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Mothra LarvaeMember9 XPSep-29-2014 9:44 PM

This is the longest topic I have ever written. It took over 3 hours to write, along with researching all the different facts from trustable sites. It is a tribute to my favorite group of kaiju, the Divine Moths. Contructive criticism would be nice. Why are you still reading this, start with the main topic already. I will add more facts as time goes by.


So since the film "Mothra" came out in 1961, she has been an icon of giant monsters all around the world and a fan favorite of most female Godzilla fans. She was eventually sucked into the Godzilla franchise and been featured in 8 films so far, nine if you count that she has been confirmed for Godzilla 2014's sequel. She has indeed become so popular that another spinoff series was created, the "Rebirth of Mothra" trilogy, in the late 90's. She had appeared in 5 movies in the Showa era, revealed in Mothra, with her last appearance in "Destroy all Monsters." She then took a 30 year break(Geez.) until 1992, where the kaiju once again revealed itself in "Godzilla vs Mothra: Battle for Earth." This film also featured Battra, a counterpart for Mothra. In the films "Rebirth of Mothra","Rebirth of Mothra II", and "Rebirth of Mothra III", two new versions are introduced, Mothra Leo, and the prehistoric larvae. She also appeared in the rather obscure television show Godzilla Island. During the Millenium series, the deity popped up in GMK, where she was an ancient guardian of Japan, specifically the God of the Sea. She and her larva then later assisted Kiryu in Tokyo: SOS, and defeated Gigan in Final Wars, as an ancient enemy of the deadly mech. She is set to appear in Godzilla 2, which going by the recently updated synopsis, is going to be an enemy of Godzilla. Mothra had at least one cancelled film in her history, which was Mothra vs Bagan. Set to be released in 1990, it was scrapped due to the poor box office success of Godzilla vs Biollante in 1989. The total film gross for each film Mothra and other aliases has appeared in (excluding cameos) is roughly $115,235,225 US dollars.

Reputations of Mothra/Leo/Battra

Despite having wrought enough destruction worthy of any typical kaiju, Mothra is often depicted as being a kind and benevolent monster, often portrayed as a protector. The same attributes go for her son, Mothra Leo, although he has a much more enthusiastic fighting spirit. The twin fairies also stated his love for flying. Battra is shown to not care for the human race at all, only showing protection towards the Earth itself, and destroying any that should come to harm it. Battra and Mothra have a past, where Battra destroyed an ancient civilization that developed a device to control the weather. He however took it too far, wiping out the entire population. Mothra intervened, and the two had a titanic battle in which Mothra defeated her counterpart and left him to heal in the North Seas, while Mothra went to rest in Japan's mountains, awaiting the day they were both needed once more. Leo had almost certainly fought much stronger foes than his mother and her sibling, where his determination and brutal fighting skills against foes such as Desghidorah, Daghora, and Grand King Ghidorah have all proved superior over the enemy. All of them have Shobijin counterparts, who have appeared in every film featuring these kaiju, with the exception of GMK, although two twins do make an appearance, an obvious nod to the fairies. Battra's equivalent of the Shobijin appear in the IDW comics.

Abilities of Larva Mothra/Leo/Battra

Mothra and Leo are a simple brown color, with their looks being reminiscent of an actual caterpillar, despite some physical differences. Both have an array of unique attacks and defenses, with their main attack in larva form being mainly to cover the opponent in silk they produce from their mouths and/or grab the enemy's tail from behind, which has been shown in many different cir***stances *cough*Tokyo:SOS*cough*. Leo can unleash a powerful beam from his chest and also can turn invisible. Battra's larva form has a drastically differing look to him apart from the others, with a tough black carapace and bright red and yellow coloration. His main method of attack in this form are electrical blasts with an orange-red coloration generated from his massive horn, which could generate energy pulses and is also perfect as a battering weapon. From his eyes come purple blasts that he does not appear to have full control over, for they fly around wildly, striking whatever they happen to hit, be it ally or foe. The larva forms of all three are adept swimmers and Battra also has the useful ability to burrow deep into the ground. He can also withstand being trapped in the Earth's mantle, submerged in lava for several days. When heavy firepower is needed, these three can turn into their Imago forms. Battra seems to have the ability to turn into Imago form whenever necessary and quickly, by getting enveloped in a purple light and emerging as the Dark Divine Moth. Mothra and her son must find a suitable spot(usually Tokyo Tower) and spray silk all over themselves to create a cocoon that even tank's artillery can pierce. Once fully developed, they emerge as Divine Moths. All of them have gained new abilities.

