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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (Godzilla 2) is the upcoming sequel to Legendary Pictures' and Warner Bros. Pictures' Godzilla (2014) movie. Directed by Michael Dougherty, Godzilla: King of the Monsters will see the introduction of other Toho monsters Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah. All three superspecies will vie for dominance of Earth and Godzilla will rise again to restore nature's balance.




Posted Mar-28-2013 4:07 PM

Both [b]Godzilla[/b] foes are slightly similar and both are into absorbing Godzilla's power. So, if Orga and Biollante ever came face to face, who do you think would come out on top and why? [center] [img]http://www.jffh.de/wp-content/uploads/2012/films/godzilla_vs_biollante_gal01.jpg[/img] Biollante [img]http://roberthood.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/Orga-1.jpg[/img] Orga [/center] Have your say by replying below!

22 Responses to Orga vs. Biollante - Who Would Win?


Mar-28-2013 7:40 PM

Biollante (Adult form) all the way


Mar-28-2013 9:47 PM


Ray Burrberry

Mar-28-2013 11:01 PM

I think Orga would win. He has more maneuverability and would have Biollante as a snack salad.


Mar-29-2013 1:38 PM

Orga. He has a breath weapon, more maneuverable, and is far stronger. Biollante could only briefly inconvenience him with his vines.


Mar-29-2013 2:14 PM

i like biollante but i think this battle will be dominated by orga,the only strenght of biollante it's his "inmortality".

Flip Houston

Mar-29-2013 3:03 PM

I like Biollante, but I think Orga would win that fight.


Mar-29-2013 3:07 PM

Orga would Win..unless biollante used its tentacles to tie orga uo and kill him that way ..but orga i think would be too smart for her..


Mar-29-2013 3:39 PM

This is tough call, one is very alien and the other is very predatory, both are so unpredictable. I don't know. They both look so cool too. Call it in the air guys. ( flips coin)


Mar-29-2013 5:21 PM

I call heads - for Biollante. I think her tentacles would give Orga a tough time. Orga is strong, yes and does have that projectile beam from his shoulder, but I think Biollante might be able to hold him down long enough to deliver a finishing blow. It is a tough call, t'is why I made this debate, haha. Both monsters are so similar.


Mar-30-2013 12:39 PM

It depends on what you mean by Orga, the one from the movie, or the one from the game. If it was the movie, there would be a slight chance Orga could loose, due to his strength and regeneration he has a 80% chance of winning. Biollante's "Immortality" and from what I've read it also has a regeneration abilities. And last of what i know, the acidic sap that he shoots from his mouth. Now the Orga from games would be near over power against Biollante. He has his strength, shoulder beam, regeneration, High jumps, and even his own Plasma spit! But in all, it depends on how the battle would play out.


Mar-30-2013 9:02 PM

Biollante. But I'm a little biased lol. Biollante is one of my favorite Godzilla foes.


Mar-31-2013 11:22 PM

Orga, it's superior maneuverability will give it a massive edge. Also, it has the luxury of ranged combat with it's beam, while Biollante's acidic sap, can only go so far before gravity takes it's toll.


Apr-27-2013 6:14 PM

If it's movie Orga, Orga can chow down on Biollante and gain her powers, so..........


May-14-2013 10:05 AM

orga because he has a beam and is alot stronger than biollante and he can extend his mouth and eat her just like he treid to do with godzilla. but biollante doesnt have a beam to get out of it like godzilla.

KING KAIJU 1 small step for kaiju 1 giant step for godzilla!!!!


Jun-05-2013 7:28 PM

Biollante hands down! She is one with the earth and has the intelligence of a human. All Biollante has to do is go under the earth and create earthquakes, tenticals, and her acid attack.


Jun-12-2013 12:54 PM

Sorry Biolante but size doesnt matter in this fight, Orga has the advantage because of his own nuclear blast, while Biolante has explosive seeds. Not only that but Orga regenerates quikly and only lost to Godzilla 2000 because he used his nuclear pulse inside of Orga's mouth. And Biolante was destroyed in one blast by Godzilla 90.


Jul-02-2013 6:36 PM



Jul-04-2013 12:54 PM

hmmm.. I would have to say..Biollante. A rose plant is a powerful survivor.


Aug-10-2013 5:12 AM

Biollante. While Orga has a shoulder beam, her acidic sap can easily combat it. While Orga can try to eat Biollante, she's so big that she'll be able to eat orga instead! and while Orga has more maneuverability, She can easily counter it with her ridiculous range and vines. She also can wrap him up with her vines and burrow underground. She just counters Orga in every way.


Aug-11-2013 6:33 PM

Orga and Biollante are both really tough but for some reason my body is saying biollante.


Feb-05-2014 2:46 AM


if he gets in the vines he can stun biollante with that green ball or just shoot his beam or just smack the vines with his strenght and if he gets up close he culd just rip her apart like a weed orga might have a thought time with the acid spray and biollantes mouth but i think orga


Feb-05-2014 5:04 AM

Biollante would annihilate Orga. Even if he has more mobility and a healing factor biollante still comes out on top. 

First her vines can pierce right through him as they did Godzilla, can't heal when something is inside blocking the cells from recovering. Then each of the vines that has heads also has the acid spit so multiple shots from every angle. Biollante heals just as well, is unkillable for as long as she wants to keep coming back, and Orga completely relies on how much of Godzilla he absorbed. Seeing as Biollante took on the real thing and did very well I doubt a weaker imitation could take her out.

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