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Monster feud ideas for Godzilla 2 poll (VOTE NOW)

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Aug-20-2014 6:01 PM

As we all know, Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah have been confirmed for the Godzilla sequel, which means the 3 of them are gonna start out fighting each other before joining forces to take on the big threat-Ghidorah, just like how BvS is going to play out I surmise, with Bats and Supes colliding before teaming up to take on Lex together. 

There's just one problem: in my vision for the sequel, Godzilla and Rodan are both allies from the get-go as part of a predator-scavenger relationship they both have, leaving just Godzilla and Mothra fighting before teaming up to face the "big one" together, which leads to the next problem: they're both "guardians", so they can't fight each other unless one goes rogue somehow. So, I've put together several different scenarios for one of the two "going rogue" so to speak, and I wanna know which one you guys like the best. I think I know which one's going to win (since it's the most "grounded" of them all), but here it goes:

1. Rogue Mothra-a couple eggs are found, each containing the Mothra larva twins inside of it. However, they are both discovered after being lured into the city via vat of chemicals and killed by the "one MUTO that got away" which was awakened by the nuke intended to take out Godzilla and Rodan (who managed to escape with mach 4 flight), codenamed "DESU". Mothra is pissed upon hatching in full indigo form and goes on a tear after seeing the death of her two young, leading to an awakened Godzilla trying to "balance" things. Rodan tries to get involved, leading to a 3-way fight until Ghidorah arrives, prompting them all to face him together.

2. Rogue Godzilla-See my Ghidorah Hydra Beam idea here. Mothra is seemingly killed via superpowered atomic breath upon destroying the crystal structure forged on his body injecting the Hydra Venom into him right before his oxidation reaches 100%, then regenerates just as Ghidorah is about to finish the weakened Godzilla off upon arrival. She is killed by having her own energy ray pushed back at her by Ghidorah's gravity beams, however, the radiation from her corpse awakens both Godzilla and Rodan (who Godzilla seemingly killed before Mothra arrived), leading to a 2-on-1 battle. Ghidorah is about to finish Godzilla off by choking the life out of him, however, Rodan gets up after being knocked into an oil refinery and drives Ghidorah into the river, saving him, then causes the bridge to collapse onto both of them via his Sonic Boom, seemingly killing them both. Godzilla is then hit with an electric amplifier weapon, paralyzing him. The military then goes to check the body only for Ghidorah to get up and destroy each of the tanks carrying the amplifier weapon with his gravity beams before fleeing.

3. DestGodzilla/DesuGodzilla-See idea #1, except the DESU nuke is also said to contain a special "poison" when being used on Godzilla. Godzilla later awakens, except he's donning the clear eyes as seen in the poster here and red and black scales on his body (though none of some other kaiju's bodily features so as to not give away too much to the audience). He goes on a prehistoric tear after beng injected with a crustacean/Destroyah mutagen (hence the red and black scales on his body) from the nuke. Mothra is seemingly killed during her fight with Dest/Desu Godzilla just as she finishes releasing the mutagen from his body with the rest of the fight(s) playing out as entailed above in #1.

Of course, you've surely noticed a recurring them with each of them when reading this: they're all meant to build towards/easter egg Destroyah, who, if I'm Gareth Edwards or Thomas Tull, I'm buying the rights for to have as the final boss in the 3rd movie (the oft-talked about DAM film Gareth said he planned on doing) with my new origin idea here. Ghidorah could be the Joker to Godzilla's Batman in G2 and Destroyah the Bane to Godzilla's Dark Knight in the 3rd movie (notice a theme here?), works for me.

PS, I think the "DESU" nuke would be a nice Destroyah easter egg to have in the 2nd movie however which way it is used, one of many I would put in the film. You could even have "DESU" labeled onto it.

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2 Responses to Monster feud ideas for Godzilla 2 poll (VOTE NOW)

Sci-Fi King25

Aug-20-2014 6:09 PM

I like the first one.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


Aug-21-2014 4:04 AM

*I'm sorry, mutagen for the last one, not venom, but yeah, I think the first one's going to win this, it's the most grounded/feasible of all of them, and surely G-fans would love to see all 3 of them fighting each other at once before having all 3 team up to take on Ghidorah together. The only problem with this idea is that it leaves Godzilla out of the picture for a while having been hit with a nuke, leaving a lot of the focus on Rodan and eventually Mothra and Ghidorah until he reawakens. That might draw its share of complaints from people knowing the reactions and seeing them online (some of which are justified, however, a lot of it is simple nitpicking and/or gross hyperbole).

As for the third one, yeah, I think it sounds cool in theory. I remember looking at that LegendaryGoji GMK poster another guy posted on here and thinking how cool he would look having those clear eyes from that poster AND the red and the black scales of Destroyah all over his body, it would also serve as yet another teaser for him in the 3rd movie if this happened, but how then do you sell Mothra removing the mutagen from his body in believable fashion? Maybe with some kind of energy sap/antedote spores, but I dunno, people might say it's too fake for their taste, which I could understand.

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