Abilities of Imago Mothra

Mothra scratches and bites her opponents which doesnt usually do much, but she has also received a spray of pellets from her abdomen which have pierced Godzilla's skin, a ray attack generated from her antennae, lighting attacks from her wings as well and the gale force winds she can produce. Mothra is also one of the most powerful physics in the Toho universe, using this to her advantage by comunicating with humans and also to distract/destroy her enemies. As a last resort, the insect kaiju can shed her scales from her wings as a poisonus powder that will hopefull axphysiate her foe. This is only used as a last attack, for the lack of the scales will completely remove her ability to fly.

Abilities of Imago Battra

Imago Battra is still a horribly relentless opponent in this form. While having lost the skill to dig and swim, he has attained the speed of mach 3 and unlocked the Prism Beam, a powerful, more controlled version of his eye beams while in larva form. His newly attained legs can also grasp objects, being strong enough to carry a ferris wheel bigger than hinself and fling it at Godzilla. In the manga adaptation of Godzilla vs Mothra, he can discharge an energy blast from his stinger-like rotrusion and also fire dark spheres made from energy out of his horns. He can also instantly develop a cocoon, which acts as a shield.

Abilities of Imago Mothra Leo

This version of Mothra has a slightly different appearance from his mother, with emerald green eyes and a much more bright color scheme. He is extremely fast, going at top speeds of mach 15.5. The deity can fire three multicolored lasers from his forehead, Jade Bolts from his wings, and a Mega Breast Cannon from his chest. He can break apart into billions of smaller moths and reform somewhere else to heal. His Reflective Green Powder can causes pain and weakens his enemies. He has many more abilities, such as the Excel Pileload, Sparkling PyreRoad, Excel Dash, and the Sun Strike Buster. Leo gains energy from the Earth, and has the unique ability to speed the growing of plants. He can change into Rainbow Mothra, which has all the same abilities as his previous incarnation, excluding a levitation and pressure field he can emit. Aqua Mothra is his second form and can fire a Cross-Heat Pulser Beam, can both fly and swim at speeds up to 200 knots, create illusions, and use a Crescent Dash Beam. Light Speed Mothra is arguably, the fastest kaiju ever, going at speeds of 186,000 miles per second, which enables him to travel through time. Lightspeed Leo can revert back to Rainbow Mothra for combat. Armored Mothra is the second to final form of this divine being. His armor protects him from any energy beam attacks, and has razor sharp wings. He makes use of the Armor Cross Heat Laser, and can turn into his final form, Eternal Mothra. Eternal Mothra is shown to be a snowy white with blue, yellow, orange, and bits of red tinting his body. With all of these abilities pooled together, Leo is no doubt one of the strongest kaiju in history, with one of the largest arsenals. 

Fairy Mothra

A small Mothra appeared in several films, as a mount for the Shobijin and a message carrier. She is very kind, and strong-willed. Fairy had a small role in Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla, where she tells the main characters that something evil is coming to the Earth, and Mothra cannot intervene with it.

Other Appearances

These three have all shown up in Godzilla Island. In video game material, only Mothra and Battra have been seen. They have shown up in Godzilla: Unleashed (Battra as a PS2 exclusive), Save the Earth, the upcoming PS3 game, in which Mothra is confirmed, Daikaiju Battle Royale, and many others. 


-Battra was originally meant to be a mutated Mothra, aka Gigamoth, who had abilities similar to that of Hedorah.

-Godzilla vs Mothra: Battle for Earth was the highest grossing Godzilla film. King Kong vs Godzilla had a higher attendance rate, but slightly lower box office pulls.

-It is possible that if Battra had survived in Godzilla vs Mothra, Mothra would have assisted in fighting SpaceGodzilla. 

-Mothra is regarded as the second most popular kaiju, having a film appearance count second to that only of Godzilla.

-Mothra has the highest record for defeating Godzilla, be it with or without help. Between Imago and Larva form, the larva hold this record.

-MechaMothra was considered after 1992, but ultimately dropped as they did not want to kill off the character.

-She was the first insect kaiju in the Godzilla series.

-She is one of the few monsters to appear in all three eras, the others being Rodan, King Ghidorah, Godzilla's son, MechaGodzilla, and Godzilla himself.

-Mothra is usually killed by a Ghidorah or Godzilla.

-Battra is the only Heisei monster who's origin is not influenced by Godzilla, instead being related to Mothra.

-Leo shares his theme song with Mothra.

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AnguirusMember1077 XPSep-30-2014 7:14 AMTeam Ghidorah

Remember that chap, I forget his name, he climbed Everest without any oxygen, came down nearly dead. They asked him, they said, "Why did you go up there to die?" He said, "I didn't, I went up there to live."


Mothra LarvaeMember0 XPSep-30-2014 2:36 PM

Fun fact mothra before kingkong vs godzilla whas more popular than godzilla

Evacuate?, Godzilla is just a Legend!-Woman in GMK

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