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Oct-14-2014 4:06 PM

After surfing around on Google for random tidbits on volcanoes, I came across an interesting find that I think would make an ideal source of food/energy for Godzilla for both the 2014 film and the two sequels...

The Tamu Massif, an IRL extinct underground volcano located along the west end of the Pacific Ocean which Monarch could cover up as a still-active one (they've done it in the past, who's to say they're not covering up yet MORE secrets from us in the sequels?). For those of you who don't know, it's the largest volcano in history, conveniently located underground and near Japan, meaning Godzilla could pretty much go to it undetected (as opposed to having to trample through Japan to go to and from Mt. Fuji for energy and causing a big ruccus). Speaking of which, that reminds me...

In one of the two sequels, they could have it erupt yet again in present times as a result of Godzilla's body giving off too many chemical compounds or whatever after going to inhale radiation from it underwater, good luck explaining that one. Yeah, I'll admit, I'm no scientific expert. 

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Oct-14-2014 5:20 PM

Godzilla feeds on Gama radiation, Volcanos don't expel Gama rays or alpha, beta or such, The only tipe of energy they expell is Heat, that thing in the monsters absorving radiation from  deep in the earth's crust is just Science fiction

Evacuate?, Godzilla is just a Legend!-Woman in GMK


Oct-14-2014 5:48 PM

i thought he ate snickers jk but i think jrr is right

Something Real

Oct-14-2014 7:51 PM

KMANX89 - This is a very neat and interesting bit of research you've done! Although the energy needs evidenced by Godzilla likely couldn't be met by a volcano, the notion that he could go there as a safe haven for his periodic moments of hibernation is exceptionally neat! Thank you ever so much for presenting this to us! :)

GG #TeamGodzilla

Oct-15-2014 6:54 AM

JRR- Since when has Godzilla absorbed Gama radiation? I think your confusing the hulk.

This is well known that Godzilla, eats and absorbs the radiation from the center of the earth.

The earths core gives off nearly infinite amounts of Radiation, Gama radiation is ionized radiation while the radiation from the earths core is Radiation that is extremely easy to absorb.

Hense another reason why we cant go down there.

Good grief.


Oct-15-2014 9:17 AM

In the 2014, they haven't specified what type of radiation he feeds on.

Also, if it emits light, it emits some form of radiation, lava/magma glows, so we know it emits some form of radiation, I'm not a volcanologist, but volcanos can emit radiation.

Also, Legendary could change physics to fit their needs. No creature can get as big as Godzilla, and no creature can feed off radiation alone, it would need a solid source of food, but we don't question that, do we?

I like this idea, I hope Legendary incorporates this volcano in some way.


Oct-15-2014 11:05 AM

GG gama radiation is the main tipe of radiation that originates from Nuclear Bombs

Evacuate?, Godzilla is just a Legend!-Woman in GMK

Huge-Ben #TeamGhidorah

Oct-15-2014 1:53 PM

Actually that is somewhat true cat, however strotium-90 is also products of the atomic bombs.  check out my gallery of Godzilla artwork! Follow me on [email protected]


Oct-16-2014 8:53 AM

If Godzilla absorbs energy from the earth's core, then ideally, he could also go to this underground/underwater volcano for energy AND hibernation, since wouldn't volcanoes produce the same or at least a very similar type of radiation as the earth's core? I would believe so. Again, I'm no scientific expert, so if anyone can correct me on that, then by all means, correct me. 

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