8 million, the world wide gross is estimated $211.2 million+. More accurate figures as they come.

May 20, 2:30pm:  As expected, Godzilla passed the $100 million mark domestically yesterday. It had the best follow up Monday of 2014 with an intake of $7.6 million. (That's $2.5 million more than The Amazing Spider-Man 2's first Monday and almost $1 million more than Captain America: The Winter Soldier.) Domestically Godzilla sits at $100.9 million. World wide at $204.3 million.

May 18, NOON: Looks like Godzilla will end its official weekend with a $32.1 million Saturday and a $22.5 million Sunday (estimated) bringing it to a prediction surpassing $93.2 million domestically for the weekend. (A slightly stronger opening than The Amazing Spider-Man 2) Foreign gross for Godzilla has raked in $103 million, putting Godzilla's world wide total at $196.2 million in three days. More exact numbers will be delivered soon.

May 17, NOON:  Godzilla's Friday opening is the biggest of 2014 so far. It's domestic total was a whopping $38.5 million. (For comparison, that's $3.7 million more than The Amazing Spider-Man 2's $35.1 million Friday opening.) With Godzilla's foreign income at $43 million, that pushes the world wide gross to $81.5 million.

May, 16, 4:50pm: According to Box Office Mojo the foreign income for Wednesday/Thursday night was $20 million. Added to Thursday night's domestic gross, Godzilla has reached nearly $30 million worldwide.

May, 16, NOON: Godzilla made $9.3 million Thursday night-- One of the biggest non-sequel openings ever for a Thursday night. It beat The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Thursday night which made $8.4 million. The last non-sequel released around this similar timeslot was World War Z which was highly successful and made $3.4 million its Thursday night. Godzilla is poised to make anywhere from $70-$100 million by the weekend's end.

106 Responses to Godzilla Box Office Updates


Jun-15-2014 10:41 PM

@Something Real : You are welcome :)


Update: Meanwhile, as of today current sales for the US-Box office stands at $191 million, and new overseas figures just came in, and stands at $248.3 million. This brings the grand total to $439.3 million. 

" Your kind feared the Darkness. "


Jul-08-2014 5:22 AM

Latest Box-Office Update: 

In the US Box-Office, Godzilla 2014 has been pushed out of the top 10 list, currently sitting at #19 domestically with 352 screenings remaining. Surprisingly both the Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Neighbors managed to edge out Godzilla at the box-office to end at #17 and #18 this weekend respectively, despite being out longer and with lesser screenings. 

This brings Godzilla's US total now to $197.9 million. Total combined sales now stands at $488.9 million, up from $488.7m. 



" Your kind feared the Darkness. "


Jul-11-2014 2:33 PM

When will we learn the haul Godzilla got in Japan?


Jul-11-2014 2:45 PM


it just arrived in japan the other day so no word on that as of now. :(

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Jul-14-2014 6:14 AM

Latest update:

It appears that sales of Godzilla in US theatres have ended. Total domestic takings are $198.1 million. The last recorded earning was $48K and Godzilla has plunged further to #20 at the box-office, below old titles like Rio 2 and Madagascar. 

It could also mean that WB has stopped providing updates for its daily sales, since sales for the last 2 weeks have been pretty much stagnated. 

Worlwide sales remains at $291.5M, bringing the total combined sales to $489.6 million. 

" Your kind feared the Darkness. "

Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Jul-14-2014 2:23 PM

DestroyahX- You are actually very wrong. I just saw Godzilla yesterday.

 "...I hope they remember you."-Thanos


Jul-15-2014 7:37 AM

Latest update: 

Godzilla is now further down to #23 at the Box-office. It made a total of $237k over the Fri-Sat. This brings the US total to $198.3m. Latest foreign box-office update is now $292,000. The combined total stands $490.3 million. 


" Your kind feared the Darkness. "


Jul-16-2014 6:55 AM

From SciFiJapan.com -


"Recent projections that GODZILLA would struggle to hit $200 million have proven true and — barring any last-minute promotions by Warner Bros. — it will likely become the first film ever to debut over $90 million but fail to reach $200 million by the end of its run.

Internationally, GODZILLA added another $500,000 over the past week. Japan is the only major territory where the film has yet to open; Toho will release GODZILLA there on July 25th. Expectations are that the new movie will surpass the $33 million Japanese take for the poorly-received 1998 Sony Pictures’ remake, which would push GODZILLA well past $300 million internationally and $500 million worldwide."



Jul-16-2014 8:55 AM

Let's not count the chickens before they hatch. Remember what happened in the US? Everyone was saying G14 could easily beat G98's $231m domestic. So let's see what happens in Japan by then.



" Your kind feared the Darkness. "


Jul-16-2014 2:45 PM

Saw it for the third time at an art-house theater this past Monday, got me a $4 ticket and a beer and a couple of slices of pizza.  The theater had about 100 people in it, not bad.  I could tell from what they were saying that a few of them had held out for a reduced ticket price after the not-so-tremendous word of mouth.  But the interest was still there.

Godzilla is still a draw.  They just gotta figure out what audiences really want out of him.


Jul-16-2014 5:40 PM

@Destroyah-X - Oh, believe me, I'm not. This is just an update from SciFi Japan. What bug me is the first paragraph, and how it would be the first film ever to debut over $90 million but fail to reach $200 million. That pisses me off.

I'm certainly hoping it can make enough to get to $500 mil, but out-doing '98 there is no sure bet at all.


Jul-31-2014 4:43 PM

godzilla will pass 200 million domestic and 500 million worldwide by the end of this weekend!!!

Total Lifetime Grosses source boxofficemojo

Domestic:  $199,870,300    40.1%
Foreign:  $299,000,000    59.9%

Worldwide:  $498,870,300



Jul-31-2014 8:14 PM

Think it already has, because the foreign hasn't updated to include last weekend's Japan take which i believe was over $6 mil and would put G2014 over $500 mil worldwide.


Aug-04-2014 3:09 PM

here is the latest update as of 8/4/14


im pleased it was sucessful and lets hope we get at least 25 minutes of godzilla in the sequel!!!we desreve it!!!

Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic:  $200,163,953    39.4%
Foreign:  $307,300,000    60.6%



Emperor GorillaGodzilla

Aug-08-2014 7:01 AM

Also DestoroyahX its making more than spiderman on its weekends and on saturday! it still made 90,000 to 100,000 on this last weekend. 507 million worldwide and 200million domestic.

 "...I hope they remember you."-Thanos


Sep-02-2014 5:06 PM

here is the latest update as of 9/2/14


i think 4 years might be too long for a sequel if their smart they should cut it down to 2 years.where there will still be high interest for it but 4 years i see people losing any desire to see a sequel thats just my opinion.

Total Lifetime Grosses

Domestic:  $200,676,069    38.2%
Foreign:  $324,300,000    61.8%

Worldwide:  $524,976,069  

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