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"Godzilla: Monster Island" updates, info, plus sneak peak

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Sep-30-2014 6:50 PM

Hey guys,

As you're well aware, I'm hard at work on my Godzilla fanon, entitled Godzilla: Monster Island and have prepared a little sniplett/preview, but before I begin, here's a little timeline of what I have so far:

Godzilla 2: Rise of Ghidorah-my take on the sequel to Godzilla 2014, featuring Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah.

Godzilla: Monster Island-sequel to Godzilla 2: Rise of Ghidorah, featuring a mix of new and classic kaiju (a remake of Destroy All Monsters).

SDCC 2018 teaser (fan made)

Toho monster lineup: Godzilla, MechaGodzilla (Kiryu, built around the Godzilla cavern bones from G14), Anguirus, Rodan, Mecha-King Ghidorah (microchip), Destoroyah. 

New kaiju: M.I.C.K.A., Kumoraiju, Leviathan, Mesias.

Poster description: Legendary versions of MechaGodzilla and Mecha-King Ghidorah are shown flanking each other on opposite ends of the poster, with LP Anguirus and LP Rodan depicted somewhere above them (like in the Godzilla: Final Wars poster). Elsewhere on the poster: a "MONSTER ISLAND" sign scratched out with "DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND" in red graffiti, a smashed-up Statue of Liberty head with "666" etched onto it, Godzilla, now donning glowing blue eyes, standing right beside an enlarged redesign of Destoroyah's demonic face (lying dead center), a heart-shaped reactor labeled "MG" with cables attached to it, and a pulse symbol overlapping them. At the bottom of the poster, "SUMMER DOOMSDAY 2020"also in red is written.

(I would love if somebody here made this for me, you will be credited on the Fanon page I'm working on for it, and on here)

*Chris Hemsworth as Lt. John Reaver 

*Emily Blunt as Cpt. Natalia Orlovsky

*Idris Elba as Lt. Com. Jay Voort

*Ken Watanabe as Dr. Ishiro Serizawa

*Laurence Fishburne as Chad Kristoferson, USSOD

Tommy Lee Jones as Rick Ellis, POTUS

Liam Neeson as Dante Maddox, priest/cult leader

Anton Yelchin as Alexei Voronov, Russian military

Antje Traue as Alissa Maddox, Dante's adoptive daughter & Russian military sniper.

Aaron Eckhart as Jed Mayhew, CIA director

*Sally Hawkins as Dr. Vivienne Graham

*David Strathairn as Rear Admiral William Stenz USN

Dominic Cooper as Norv Bennett, CEO of AeroTech Enterprises

Jessica Chastain as Marissa Thornberg, journalist

Kelsey Grammer as Ted Larsen, editor-in-chief

Hayley Atwell as Sarah Bennett, Norv's biologist daughter

*=returning cast member from G2:ROG.

Prologue: movie starts out in 1985, at a research tech facility, AeroTech, where they are shown working on several projects, codenamed "MOGUERA" and "Super X". However, it is all lost when they are destroyed by a horde of parasitic critters (who are covered up by smoke/toxins sprayed), who kill most of the scientists, including CEO Norv Bennett's son, Dan, who is the chief scientist. Devastated, he vows to create a new, innovative weapon in his son's memory, turning to a nearby sculpture of Godzilla as his source of inspiration!

Meanwhile, we cut to the present, where Godzilla is hailed for saving the city from King Ghidorah. A Godzilla statue is placed within the city during a televised memorial, commending him as a hero. The two leads, Reaver and Orlovsky, now back together again after an untimely split following a kaiju attack that left John near fatally injured, make marriage plans, which are put on hold as a bunch of kaiju attacks suddenly commense around the globe, including a new MUTO-like bat kaiju, attacking the Sydney Opera House. Things get worse from there, though, as the work-obsessed Norv loses his biologist daughter, Sarah, during a mission trip as a trail of radiation leads her group of biologists to Antarctica, where the fabeled kaiju, Leviathan, emerges from an avalache-induced glacier after being trapped there following a fight with Godzilla years ago, taking her and many of the other scientists lives. 

Now recognised as a category 6 global monster threat by the president, Rick Ellis (Tommy Lee Jones), he makes a sweaping foreign policy move, convincing Russia to sign the NATO treaty. The US navy are now accomodated by Russian soldiers, thereby introducing Reaver and Orlovsky to Alexei Voronov (Anton Yelchin) and Alissa Maddox (Antje Traue, Man of Steel), the adoptive daughter of Dante Maddox, a priest and leader of a cult who worships a kaiju buried within Monster Island, dubbed Mesias, who they looked up to as the protector of China.

Meanwhile, CIA director Jed Mayhew (Aaron Eckhart) along with Secretary of Defense, Chad Kristoferson (Lawrence Fishburne) receive intel that a third kaiju was spotted alongside Godzilla and Rodan in the Pacific!

That was just a little taste, I've got plenty more coming, so stay tuned!

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