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What if Godzilla: Strike Zone went a step further?


Jan-18-2015 7:31 PM

Hello everyone! Today I want to discuss Godzilla: Strike Zone if it were amped up in almost evrything! Remember when the app came out? We were all like: Oh Mah Gerd, this so friggin amazing! Then after we beat it: What??? That was IT?!?!? I WANT MORE!!!! Dont tell me otherwise, I know all of you said those exact words (or thought them). Besides that, what if it were a better game? With Next-Gen graphics, Dolby Digital Sound, Beautiful mechanics, and made for consoles! Godzilla: The Game for PS3 and PS4 is an amazing game, but it needs more. After you beat the game and unlock all atomic breath types, it just becomes another shelf game just waiting to be played again months later after you forgot about it. Thats my opinion, dont hate. I do love the game. Back to topic, Godzilla; Strike Zone was based off the scene after the halo jump just with stuff added that wasnt in the movie. That idea could be used as a base design for another godzilla game! First person soldier story, Godzilla storyline, destructible buildings and so much more! Think of Battlefield 4 with the Godzilla model destroying stuff with a storyline. Let it sit in your mind for a couple seconds. Cool huh? For the Soldier storyline, extend the the story from Strike Zone! For the Godzilla story, just add the same mechanics from Godzilla: The Game! I want you guys to extend the idea in the comments below! I want you guys to add some more ideas to this one! EXTEND IT! Thanks for reading, feel free to criticize but dont be rude.

"I'll find the answer...in this fight!" - Naruto

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Jan-18-2015 7:45 PM

I personally don't think a FPS, or human viewpoint would ever work for a Godzilla game. Either it would be like Strike zone with you just walking around with no real interaction with the actual monsters and simply trying to dodge debris, or they would have to make up small monsters for you to interact with and it would not really be a Godzilla game as much as any generic FSP sci fi game. 


Jan-19-2015 11:29 AM

I remember there being a Godzilla strategy game where you where the humans, but it was not very good as far as I've heard. As for an FPS , it has also been something that I thought off after playing Strike Zone, and a Godzilla themed FPS could either be something totally original, or it could be Aliens: Colonial Marines, where supposedly, you fight more Weyland-Yutani regular human soldiers than the actual aliens, and as you can't possibly put human soldiers going against Godzilla, it had to be something a bit more elaborated.
The first idea that came into my mind was something like the Star Wars:Battlefront 2 space battles:
-There would be several MechaGodzilla with dozens of enemy troops within them, scattered around the planet, spreading destruction, too much for Godzilla to handle alone;
-Several human squads would infiltrate a MechaGodzilla and damage his systems from within (Mobility, Communications, Shields... etc);
-The enemy team's objective would be defending the Mech;
-After eliminating the oposition in the MechaGodzilla, the team would have the choice of either using it to fight other MechaGodzilla (although the Mech would be very damaged and possible repairs would take too long, with the plus that Godzilla would attack you as well), or simply, destroy it.


Jan-19-2015 11:40 AM

I always thought that if they wanted to make a Godzilla game where you play as the humans it should be like a massive muitplayer game or something like that, where godzilla comes out of the ocean and starts to destroy the city, and you and however many other players there are are to stop and try and drive godzilla back to the ocean using tanks and jets and a bunch of other stuff, and you can get on building roofs and shoot rocets ot his face and jets fly over his head, but godzillas ai is super smart and well done and he uses his atomic breath and tail to swipe the jets out of the sky and push buildings on the humans and tanks to squsih them. 

Something Real

Jan-19-2015 4:30 PM

SHAZOTHEHAEDGEHOG - That is a very interesting idea! I have always wanted a giant Kaiju game somewhat like a survival horror. The player takes upon the role of a survivor within a ruined city crawling with multiple kaiju and must find a way to make his/her way out of the ruinscape while avoiding the creatures, military strikes, and other survivors! All the while, the kaiju would be ravaging the city and battling one another - presenting terrifying sequences and obstacles the player must think his or way through in order to survive! :)

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