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Godzilla: Project Nautilus - Chapter 2: Return

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Dec-20-2014 8:46 PM

     Kinda awkward that this is right next to Chapter 1, but, whatever!

Original idea for the story


Chapter 1 (Why do I even need this?)

      Ford arrived to his San Francisco home by train. There was a rather massive delay due to mechanical difficulties on the track, and took over 45 minutes to sort out. At first, this seemed detrimental, if anything, towards Ford's arrival. However, he decided to take the time to go to a nearby mall, where he managed to find a stuffed dinosaur for his son, Sam. Hopefully, Ford's wife and child, who have been anxiously waiting for him, wouldn't mind his lack of punctuality.

     Before Ford became involved in military service, he was treated very disrespectfully in his commute. The term disrespectful isn't entirely accurate, however, as he was simply treated as an everyday individual wherever he would go. People would shove him out of the way without so much as an "Excuse me," and would hardly, if ever, be offered assistance. Now that he has been involved for quite some time serving his country, people started to treat him with kindness and sincerity. As the train arrived at his destination, Ford took hold of his rather cumbersome duffle bag and the stuffed animal, which unfortunately couldn't fit in to his luggage. A bystander noticed his dilemma, and very humbly offered to help him with his luggage. It was his stop anyway, so he figured that he should return the favor to him.

     When he arrived at his house, Ford suddenly became very enthralled to see his family. He was excited before, but not as excited as he was just 30 seconds away from the door. Never before had that length of time felt so long, as it felt like 10 minutes as he walked to his front door. He knocked, and waited... for what seemed like an even longer amount of time.

     Finally, his beautiful wife, Elle Brody, opened the door, and Sam rushed out and hugged his dad. He entered the house, and kissed his wife as she offered to help him get unpacked. "It's so good to be back home," he said. "It's good to have you back," says Elle. As they were putting everything away, they noticed that Sam seemed to be paying less attention to his dad than normal. He was still excited about his presence, but not as much as before. After a few moments, he remembered the stuffed animal and proceeded to give him the toy. As he did so, Sam took the toy, put it down, and hugged him once again in thanks.

     Samson loved dinosaurs. If there was anything he loved more than dinosaurs, it would specifically be tyrannosaurus, which thankfully is the exact genus the toy took form. He always had this fascination with large things, and because dinosaurs were among the biggest things to ever have roamed the earth, he has never stopped thinking about what these things would be like. The one thing that surprised him most about these creatures was that most species were no bigger than dogs. Trips to the museum were never a rare occurrence, and were involved in every vacation the family went on. Just seeing these life-size fossils, which made him seem smaller than a cat, were mesmerizing, and never feared the prospect of owning a pet velociraptor, or even a t-rex.

     Elle had been working at an ER hospital for the past 3 years, and took a lot of hard work to even have the possibilities of working at such a place. As Ford was helping the world over, Elle was saving the lives of many every day. She is a spectacular nurse, and has hardly ever lost any patients. Because of her vocation, she never gets a day off, besides holidays, and an extra three days for the full year. This was obviously one of those three days.

     As Ford walks into the kitchen, a huge cake is seen lying on the table. It was about 12 inches wide, had a delicious white frosting on top, with green frosting saying "Welcome home, Daddy!" There was a fragrance that could only be described as heavenly that filled the room. The best part of all of this, it was red velvet, which is only "The best flavor in the world!" (That is, in Ford's opinion) "Maybe I should go out more often!" Everyone laughed accordingly.

     After the feast was done and everyone has told their stories, it had been 11:30, and Elle had to go to work tomorrow. Everything was cleaned up, Sam was tucked into bed, and Elle prepared the TV to The CW to watch reruns of "Whose Line is it Anyway", their favorite show. Before Ford left his son's room, he read him a book about a lonely coelophysis that had to learn the way of life, and that with cooperation, you can do anything. As he finished and turned off the lights, Sam uttered one last thing. "Daddy? How long until you go back to work?" With a short pause, he replied, "Trust me buddy, it won't be for a long time!"

     Ford could not be happier with the position he was at in life right now. He had not only red velvet cake in his kitchen, which, as Ford said, is scientifically proven to be the best cake ever created, but he also had a beautiful and faithful wife, a smart and thankful child, and a stable foundation, without mortgage or any other care in the world. His months out there truly show the vibrant colors of this special place he is in right now. Without his departure, he would not have recognized this Nirvana, that otherwise would be in disguise as a family of three. There is only one way to describe this place, this perfect, perfect place. Home.

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