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"Godzilla 3: Destroy A(h)ll Monsters"-My sequel to "Godzilla 2: Rise of Ghidorah" rough draft

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Jul-14-2014 5:36 AM

As you may have seen, I've written a story treatment for 'Godzilla 2' a while back and posted it online (which BTW, I've since made a few tweaks to it, including making the end battle more "heroic" for Godzilla). It features Godzilla and Mothra battling King Ghidorah, entitled Godzilla 2: Rise of Ghidorah which you can read in full here. It also has a bunch of new characters, including a trio of main characters: Natalia Orlovsky, a no-BS women's general, played by Emily Blunt, Lt. John Reaver, a formerly retired soldier called back into action following Ford's death at the beginning, played by Mark Wahlberg, and Dr. Kraven Novak, a scientist who's part of a 'secret' branch of Monarch secretly part-taking in shady operations on Monster Island, played by Cillian Murphy. They are all part of a love triangle that reaches its climax by the treatment's end. It also features the US Secretary of Defense, Chad Kristoferson, played by Laurence Fishburne (see a theme here with my casting choices?), a returning character who will actually feature the Pentagon, which was left out of my G2 treatment, in the sequel. 

This leads to a DAM-themed sequel with a mix of new monsters and classic Toho ones, including one that was teased heavily and even secretly featured in a silhouette in my G2 treatment (you only see parts of his body through smoke), which turns out to be Destroyah. The movie starts out 20 years in the past, where Norv Bennett, the CEO of an industrial organization, played by Dominic Cooper, is revealed to be working on several "top-secret projects" for battling kaijus, revealed to be 'Super-X' and 'M.O.G.U.E.R.A.' However, it all comes to a halt when they are suddenly attacked by hordes of Destroyah in miniature form, which destroy their 2 creations and kill a lot of the scientists, including his son, who happens to be the chief scientist. Disheartened by his loss, Bennett vows to create a new weapon in his son's memory that's "symbolic", and turns to a nearby sculpture of Godzilla as inspiration. 

20 years later, this project is unveiled at the White House (after heavy coverage in the news media by reporter/journalist, Marissa Thornberg, played by Rebecca Hall) during a State of the Union address following a horde of monster attacks across the globe, which include attacks at the Sydney Opera House and Eifel Tower in Paris from Kumoraiju (portmanteau for "Bat Monster" in Japanese), a giant mutant bat w/scythes and remnants from the dead MUTOs, and Wolfala, a bipedal wolf-dinosaur hybrid spliced from a wolf and the recovered body of a dead Godzillasaurus. This now global monster crisis is categorized as the "first ever category 6 disaster" by the US President Rick Ellis, played by Tommy Lee Jones. Bennett then takes the stage and gives an inspirational speech, even showing off a plaque of his son and daughter, who also died via monster attack during a research project in Antarctica (revealed to be a LP take on the Leviathan monster, one of several "new" monsters). He then removes the sheet from his secret project, revealing it to be none other than a revamped MechaGodzilla, modeled after the 2014 Godzilla's design. And BTW, he's as realistic as you're ever going to see him on screen, armed with only "real" weapons, basically weapons that actually exist this day and age (which includes a lightning gun that was successfully tested by the real US military). 

However, this doesn't sit well with the Chinese and Japanese governments, who've since formed a truce following a political dispute over land and resources entailed during the opening credits. This story arch draws in another new character, the Director of the CIA, Jack Mauher, played by Idris Elba, in an attempt to gain intel on the matter (he's also involved in a dispute within his own ranks throughout the film, arguing that they don't need Godzilla to fight their battles, hence the need for a MechaGodzilla, or man-made Godzilla). It is later revealed that they have "inside information" that the highly-publicized contagion resulting from a nuclear plant meltdown responsible for creating Destroyah-initially a bunch of embryos in a lab containing Godzilla cells and DNA from the Shinomura, a monster featured in 'Godzilla: Awakening' which are then mutated into deadly crustaceans from the virus, which are of course dubbed 'Destroyah' by the government-many years prior was secretly caused by agents of IsleCorp, the shady Monarch branch from my G2 treatment. They then create a bio weapon from Godzilla cells in response to America's "top secret advanced anti-kaiju weapon" due to their lack of trust in having such an advanced weapon in the American's hands-having already caused the nuclear plant catastrophe that killed hundreds of thousands (which would be a major plot point, referenced several times throughout the film through the eyes of survivors, which include Serizawa's own mother, who is shown repeatedly listening to the Oppenheimer speech after being severely traumatized by the ordeal) while also creating Destroyah-and then unleash it following their repeated refusal to surrender MechaGodzilla, which is of course revealed to be none other than Biollante! Created to be an "equalizer" to man supposedly trying to control nature in creating MG, she actually turns out to be another force of terror they were hoping to stop to BE equalized as she raises hell on civilians after her big reveal... yeah, I think y'all know where I'm going with this (think: payback 25 years in the making!)

