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Sudden thought on why Gareth did not use any scenes in which Godzilla attacks cities on the 2014 movie

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Jan-06-2015 9:45 PM

So as many of you already know, in the 2014 Godzilla film, instead of attacking mankind itself and our cities like before, he mostly diverts his attention towards the Muto's. Many probably thought it was rather dissapointing (not me since i understand now), many thought Gareth was returning Godzilla to it's anti-hero routes like Showa and/or Heisei in some sorts. But what some likely did not think, i suddenly thought about tonight while i was paying close attention to the film. As Serizawa states, Godzilla is nature's power to restore balance. In this movie, the balance was threatened by the Muto's, so his full attention is set on killing them, which also caused him to show no sort of concern or care about us (even tho he was attacked at the bridge). Seeing as his priority was set on the Muto's since they were threatening the balance of nature, a sudden realization came to me as to why Gareth chose to not portray Godzilla being agressive to humans... He wasn't being agressive to them because they have not reached a pique level of an off balance in nature... not YET

As we have been told, Gareth has mentioned there would be two more films, with the third including a man made Kaiju (some say Biollante, some say MechaGodzilla.). But the question is not which of the monsters is going to appear... it's why. I think, that with the direction Gareth is taking, mankind doesn't provoke Godzilla's direct wrath, until possibly the end of the second film or the beginning of the third. Godzilla now sees humans as THE threat to the balance of nature, meaning humanity now has no choice but to dispose of Godzilla, and so they create their own monster to try and defeat him. Now here is where the story will vary

if it's Biollante: the story will revolve around mankind trying to genetically create their own monster with a Godzilla skin sample, but the experiment goes haywire and Godzilla has to do battle with the new menace, Biollante

Mechagodzilla: mankind decides to combat Godzilla head on by creating their own cybernetic replica of the King of the monsters. Now the survival of mankind is determined by the faithful battle between monster and machine.

What are your thoughts? i honestly cant believe i realized this until now so i feel sorta retarded XD

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Jan-06-2015 9:54 PM

Where was it ever said the third would have a manmade kaiju? If you're just speculating that you might want to reword that because it seems as though you're saying Gareth said there would be manmade kaiju as though this is fact.



Jan-06-2015 10:04 PM

it was mentioned a few months ago that he had interests in having a man made monster, i'm basing the topic on that

The King of the Monsters

Jan-06-2015 10:07 PM

I remember Gareth Edwards reportedly saying he sees his trilogy as ending with humanity trying to create their own version of Godzilla, and it going terribly wrong. This of course logically leads to speculation about Mechagodzilla or another Godzilla clone like Biollante.

"When man falls into conflict with nature, monsters are born." - Professor Hayashida, The Return of Godzilla


Jan-06-2015 10:08 PM

Can you link that interview or quote? 

Emperor GorillaGodzilla #TeamGodzilla

Jan-07-2015 6:29 AM

Gareth never officially said that. It was on an article on that stupid Kdramastars which spouts nothing but fake news, Godzilla 2 to debut MechaGodzilla they posted that same fake article 12 times before stopping.

Whatever it takes...


Jan-07-2015 8:32 AM

I thought it was established that we all know Kdramastars spews out nothing but rumors.



Jan-07-2015 10:58 AM

well not everybody knows the site is bs sadly all we can do is warn people thay dont


Jan-07-2015 2:45 PM

Ah, figured it was Kdramstars. We barely know anything about the second one so didn't quite understand how people would have that much of an idea what monsters would be used in the third.

Sci-Fi King25 #TeamRodan

Jan-07-2015 3:40 PM

Well, it's an interesting concept (not the manmade kaiju, well that still is, but this idea is interesting). I believe that Godzilla didn't notice/care about humans.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

Something Real

Jan-09-2015 1:14 PM

XENGIX008 - Your concept is quite interesting! I agree; Godzilla very likely had no interest in us puny, little humans scuttling about because we were not representative of a threat to the balance of nature - at least not for the time being! ;)

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