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Interesting Mothra and Ghidorah idea for G2: how they could be connected

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Dec-17-2014 9:04 AM

I just thought of an interesting idea for Mothra's origin. I've heard people speculate that she's gonna be the lost pet caterpillar from Joe Brody's buried fish tank as seen in G14, others say she's gonna be a prehistoric radiation-eating kaiju from Godzilla's time and the whole fish tank easter egg was just for show, well, I thought of a way that they could basically have her be both and also tie her into Ghidorah's origin story in G14.

Basically, Ghidorah is gonna come from the mass extinction-causing meteor causing the end of the dinosaurs like so many people want. Then in a sweeping news report, it's revealed that a group of paleontologists have found the meteor in a lake several decades ago (like say, the 1980s when Serizawa Jr. first joined Monarch according to Godzilla: Awakening). Monarch is brought in to study it, however, "NASA" inexplicably orders the meteor be launched back into space before their tests could conclude. Serizawa tells the FBI this during questioning, having called him in because he is, after all, the expert. They did so after they find the ancient Mayan satellite, Black Knight, crash-landed in Cali somewhere (like say, in Oakland, right across from San Fran, the site of G14) with 3 gigantic holes in its exterior and after one of the S.A.'s coroners finds a black box with haunting extraterrestrial cackles on it inside (great idea for an opening scene for G2 IMO, taken directy from my G2 fanon treatment I posted a while back in the GFW forum).

Turns out, after a thorough investigation by the FBI towards the end of the film, that it was actually Monarch, not NASA, who ordered it be sent back to space in the middle of testing after discovering the truth, revealing another one of their shady cover-ups. 

And here's where Mothra comes in: they also discovered a nest full of ancient cocoons right near the crash site of the Ghidorah meteor, finding fossilized remains in all but one of em, revealing that one of the prehistoric moths survived the radiation leak from the meteor. Then classified archive footage from Monarch reveals a string full of webbings being found within the Janjira plant, where scientist Joe Brody discovered a moth larvae and concealed it.

Can't quite put the two together? This means, duh, the caterpillar/larvae Joe found in his plant and took home is the very same "lone survivor" prehistoric larvae from the Ghidorah meteor crash site! Serizawa, being the bright man that he is, instantly sees the connection and one day loots it from Joe's house after digging up old research files along with the rest of the Monarch scientists, and based on the theory that it feeds on radiation, having survived the fallout from the meteor, places it inside of an artificial thermonuclear cocoon, where they would study its metamorphosis and conduct tests on it over the years (they'd probaby need a fresh set of containment suits for entering it, though). However, it was during these tests inside that same radiated cocoon that it would begin to grow and slowly take the form of a giant moth leading into the second movie (it would eventually hatch at some point in G2). It's also in this cocoon that she would gain her paralysing spore attack plus whatever else they wanna give her as far as abilities, they could even give her her signature antenna rays/beams from it if they pleased.

So there you go. This would explain: 1)the fish tank labeled "Mothra" (the "ra" on the label being the end of the Janjira logo) in G14, 2)Mothra being an ancient, prehistoric kaiju from Godzilla's time that feeds and grows off of nuclear radiation much like himself, basically allowing her to exist as both in the sequel, and also connect her origin with Ghidorah's. I also laid out the groundwork for how they could include the FBI and give us a new set of human characters for the sequel. It also gives Borenstein a reason NOT to leave Serizawa and Graham out of the G2 script for too long of stretches as they obviously have lots of esplainin' to do (no pun intended, LOL), so yeah, basically kill 5 birds with one stone here. 

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2 Responses to Interesting Mothra and Ghidorah idea for G2: how they could be connected

Something Real

Dec-17-2014 10:00 AM

KMANX89 - This is a very neat series of events and explanations you have prepared! I could definately see quite a few of these ideas being utilized to breathe life into the Ghidorah and Mothra back stories! What very excellent thinking! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to share these concepts with us! :)

Sci-Fi King25

Dec-17-2014 1:35 PM

This would be a good way to connect them.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

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