A subplot involving another new monster, a Monster X-like rock monster named Mesias-long hailed as the protector of China until he turned on civilization after awakening to see the damage humans have caused to his land following the Cold War-is then used to unveil Anguirus and Rodan while offering more insight on the Leviathan monster at the beginning. This revelation is foretold in flashback form by another new character, Donte Maddox, a priest/leader of a cult, played by Liam Neeson, the adoptive father of Alisa, a sniper in the Russian military now joining forces with the US and signing the NATO treaty as a response to the global monster crisis, played by Svetlana Khodchenkova (the chick who plays Viper in 'The Wolverine'), who is partnered with Alexei Voronov, played by Gerard Butler (him and Wahlberg would have awesome dialog scenes together). His cult is responsible for performing a ritual that reawakens Mesias from the mountains on Monster Island after being buried there by Leviathan many years prior, which happens to be the same mountain he rose from following a battle with the combined efforts of Godzilla, Anguirus and Rodan, in which their alliance was formed. After saving Rodan and Anguirus from Mesias, both monsters are then buried in a volcano after a rift causes Godzilla to similarly fall into it via edge collapsing after sending him there via his atomic breath. Mesias later arose from the volcano (and long believed to be the only one to do so), forcing them to turn to Leviathan as a last resort with Godzilla believed to be dead and buried. After defeating and burying Mesias, Leviathan turns his focus to the humans, going on a rampage, killing Donte's pregnant wife and their child (hence adopting) and fatally injuring Lt. Reaver (Mark Wahlberg's character). He then flees to Antarctica, feeding off a special nutrient within its caves (I'll think it up later), only to be followed by none other than Godzilla himself! After being heavily overpowered by the super kaiju, Godzilla manages to defeat Leviathan by trapping him in an avalanche caused by his atomic breath (explaining his burial there). In doing so, Godzilla is showcased for his cunning intellect as well as his tenacious fighting ability as an apex predator, adding a new element to his character in the 3rd movie that I cleverly thought up. 

So for the 3rd movie, I cleverly thought of the title Godzilla 3: Destroy A(h)ll Monsters. See what I did there with the title? And BTW, I'm just getting to the meat of the story, which I'm writing a full treatment of right now, as in, every scene from start 'til finish much like my G2 treatment, not just a brief summary of the main plot points like you see on any movie's Wiki page. And BTW, what did y'all think of my new take on a Destroyah origin without the Oxygen Destroyer? I immediately thought Doomsday (basically, the result of a freak lab accident gone wrong) when brainstorming a new origin for him, because that's ultimately who he reminds me of. He's basically Godzilla's equivalent of Doomsday, or Bane if you wanna go the Batman/Dark Knight route, which my story treatment will pay several homages to 'The Dark Knight Rises' (I have one scene taking place inside Lincoln Financial Field where victims are being attended to as a homage to Heinz Field, also in PA, in TDKR for one, where I plan on having Serizawa deliver another one of his powerful speeches while gazing into the sunset), so I'd like to think of him more as Bane, Godzilla version, if that gives you any idea of how the first Godzilla-Destroyah fight on Monster Island will unfold (minus the back-breaking), which actually makes sense within the context of my story treatment. Don't worry, I have the perfect rematch build-up and climax planned.

PS, for anybody fixing to type "oh, but they'll never get the rights to all these monsters" to me: they supposedly already have the rights to 4 other Toho monsters according to Chris from TohoKingdom, and there's a total of 7 between my 2 sequel treatments, so they would just have to buy the rights to 3 more with 2 more movies yet to come. They had several Toho monster easter eggs in the first movie, so I believe it, it's called connecting the dots.

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1 Responses to "Godzilla 3: Destroy A(h)ll Monsters"-My sequel to "Godzilla 2: Rise of Ghidorah" rough draft


Jul-15-2014 9:51 AM

My apologies, it probably should've been posted in the 'Godzilla Works' forum, it's just I've seen several other sequel rough drafts posted in the 'Godzilla Sequel' forum, including mine, but yeah, I've decided to go forward on this since several of you seemed to enjoy my previous work on 'Godzilla 2: Rise of Ghidorah'. 


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