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Godzilla trailer 2 ONE YEAR later.


Feb-25-2015 9:15 PM

Well... its actually been a year now since the second trailer came out. were does time go nowadays??

What was your first impression of seeing the second trailer? how many time have you restarted it?

how much time you spend looking at it?


For Me:

Well in midnight a guy on this web said new Godzilla trailer coming out tomorrow? and it hooked me up huge, then in the morning during school, I got on You Tube and watched the video of the trailer, and Oh man, MIND BLOWN, MIND BLOWN. I never got this hyped over a movie before in my life.

I saw Replayed it countless amount of times and through out the past 2 Hrs instead of me studying for class, I spent watching the trailer for a whole 2 Hrs.


But Sadly at the end I became disappointed with the movie, Didnt like that they were still teasing, and how less interestig the charachters were, Bryan Cranston Dying in the first quarter of the film, and Godzilla suddenly turning into a good guy at the end.

you might say, Humanity wasnt important to him, well yeah, but the way people cheered and smiled at him at the end made him look too much like a good guy. buttom line thats my opinion hoefully Godzilla 2 will be far better.

5 Responses to Godzilla trailer 2 ONE YEAR later.

Something Real

Feb-25-2015 10:12 PM

KAIJUJIRA - I whole-heartedly understand your point of view. However, I like to think of Edwards' Godzilla as a homage to the Showa Godzilla films - in which Godzilla was often applauded for destroying other threats despite the fact that he (usually) could really care less about the humans scuttling about. Perhaps the next film in the series will be more in line with the Heisei films? Time will tell! I certain look forward to seeing what is in store! :)


Feb-26-2015 4:40 AM

^something real I like your idea of Godzilla 2 being like a heisei film. Maybe Godzilla 3 will be like a  millennium(wher did that under line come from and why is on this very text? HELP!) film and the other kaiju will try to steal Godzillas energy or something.

Something Real

Feb-26-2015 1:38 PM

GODZILLA200010 - I would certainly enjoy seeing a "darker" tone in the next film! That being said, I liked the direction in which Edwards' first endeavor into the Godzilla franchise advanced. Of course, I feel that he could have done a little more with the time he had - perhaps present just a hint more imagery of Godzilla himself! With that being said, I would find it greatly compelling if Edwards chose to infuse each of his three films with a distinctly different tone that mirrors each of the eras through which Godzilla has passed! :)

Sci-Fi King25 #TeamRodan

Feb-26-2015 2:38 PM

@Something Real, I agree.

“Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


Feb-26-2015 3:28 PM

@KaijuJira I had the same exact experience with the trailer and I'm going to have disagree with you on the movie part, it's my favorite movie of all-time. Still loved the trailer though.

"By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power. But they lie! They do not fulfill that promise. They never will! Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people."

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