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Godzilla ps3... is it worth buying a ps3


Dec-04-2014 11:04 AM

Ok, so i am a gamer and personally i like to to buy the newest and greatest tech so my quistion is is it worth buying a ps3 just for this game? I have seen people play the demo that came out today and it looks like it has tons of interesting new mechanics and decent graphics (for a ps3 game), do you guys think that it will adventually come to Xbox one or ps4? From what i have been reading, the devs for this game are probably going to be making this title a playstation exclusive. I also read if the game does well they might expand to other platforms. So my quistion is will it come to ps4 in the future and if it does should I wait for it to come out? Could it come to the new playstaion streaming servise Playstion Now? Or should I buy a ps3 just for this game?


My reason for asking is personally i dont own a ps3 only Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I am going to be picking up a ps4 pretty soon becouse of Planetside 2 and Falling Skys. I was thinking instead of the ps4 maybe get a ps3 becouse Godzilla is coming out for it, but if it is coming to ps4 in the future i will wait and get a ps4. Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Dec-04-2014 11:18 AM

You should ask again once it comes out and people have played it.


Dec-04-2014 11:24 AM

Here, take a look at the Official Godzilla (PS3) game thread. I will give you all you need to know. Now to answer your questions.

Is the game worth buying a PS3 for? I think so. I am going to buy one so I ca get the game, myself.

Will is eventually come to Xbox One or PS4? Don't count on it. Japan mostly uses PS3, so that's all the consoles it's going to be on.

Will it come out for PS4 in the near future? Again, don't count on it. It's more likely to come out on PS4, but probably won't.

The best bet is that it is coming out only PS3, so I recommend buying one for it.

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Dec-04-2014 1:54 PM

i dont think its worth buying a ps3 for but i dont know since i already had a ps3 when the gme was annouced so i didnt have to worry about it

Sci-Fi King25 #TeamRodan

Dec-04-2014 2:28 PM

It depends. However, I'd say it's not.

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Dec-04-2014 3:46 PM

To me the idea of buying a whole console just for one game is pretty ridiculous. Even being a fan of Godzilla I don't see this game being that great that the investment would be in any way worth it so unless your family is very well off I would say absolutely not. 


Dec-04-2014 3:54 PM

well the demo is out and i saw somoene playing it. he was having good time. the controls were weird at first but he got used to them. he faught the first mechagodzilla (which atomic breath didnt seem to work on) and hedorah who was somewhat challenging 


Dec-05-2014 12:30 PM

Hey, I just learned this, the new Godzilla is coming to PS4!!!

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self." - Ernest Hemingway.

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