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My Own Godzilla Story Coming Soon, and I Need Your Help!!!

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Nov-07-2014 1:17 PM

Hello again, fellow G-fans! As you may have seen very recently, like yesterday, I finally came back from the real world to share a (not very) good creation of mine, which was just a sketch for Goji's 60 years of mayhem. I've also posted another picture a while ago which I actually am kinda egotistical about. You can view it here (Artwork for Goji's 60th by Ariccio

     Now I love Godzilla, and I love making Godzilla based thingies, and now, I'm gonna do something either very bold, or very redundant. I'm gonna make up a script regarding the Legendary Godzilla movie. I have two suggestions which you can see below.

1.) Godzilla 2

     I, like pretty much everyone else here, am excited for the Godzilla sequel. I have my own idea for this movie and I wish to share it with the world (Or just the people on this forum. Whichever). It's gonna have monsters, and people, and stuff, too! Also, if the majority of you guys like it, I may give off my idea for the possible third installment in the Legendary Godzilla series (Which I'm more excited for, and you'll know why when we get there...)! That's all I got for number 1. Kinda expected to have more to say, to be honest, but I didn't. Next.

2.) Godzilla: Project Nautilus

     Just a side note before we begin, I'm in love with the new Godzilla. There isn't a single thing I would change about it, but Project Nautilus is an idea I've had for a while now, and I find it most intriguing. In fact, we all did. How so? Well, Project Nautilus is sort of a novelization idea for how the movie would have played out based ONLY off of what we knew about the movie before the 2nd trailer. That's right! Everything I knew about Godzilla from December 10, 2013 - February 1, 2014 is gonna be applied to this story. Which means... We. Are. Going. Dark. How dark? Like Spec Ops the f****** Line dark! You're gonna cringe! You're gonna tense up! You are gonna s*** your pants (I'm only exaggerating) with how much terror will be struck through you to penetrate your soul! I'm already laughing in excitement right now! I really shouldn't be, but I am! HELP ME!!!

     Now, it is up to you, ladies and gentlemen. I want you to decide which comes first, the sequel, or the fear.... -quel (Hey, I tried my best)! In the comments below, I wish for you to put the number down for which story you want first! Not only that, but I also want you to put suggestions in the comments as well, and if other people like your ideas, please say so! It will help improve my project even more! And if the first one goes well, I'll do the other project later! So, which one is it gonna be first?

Link put in by GorillaGodzilla

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5 Responses to My Own Godzilla Story Coming Soon, and I Need Your Help!!!


Nov-07-2014 4:15 PM

Oh! I forgot to mention that I will also be uploading information for the new kaiju as they come into the series! This may include monsters I don't consider cannon in the projects listed, but very well could be in future installments


Nov-08-2014 11:52 AM

I am currently expanding my own Legendary's Godzilla Universe with my 3rd fan made cript, but I am always willing to help a fella :). So, I liked the idea of reinventing the Legendary Goji the most. The level of "darkness" that we can get to from the scale of 1-Pokemon to 10-Manhunt 2/Spec Ops:The Line, is 8. The story could open with Ford Brody in Iraq, disarming bombs, and failing to remove a bomb vest from an innocent child, kiling her in the process, and traumatizing Ford (maybe he could have hallucinations). His time on the army ends soon after and he returns home to his wife and son that he does not see in more than a year. Meanwhile, in Japan, Joe is found dead on his apartment, from radiation poisoning. Ford travels there and breaks into his father's apartment, finding a hidden box with important data about a creature that has been hidden from public knowledge by an international organization called Monarch, and that it may be connected to his mother's death on a nuclear meltdown. He buys an hazard suit and goes into the quarantine zone where his mother died and his father went frequently afterwards, where he finds that the local wildlife has been drastically affected, with mutated animals (and possibly some humans). Along the way, he hallucinates with his father and the child he could not save. He is eventually saved from a mutated dogs ambush by the army that guarded the zone. He is arrested and taken to the local Monarch secret base. He is interrogated by Dr.Serizawa, but just before they execute him, the power in the facility goes down by unkown reasons and he manages to kill the guards and take Dr.Serizawa hostage. Serizawa gives Ford everything on Joe and Ford escapes the facility just as the MUTO escapes it's cocoon.He decides to head back home going this time through Hawaii to avoid being followed by Monarch. In the meanwhile, he analyzes the files and watches a video of Joe already close to death, telling Ford to protect his family whatever it takes, with the video ending with Joe turning off the camera to die alone in home. Just as he watches this video on the train in the airport, the MUTO attacks the airport and Godzilla arrives with the tidal wave, killing thousands of people. Ford awakens in the wrecks to find many people in hazard suits measuring radiation to the victims, and digging up corpses from the mud. Luckily, he was not exposed to radiation. He is recaptured by Monarch, but this time, they want his help to stop Godzilla and the MUTO. In Nevada, the other MUTO awakens and attacks Las Vegas, derailing trains and leaving people dead in the desert, making it's way to San Francisco along with the other MUTO, followed by Godzilla. Ford agrees to help Monarch for as long as his family is safe, and provides them the hidden box he found, from where they find out about ecolocation and deduce that the MUTO's intend to procriate. Godzilla and the male MUTO battle in the San Francisco Bay, destroying the Golden Gate bridge, killing the people in the bridge. The male MUTO steals a warhead and flees into the city. Monarch is unable to track down Ford's family and he asks to be inserted in there as soon as possible, and they put him as an EOD on a mission to retrieve the nuke. He makes an HALO jump and notices the city being mowed down by Godzilla in order to remove hiding places for the MUTO. When the others reach the warhead, they discover the feMUTO laying eggs around it just as Godzilla finds it as well. The male MUTO tries to fight off Godzilla but is torn in half. After having recovered much of it's energy, the female fights Godzilla, proving to be a worthy oponent, but is killed when Godzilla forces the Atomic Breath down her throat (it couldn't get more brutal than that) and decapitating her. The entire team is killed except for Ford. He is guided by his hallucinations to disarm the bomb and manages to do it. Godzilla returns to the ocean, having won the battle and Ford reunites with his family...

TheGMan123 #TeamGhidorah

Nov-08-2014 12:26 PM

Hey, it's always great to see us fans make the Godzilla fandom a beautiful thing with our own creations. I have a thread where my own series has its home :D

Here it is, the link to my thread for....... Colossus By Design

Daikaiju Danielle

Nov-08-2014 1:03 PM

Project Nautilus sounds really interesting. I'd like to see that first, but whichever one you choose to write first is all up to you! :)

"Daddy's home- cake every night,"


Nov-08-2014 1:48 PM

Seems like Project Nautilus is a go then. Btw, when I said Spec Ops level of dark, I didn't mea. That the human characters would do something horrible, but rather what the kaiju do and the imagery is where the horrificness comes in.

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