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My thoughts and fears of this new game


Jan-06-2015 5:38 PM

I love that we're gonna get a new Godzilla game, i do! the graphics are great, the destruction is incredibal. and the model for the monsters are magnifisent!

but i have some downs...the maps arn't to big, i don't see any chocies for other monsters, nor the...th-the...I can't find any sign...of multiplayer. one of the best parts of godzilla is the multiplayer battles! i'm so scared about this, guys. are you with me....or am i alone on this? lol

11 Responses to My thoughts and fears of this new game


Jan-06-2015 6:03 PM

Can't say you are alone on this but I wouldn't be afraid. Are the maps too small, they could be bigger but aren't too bad. Is the fact you can only play as godzilla bad, a bit I can get the story mode but wouldn't have killed them to have a more playable for KOTM mode sure. Is no multiplayer bad, no absolutely not,sure does it help yeah but there are so many great games that have no multiplayer like skyrim, or the original Mario game and a couple of other game that I really can't think of lol.


Jan-06-2015 6:17 PM

I haven't looked much into the game but if it really doesn't have multiplayer on this type of game that's a huge down point. From what I've seen it doesn't give enough single player content like games like Elder Scrolls and other single player only games to make up for the fact it could completely drop multiplayer.


Jan-06-2015 7:11 PM

well theres a difference between this game and a game like skyrim. options. there bigger games and have more choices and things you can do. in this game so far ive only seen two choices. destroy or dont destroy and a lot of mainstream gamers arent gonna want to walk around at 2 miles an hour knocking over buildings or a couple of generators then go to the next stage and do the same thing lol. us ofcourse we love it. mainstream gamer? no unfortanately 


Jan-06-2015 7:35 PM

Not saying that it's better then skyrim or anthing I'm just putting it comparsion to a great game with no mulitplayer.


Jan-06-2015 11:56 PM

I played the demo a couple weeks back. I did not enjoy it at all. The controls were sloppy and unresponsive, and the missions were identical.

If you're the type of person that can enjoy a game like this because it stars something you love, then more power to you. Personally, I'd like them to up their next name time.


Jan-07-2015 7:08 AM

The maps aren't that, yes that is true. They are like because, in this game Godzilla isn't really that fast. The map were huge, it would take forever for Godzilla to achieve 100% destruction. 

There isn't any multiplayer either. And the way they made this game, it would be really hard to have one. Especially with the controls, thhe don't fit in a way to suport multiplayer, like the Pipework games did, because they were specially designed for it.

The only playable characters are Heisei Godzilla, Burning Godzilla, and Godzilla 2014, the last two only being available in KOTM mode. Plus the game is called Godzilla, not other Godzilla and other monsters, so it's not a surprise that only Godzilla is playable.

Hope this helps.

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Jan-07-2015 11:04 AM

well thats not exactly true about the name thing. godzilla save the earth and unleashed had godzilla in the title but had other playable monsters but for everything else youve stated i agree gojira2k


Jan-07-2015 11:50 AM

Ok I'm tired of people complain about this game not being for having a little oof co ntrols that are easy to get used to and people complaing about every little thing posible just beacuse it was'nt what a perfect godzilla game should but guess what guys! This game game was jsut a test to see if a godzilla game would do well it never said it would be this ultimate fighter game and become the number one game of 2014 or somthing stupid. Also I'm goign to tell you another thing you should have kown but wo ever made this post this is not directed towards you. Japan... Dose not ... like... Xbox period! It will only be on ps3 and ps4 beacuse that si what japan likes end of story. Well I'm glad that is over.


Jan-07-2015 1:53 PM

^No need to brag and complain about others complaining. This is how flame wars start.

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Jan-07-2015 5:28 PM

i thought that the game was going to be open world like gta or minecraft and kaijus are random encounters thats and cinematic cam could be used through the whole game and well maybe have multiplayer well i will buy a ps4 for this game but i will keep my xbox 360 to play save the earth with my little brother


Jan-07-2015 5:30 PM

@Godzilla200010, Why did you bring up Xbox? No one here is talking about Xbox.

I thoroughly disagree with your notion that this game was simply a 'test to see if a godzilla game would do well'.  It sounds like an excuse, as if they didn't have to make a good game because it's not meant to be taken seriously because they're just testing the waters.  

Video games are expensive as hell to make.  When you start messing around with that kinds of money, developers damn well better put their all into the product. I did not enjoy the game. Based purely off of the handful of levels from the demo, I do not think it's a good game. I found it to be slow and repetitive.  Each level was practically a carbon copy of the previous. The objectives identical; destroy the big reactor. If the game has more than that, then they should have included it in the demo.  As it is, it left a hell of a bad impression.

I would love more Godzilla games, but this one is not for me. I'm a little upset at these developers, because if this game fails then Toho might not want to make more Godzilla games. I'd love to have more Godzilla games, just ones that are better than this.

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