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Godzilla: Project Nautilus - Chapter 3: Return

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Dec-23-2014 12:44 PM

Original idea for this story


Chapter 1

Chapter 2


      The phone begins to ring somewhere between 1 and 2 o'clock in the morning. Needless to say, it causes a disturbance in the household.

     Sam is fast asleep, and probably won't be awoken any time soon, for he is a heavy sleeper. However, both Ford and Elli have been interrupted from their slumber, and neither of which feel like getting up at this time. "I'll get it," says Ford. "No, no. You don't have to do that! Go to sleep; it's your first day back." "You have work tomorrow. You just go to sleep."

      The only reason Ford even decided to get up was the possibility that a close friend was in a predicament, or just wanted to say something. This has happened ample times, where a friend was unable to use their cell phone, so they had to use a public phone, and no one picked up their phone. What if somebody wanted to change an appointment time, or maybe got robbed in the street? These are the things that Ford thinks about whenever the phone rings, but doesn't have the assigned ringing sound effects for the person calling. Even though it was just the default ring, it could have been something important. But who could have been calling at this ungodly hour?

      Ford just barely was able to make his way through the darkness. He stumbled over a few stray objects (supposedly Sam's toys), and almost tripped. He was able to find the light switch, which was so blinding compared to the dark. It took him a bit to get used to the sudden brightness. He made his way to the phone, still ringing in the kitchen. Just as he made his way to the kitchen, and began to reach out his arm, the phone stopped.

      Ford was upset, but didn't make a big deal about it. He tried to dial up the number, but strangely, it didn't show. The most recent call was 3 hours ago. This confused him, but he was too tired to care. Ford walked out of the kitchen, and turned off the lights. A few moments after he switched the lights, the phone rang again. In a very rushed manner, Ford switched the lights back on and lunged for the phone.

      "Hello?" There was a bit of a delay. An unrecognizable voice says, "Ford?" "Who is this?" "This is Colonel Maddons. You've never met me, but I am in charge of regulation of the Nuclear Waste Reserve Center of Osaka where you and three other soldiers involved in EOD were sent the last six months." "And why are you calling me at 1:00 in the morning?" There is a sudden long pause.

     "Are you there?" "We need you to come back to Osaka. ASAP." "WHAT?!" Obviously, this came as an incredible surprise to Ford, as he only JUST got back from the field. "I wish I could explain the reasons why, but unfortunately, that is against everything the organization stands for." "What organization?," Ford thought to himself. "How long will I have to be there for?" "It should only take about 5 days. Two will be spent flying to Tokyo, one and a half will be on a train on its way to the nuclear reserve, and the same amount of time traveling back."

       "Wait, what?! Why am I going back to the same reserve?" "Like I said, I wish I could tell you, but I am unable to." "Well, when do I have to be there?" "We've arranged a flight for you at 8:00 AM." There is another period of silence. "I must go now. You better get on that plane!" For some reason, at the last minute, Ford decides to rush in and ask what organization he is involved in. "Wait! Could you at least tell me what organization won't allow you to-" *bzzzzzzzzzzz*

      Now what would he do? How could Ford possibly tell his wife the bad news that he, after half a year of his absence, would be going back? This he would have to find out back in the bedroom. Shocked, and now, very, very upset, he walks back to the bedroom.

      He switches on the lamp in the room. "Elli..." He begins to think about what he will say next. Elli, almost instantly, notices that something is wrong. "What's wrong, Ford? This isn't like you." ... "I'm going back to Japan."

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